7 Best Rear Tine Tiller For The Money Reviewed 2022

Best Rear Tine Tiller For The Money will cater for your tilling need for either large or small gardens. Rear tine tiller are designed  by quality tine that are located on at the  back of  both the engine and the  wheels  unlike  the front tine  tillers that have  engine and wheel located behind the tine. Rear tine tiller are powered  by  heavy duty engine  that allow  then to cater for  various  garden  tasks  such as cultivating, weeding , tilling and controlling weed  on your  yard. You can also use rear tine tiller prepare your lawn for panting new   grass or prepare your food or deer foods plots

Choosing a quality rear tine tiller for the money especially when    you are on tight budget is not an easy task there are hundreds of rear tine tiller brand currently on the market. The most challenging thing issue  is that there  are  quality, original ana  counterfeit  rear tine tiller   thus  the process and  experience of  picking a quality and  high performing rear tine tiller  si not promising.

Talking of rear tine tiller cost  there are tillers  that tedn to b  way tomore expensive making them to be out of  your  budget  range  while other rear tine tillers  just  cost  way more  below  tan $600.but in our  article today after Testing 10 rear tine tiller on the  market we managed  o include  a list of  5 best rear tine tiller for the money

Are you in rear tine tiller shopping hurry well then this YARDMAX YT Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller was our top rear tine  tiler  while Champion  Rear Tine Tiller  was our  runners up. If you want have glimpse at   our rear tine tiller full review read our full article below

Rank NamePicture Availablity
1.Husqvarna CRT900L, 17 inch rotavator
2.Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
3.Husqvarna TR317C, 17 in. 208cc Rear-Tine Tiller
6.Earthquake 20015 Versa FTT

5.Husqvarna TR317C, 17 in. 208cc tiller
4.Southland 4 Stroke 18 inch Rear Tine Rotary Tiller
7Craftsman 208cc 16 inch Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller

Reviews: 7 Best Rear Tine Tiller For The Money Reviewed 2022

1.YARDMAX YT4565  Rear Tine Tiller

We decide  to feature this YARDMAX YT4565  Rear Tine Tiller at our  number  one  due to various factors  such as  light weight nature  and durable tines  that were  molded  from a cast  iron. The upper body and frame were also molded from compact material that makes this tiller to be in position of catering for various tasks

The  tines of this tiller  are powered  by a 208 cc engine which ensure  you can even  work through  rots  without the  overall performance of this tiller  being compromised  at any given  time. a quality  2 years  warranty was  also included  and this  is  perfect  guarantee that this tiller is  a high performer.  The  tilling of 6.5 inches  ensures that you have a prime  ability of  using this tiller  as  cultivator  or  tiller for various task such  weeding  or even  preparing your  flower beds


  • High quality tines ensures depth tilling ability and an overall 180RPM
  • The tiller was powered by 13 inch wheels which promote quality traction.
  • The tine take up a dual rotating options hence you can use it quality cultivator
  • Safety shields which are present promotes operation
  • You will always enjoy quality handling and more balance as quality counter weight was added on the wheels
  • The 18 inch width ensure that you have a better ability to cover more distance


  • Weighs 238 pounds

2.Southland SRTT196E  Tiller

At our number two we have this Southland SRTT196E Tiller which happens to be our overall best rear tine tiller for the money. The tine is made from quality and easy to sharpen steel.  The handles of this Southland SRTT196E Tiller are collapsible and this allows you to be in a better position of being able move with this tiller .storing this tiller was also made possible as the handle can easily fold.

The manufacture of the is tiller is southland and is one of the well now tiller manufactures as they have never   failed their customer.  The  tilling width of this  tiller is 18 inches hence you  can use  to till  or  even cultivated small and  huge  arageens .

A relatively improved tiling depth of 10inches ensure that you can use this rear tine  southland  tiller to cater for  roots  removal from  your  back yard ,flower bed, lawn or  even your  allotment without  the  tines  being damaged  at any given time.


  • Light weight nature
  • Easy to clean after use
  • You can easily regulate you tilling or cultivating depth as technology based Depth regulator was included
  • 13 nch quality pneumatic wheels were included as they offer you with quality grip


  • Manual recoil start is hectic
  • Variable speed options and feature should be included

3.Husqvarna 17-Inch Rear Tine Tiller 

Husqvarna is one of the mot weeks know a powerful tier and tracator manufacture today all over the globe. But on the other  hand  they squarely tend to be a slightly grade brand  consumer t his  means that  despite  Husqvarna 17-Inch Tiller  being a high performing tiller  it comes  at slightly lower  price  than  its competitors. The tine are powered  by a high quality and  100% realizable 205 cc engine  which ensure   the  tines can easily achieve an overall speed   of 180 RPM . The high speed allows   you to work on rocks or wet soils without the tine folding.

Working  with Husqvarna 17-Inch tiller is  also very safe a  high quality tine  shield  was added  by the  manufacture and this  normally prevents flying some or other harmful debris  from inflicting pain to your body or  even  causing other accidents such as  breaking  house glasses. Finally in case you are short or even tall guy can easily adjust the size of the tillers handle to match your size.

4.Champion  Tine Tiller

At our number four we have this Champion 19-Inch tiller and as it hasa quality 212 cc engine. The engine is a heavy duty small engine a s it tenure the one of his lampion tiller for the money to achieve 190RPM as the overall speed f the tines

Apart from the time being 13 inches theya areas professionally heat tempered an this ensures that regardless of where you will b using the tines the tines wil remain active for the longest time possible. Finally 18 inch tiling width ensures that our iling capabilities will be done in much faster way. The  handles  are slightly easy to use as the y ake  a folding deign which  have made moving this tiller  form one place  to the other  to be  relatively easy.


  • Light weight nature
  • Relatively versatile tiller
  • Easy to clean after use
  • You can easily regulate you tilling or cultivating depth as technology based Depth regulator was included
  • 13 nch quality pneumatic wheels were included as they offer you with quality grip


  • Manual recoil start is hectic
  • Variable speed options and feature should be included

5.Troy-Bilt Bronco 208cc Rear Tine Tiller

Troy-Bilt Bronco Rear Tine Tiller is powered by a quality 208 cc engine which guarantees the tines of this tiller with a relatively high speed. A quality transamision system which was employed  ensure tah  you can  perfom a wide range  of  durites such a  culiavatin and  tilling without havaing to  influce  the overall perfromce of this  Troy-Bilt Bronco 208cc iller  negatively

The  tines s are molded from quality steel which was professionally hardened this   feature enable  this tiller  o be in position of being used  as  heavy duty tiller for working on roots that are located deep in your  yard as  the 13 inch tine  facilitated  the  whole tiling process.


  • Efficient 13-inch tires which are Powerful engine 208 cc
  • Dependable hardened 13.5-inch steel tine
  • 2-year warranty with
  • 100% self-propelled agricultural tires for quality traction
  • Free and 100% lifetime support


  • Non for now

Final Thought                         

Incase you are wondering  what our  editors  are thinking  which I our  top are   rear tiller  for  the money we  are geld  to let you  know that YARDMAX YT4565  is the way to go as this  tiller is powered by a  powerful 208 cc engine . with the  improved  tilling width of this  tiller  you are capable of covering more  distance  with a  reduced  period  of  time.

Finally as the tine of this tiller are professionally shielded by a quality cast iron   your foot is professionally protected by any danger that might arise from flying stone, Metals or even debris. The oher tiller that we thought might fall within your budget or simply a quality rear tine tiller for the money is the Southland SRTT196E  it is also a 100% affordable tiller which you should consider  going for.


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