5 Best Soil For Agapanthus In 2022

The best soil for agapanthus should be right in all necessary plant nutrients and free from weed seeds. When growing agapanthus in pots, 8QT AP Potting Soil will be the most appropriate soil. While on the other hand, Miracle-Gro 1 Cu Ft was our topsoil for growing agapanthus from seed.Best Soil For Agapanthus

The appropriate pH value of agapanthus planting, potting, or repotting soil is 5.5 as they are acidic loving plant. Today, hundreds of soil brands on the market, and finding the most appropriate soil for agapanthus have a huge nightmare. Luckily for you, we went out of our way to review and sample the top seven agapanthus soil brands below.

Reviews: 7 Best Soil For Agapanthus 2022

1.8QT AP indoor Agapanthus Potting Soil

First, on our Agapanthus soil review, find 8QT AP Potting soil from black gold. The major ingredient of this potting soils is organic matter. Another advantage of this potting soil is that it has a ready to use formula. As a result, no prior assembling desire.

The unique formula of this topsoil features high phosphorous content. As a result, it plays a huge role in inducing roots development when growing agapanthus from either cutting or seeds.

It contains a moderate percentage of slow-release fertilizer. As a result, it can feed agapanthus for over six weeks without a supplementary source of nutrients. Interestingly, you will not require gloves to work with these soils as it a 100% organic potting soils.

The warping material is another reason as to why Ap potting soil took our top position. By being made from naturally occurring ingredients such as organic matter and humus, you can also use this soil on vegetable beds and other indoor plants as pet-friendly.

  • Organic soil
  • Ready to use formula
  • Pet friendly
  • Induces rooting
  • Potting soil

2.Sun Gro Horticulture Di Professional Soil Potting

Second, on our list, find affordable soil for growing agapanthus from seeds. Coming with readily available phosphorus is capable of inducing rooting in both seeds and Agapanthus cutting. The organic nature also allows you to work with this soil without wearing protective gardening gloves effectively.

By being among the major ingredients, this potting soil acts as a rich source of major and minor soil nutrients. Amazingly, the high amount of perlite available is the reason as to why the overall soil aeration is unforgettable.

This soil’s organic nature makes it safe to use around pets, kindly or house flowers and plants. By being slightly acidic soil, it acts as a dual-duty product.

The high amount of Earthworm Castings adds a total amount of humic acid. As a result, Earthworm Castings allows soil nutrients to be readily available to young or mature Agapanthus plant roots.

The acidic nature allows this soil to deter pets from turning Agapanthus plants to their homes. Additionally, the acidic nature of Sun Gro Horticulture is equally important as it smoothers weeds.

  • Lightweight
  • Organic
  • Ready use
  • Resalable bag
  • Has Earthworm Castings

3.Dr. Mercola Sprout Doctor Soil Enhancement

At number three, find a quality soil enhancement product that comes from Dr. Mercola. Natural humus, one of the major ingredients in this potting soil, promotes microbial life around Agapanthus plants’ root hairs.

Of all the soil brands on this list, Dr. Mercola is the unique product as apart from being light in weight, it is also safe to use with bare hands. A high amount of readily available potassium improves both disease and pest-resistant ability in indoor and outdoor Agapanthus plants verities.

The potassium present allows uptake of water and mineral salts from the surrounding environments by Agapanthus plant roots. Additionally, the high phosphorus nutrients present in this soil promote the formation of large Agapanthus blooms.

Another outstanding benefit of the slightly high percentages of phosphorus present is that it plays a huge role in positively modifying the overall soil pH value. Lastly, Dr. Mercola soil’s versatile nature makes it compatible with growing agapanthus from seeds and cuttings.

  • Versatile
  • Organic product
  • Professional grade
  • Ready to use
  • 0 CF

5.INFINITY blue triumphant agapanthus Garden Soil

At our number four, find INFINITY Garden Soil, which is specifically compatible with triumphant blue agapanthus. The high percentage of clay granules present improves the overall drainage ability of this potting soil. Vermiculite present is the reason behind the proper air circulation of this soil.

High mineral content in this soil is capable of promoting both triumphant blue agapanthus blooming and root formation. Clay particles help in creating efficient air spaces between the individual infinity soil particles.

As a result, the clay soils creates a conducive environment for triumphant blue agapanthus to develop outstanding roots. Moreover, it has a pH. Value of 5.5, which is compatible with triumphant blue agapanthus as they are acid-loving plants. It comes with a uniform blend of both major and minor plant nutrients.

Potassium nutrients present aids in water and mineral salt uptake. Also, expect to enjoy a lush green growth on all agapanthus varieties. Vermiculite present offers a conducive environment for rooting when growing agapanthus from cutting. Lastly, the acidic nature of this fertilizer helps in breaking agapanthus seed dormancy to speed germination rate and percentage

  • Lightweight
  • Acidic soil
  • Non-burning formula
  • Promotes blooming
  • Pricey

6.Roots Organics Agapanthus  Garden Soil 1.5 cu.ft

At our second last position, find a quality 1.5 cu. Ft Roots Organics Soil. It comes with a quality waterproof bag.  By being an organic soil, you can work with this soil using bare hands. The non-burning formula keeps young agapanthus from possible root burns, which eventually lead to possible root rot.

Additionally, this soil’s fine structure ensures reduces the maturity period as it induces root formation when growing agapanthus from seeds. High-quality moss peat present plays a huge role in moderating the water holding capacity of roost organic.

Also, the peat moss present minimizes the watering frequency of agapanthus. The vermiculite present creates enough airbags. The extra dark color of this soil allows it to hold slightly high temperatures. Clay minerals present in this soil play a huge role in ensuring that it can hold the right soil temperature.

  • Extra dark
  • Lightweight
  • Slightly acidic
  • Contains vermiculite
  • Pricey



8QT AP Potting Soil was our editor’s pick and the overall best soil for agapanthus. The organic nature and ease of use are some of the major factors that our editors considered when selecting the overall top product.

Picking the wrong soil for agapanthus will make your agapanthus growing experience miserable and lead to your farming career’s destruction. As a result, consider going for a safe product for pets and kids and humans in general. A quality potting should also be free from possible pest and disease-free.                                                  


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