5 Best Shovel For Overlanding 2022 Reviewed

In summary: iunio Folding Shovel managed to take our top position of best shovel for Overlanding. Despite being a folding and 100% survival shovel it faced close competition from a Tactical Shovel brand which was our runners up of overlanding shovel model.Best Shovel For Overlanding

Overlanding shovel come in a wide range of brands, price, and models. There are both cheap and extremely expensive Overlanding shovel brands on the market. Planning to have an outstanding and unforgettable Overlanding expedition? Well, then below find a review of shovel worth giving a try.

Reviews: 5 Best Shovel For Overlanding 2022 Reviewed

1.iunio Folding Shovel- Overlanding  shovel for beginners

At our top position find this iunio Folding Shovel as our Overlanding for beginners as it has an overall weight of 5 pounds. Additional the folding nature of this shovel ensures that transportation and storing this shovel is slightly easy hence our preferred beginner shovel brand.Overlanding  shovel for beginners

Comes with a total length of 37.8 inches hence it is compatible with both tall and short Overlanding enthusiast. What is more amazing is that  a professional fire starter kit was featured  to take care of your fire needs during your Overlanding trip.100% steel whistle was also featured. The main whistle role is to scare away wild animals such as bears or to send emergency signals.

An entry-level compass was featured to help you in tracking your real-time geographical location while Overlanding. A safety hammer was also added to take care of various tasks such as driving Overlanding tent pegs in the ground. Both storing and transporting this shovel is very easy as a quality waist bag was included by the manufacturer.

  • Foldable
  • Multifunction
  • Steel construction
  • built-in compass
  • Versatility
  • Weighs 5 pounds.

2.Krazy Beaver Shovel- Jeep Cherokee Xj Overlanding Shovel

Taking your Jeep Cherokee Xj with you this season to your Overlanding expedition, and now after a quality shovel brand which is 100% compatible with your amazing machine? Well, then this Krazy Beaver Overlanding Shovel is a good place to get started.Jeep Cherokee Xj Overlanding Shovel

The blade and the scoop of this shovel were molded from 14 gauge steel which improves durability and rust-resistant characteristics of this shovel. The blade of this shovel was designed from quality steel which is serrated to take care of digging and dirt-moving shovel roles effectively.

It comes with a quality fiberglass shaft which makes it easy for you to handle demanding tasks such as moving huge rocks and gravel during your Overlanding trip or camping vacation. The blade was professionally coated to ensure that rust instances are professionally minimized. Full shovel control ability was also guaranteed by the D-handle design that was employed by the manufacturer.

  • Serrated
  • 14 gauge steel
  • Rust free
  • Self-sharpening
  • Weighs 4.49 pounds

3.Mempa Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel-Overlanding Shover For Toyota Tacoma

Taking a Toyota Tacoma to an Overlanding trip this season and now looking for a great Overlanding shovel compatible with your earth ship well then Mempa is the shovel you should be checking out. 404 stainless steel was the main blade material and it ensures that the shovel is light in weight and at the same time 100% rust-resistant.Overlanding Shover For Toyota Tacoma

The overall length of this shovel is only 21 inches hence back and neck pain will not be evident even after using this shovel for a longer period. Comes with a 100% Stainless steel was used as the main shovel material hence teeth of this hovel retain their sharp edge for a longer duration of time. The fire starter kit that was featured ensures that starting a fire during your Overlanding trip in the wildness is very easy.

By only weighing 1.94 lbs. this Overlanding shovel comes with a tactical knife, saw safety hammer, and a bottle opener. The manufacturer as featured as a whistle which makes it easier for you to scare the wild animal. The overall length of this shovel can easily be extended from 23 inches to a whopping 29 inches which makes it to be compatible with short and tall Toyota Tacoma Overlanding enthusiasts.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable length
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Multi-tool.
  • Weighs 94 lbs.

4.Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel-Overlanding Shovel For Nissan Xterra

Up next on our list find Sahara Survival Shovel which comes with a 100% foldable design on of the reasons s why Sahara Survival Shovel was found to be compatible with Overlanding Nissan Xterra shovel demands is that it was molded from a stainless steel material.

Additional the manufacturer molded the handle from an aerospace-grade material to ensure that all Overlanding tasks that require a shovel are done to perfection. By only weighing 3.6 pounds, this shovel is not only compatible with Nissan Xterra Overlanding shovel desire but can also handle gardening and construction work effectively.

What is more amazing about this shovel is that during your Overlanding trip you can use to repair or tighten various Nissan Xterra nuts, screws or bolts A deep scoop was also featured, to take care of all Overlanding dirt or soil moving needs

  • 1inch thick steel
  • Durable
  • Foldable
  • Easy to store
  • Weighs 3.6 pounds

5.BESROY Military Folding Shovel-Best Overlanding Shovel For Vehicles Under 10k

At our number five find BESROY Military shovel which is an entry-level Overlanding shovel. It was molded from a 0.1inch stainless steel material that is strong enough to handle high-end Overlanding tasks such as digging up roots and rocks from your preferred camping site.Best Overlanding Shovel For Vehicles Under 10k

Stainless steel that has some self-sharpening characteristics was featured and it ensures that the performance of this Overlanding shovel is not negatively. By being foldable shovel both transport and storage capabilities of BESROY Military shovel is 100% achievable and also compatible with less space present in Vehicles Under 10k.

By being designed from a stainless material this shovel can easily operate under any weather conditions. Apart from the handle being molded from aero-grade steel material it was also professionally coated with a rust-free material to ensure durability and good appearance is maintained.

  • High Visibility
  • Reinforced handle
  • Portable & Compact
  • Military-grade
  • Weights 46 lb


Despite Overlanding being a 100% enjoyable outdoor activity it can also turn out to be a survival moment. Therefore, getting a quality tool that can comfortably handle survival tool roles while at the same time used as an Overlanding shovel should be your main goal.

After going through hundreds of shovels on the market, iunio Folding Shovel was found to be our best shovel for Overlanding editors pick. While our Overlanding shovel runners position was taken by a Tactical based shovel brand which is capable of performing outdoor, gardening and camping and survival task.


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