5 Best Soil For Alpines In 2024

The best soil for alpines should have an overall pH value of 5.5 as they grow effectively in slightly acidic soils.

In case you are planning to establish a success alpines garden consider going for rocky soils as they create a natural growing environment for alpine.Best Soil For Alpines

We found a 1. 5 Cu Ft salamander potting mix from FoxFarm to be our top to be our favorite soil for growing alpines either on rocks or even in containers.

While on the other hand, COAST OF MAINE alpine potting soils took our runners up position. Below, find our reviews and buyers’ guide.

Reviews:5 Best Soil For Alpines Of 2024

1.Foxfarm Salamander  Indoor/Outdoor Alpine Soil Potting Mix 1. 5 Cu Ft Review

Looking for a quality soil brand that is compatible with alpine gardening for beginners? Then you are looking for a product like Salamander potting soil from FoxFarm.

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The perlite present in this soil plays a considerable role in creating efficient airbags in soil. Therefore, perlite promotes soil aeration.This product comes with a uniform blend of both perlite and professional-grade peat.

By building an efficient soil aeration strategy, perlite supports establishing a unique alpine roots system either in pots or ground.

Another primary ingredient of this potting mix is organic humus. As a result, Salamander Soil paves the way for soil micro-organism growth. Therefore humus present lone enhances the availability of macro and minor plant nutrients to alpine roots.

Another amazing thing is that it comes with a 100% uniform blend of phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N). The phosphorus present enhances development enhances the formation of strong alpines roots either in containers or in troughs.

  • Right in perlite
  • Improves drainage
  • Promotes blooming
  • Induces rooting
  • Potting mix

2.COAST OF MAINE Soil For Trough Alpine Plants Review

Looking for a quality soil that is compatible with alpines and other indoor plants and vegetables? If that the case, then COAST OF MAINE soil is the product you are looking after.

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The major ingredient of COAST OF MAINE soil is organic compost and slow-release fertilizer. COAST OF MAINE soil is compatible with planting alpines in a rockery as it has a recommendable water holding.

The organic compost is to offer a rich source of nutrient to container and trough alpine for months. On the other hand, the slow-release fertilizer present, which comes with high phosphorus, promotes roots formation.

Also, slow-release fertilizer is a rich source of iron (Fe). The iron present plays a huge role in enhancing the alpine leaves color. Moreover, the high peat moss content ensures that alpine plants in containers have access to enough air and water supply.

  • High peat moss content
  • Organic humus
  • Organic
  • Boost aeration
  • Contains slow release fertilizer

3.Markman Peat Company 200 Alpine Troughs Top Soil Review

Wondering what the best soil for alpines is?  Or just after the best ground for alpine plants in troughs?  We are glad to reveal a 40 lbs soil from Markman Peat today.

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The phosphorus (P) present induces efficient rooting ability in an alpine trough garden. By being a rich source of slow-release fertilizer, this soil is compatible with vegetable gardens and lawns. Alpines are hungry plants.

Apart from being a rich source of organic nutrients, this soil also has readily available phosphorus and nitrogen.

A low release fertilizer ensures that this soil is an excellent alpine nutrient supply source for over 6-weeks.  The coir pith present equally promotes air circulation. By being slightly acidic soil, it helps in modifying the soil pH of alpines.

Additionally, by Dr. Earth 807   being a slightly acidic soil, it has a better ability to smother weeds around your plants’ base. This soil’s acidic nature deters pests from creating a habitat around the bottom of your alpines in containers or troughs.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Rich in organic  nutrients
  • rich in nutrients
  • Weighs more

4.Dr. Earth 807 Home Grown Potting Soil Review

Forth on our list of alpines soil find Home Grown Potting Soil from Dr. Earth. The major ingredient of this soil is high calcium nutrient and organic humus. The calcium present ensures the formation of strong alpine leaves.

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Also, it prevents premature alpines leaves, stems, and root dropping. Another advantage of the calcium nutrient present is that it improves the disease-resistant ability of alpines.

Perlite present in this potting mix improves soil’s overall porosity for growing, planting, or even repotting alpines in pots. By being an organic soil, it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor alpine troughs gardening.

Additionally, humus present improves the physical and chemical properties or alpine potting soils by being free from chemical and inorganic compounds, Dr. Earth 807. Another amazing feature of this topsoil is that it is 100% free from the inorganic compound.

  • Organic
  • Macro-nutrients rich
  • Easy to work with
  • Improves drainage
  • China product

5.Vermont Organics  Alpine 2 Cubic Feet Soil Review

The last alpine soil brand on our list comes from Vermont Organics.  The most interesting feature of this soil is that it is a quality of two cubic feet soil. The major ingredient of this alpine garden soil is humus and peat.

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The organic humus present in this soil is 100% organic, and as a result, it is compatible with indoor alpine as it is pest and kids friendly.

Additionally, this soil’s organic nature has made it 100% environmentally friendly, as there is no input of harmful or inorganic components to the surrounding environment.

Interestingly, both phosphorus and potassium, key factors to a success alpine gardening experience, are also present. The organic nature of this soil allows it to be compatible with both trough and container alpines

Lastly, the high percentages of the Iron Plus nutrient present in the Vermont Organics Alpine soil enhances the stems and leaves lush green color.

It comes with appropriate ratios of clay soil granules. Clay soil present is responsible for improving air circulation and overall soil drainage.

  • Clay soil granules
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Organic soil
  • pH-value needs modification


The Alpine Potting Soil Mix from Foxfarm was our editor’s pick, as it is both an organic and easy to use the product. Another advantage of this soil is that it comes with a quality warping bag. Apart from the wrapping beg being resalable, it is also 100% waterproof.

You will also definitely love the results after using this soil as it has quality iron nutrients, which promotes a brilliant green color of both the alpine leaves and stems.

Consequently, if you will be growing alpines in either pots or trough, consider going for heavy-duty potting soil such as Vermont Organics as it has a high amount of humus and clay soil particles.


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