5 Best Rake For Sticks In 2020

Raking up sticks can turn out to be an annoying task especially if you are a new lawn or yard enthusiast .The best rake for sticks will make the stick raking process to be more enjoyable. Having trees in your yard helps in raising the intrinsic value of your property but taking care of all the branches that fall off from your trees as sticks  can be a huge problem, and that might be one of the reasons why  raking sticks is also a huge problem to you ,too.Best Rake For Sticks

You will, therefore, be required to rakes all the leaves from your driveway or lawn, so as to keep it attractive or to be more of a home and less of an abandoned park in the middle of know where. Below, find a list of 5 quality rakes which makes stick raking chore to be slightly easier than you ever thought it can be.

Reviews: 5 Best Rake For Sticks In 2020

1.ERGIESHOVEL Bow sticks Rake-Most Comfortable Rake For Sticks

The last product on our list today of the best rakes for sticks is this ERGIESHOVEL which comes from a prime manufacturer who has perfected the act of stick rakes manufacturing for more than a decade. Raking sticks for a longer period of time can lead to a huge back pain problem, but after getting yourself this ERGIESHOVEL it has an added handle that is responsible for keeping your back from straining which ends up leading to back pain.Best Rake For Sticks

It comes with 16 tines and they are all molded from steel. The steel used to craft the tines is also rust free as it is 100% stainless. Large D-grip which was featured ensures that regardless of whether you will be raking leaves on sloppy or rainy topography y you will always have full control   of this rake.

The telescopic rake that a was featured ensure that elderly individual who steels find raking sticks enjoyable   can still use this  Large D-grip ERGIESHOVEL rake. The region where the steel tines and the handle merge is crafted from a 100% electric resistant material, to ensure that incase of electrical hazard or accident you are well protected from electrical shock when raking sticks.


  • Large D-grip
  • 16 steel tines
  • Light weight
  • Easy to store
  • Telescopic handle


  • Weighs   3 pounds

2.Bully Tools Bow stick Rake-Best Budget Rake For Sticks

Up next find this quality rake that comes from bully tools it was designed from quality steel that prevents the rake from experiencing rust or even corrosion. The head of the rakes is adjustable and this makes it easier for you to work even under your roses or shrub bushes in your compound.Best Rake For Sticks

Comes with a quality handle w which was designed from quality material it makes it easy for you to enjoy working in different environments without having to break at any given time. The tines of this material were designed from a durable material that ensures even raking wet or large piles of sticks the tine will not bend.

The over handle length is 54 inches hence raking stick around the corner or under flower  bushed have been made easier. The process of replacing the handle of this rake is very easy. With a quality life time warranty from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed that the durability of this rake is up to the required standard by and average homeowner.


  • Light in weigh
  • Quality handle
  • Steel tine
  • 54 inches handle


  • Weights slightly high

3.Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch– Best Rake For Sticks And Twigs

In case you will be raking sticks on a large area this Midwest Landscape Rake will definitely help you out. It comes with a quality talking head of approximately 36-Inch hence making it easy to rake either sticks or twigs. The overall material of this rake was molded from aluminium making it be slightly durable sticks rake currently on the market.Best Rake For Sticks

The teeth of this rake are one win which ensures that you will definitely enjoy the stick raking process. The teeth apart from being long they take up a round shape design which offers you an outstanding raking experience which is non-gouging.

The striking edge of this Midwest sticks rake can excellently be used for grading, hence Midwest can easily multitask. in case you will be  raking a large amount of stick  you will definitely enjoy the  strong around bracing option that was featured by the manufacturer. The rib construction option of this rake was a heavy duty to ensure that durability and performance of this rake is top notch


  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Solid aluminium plug
  • Rounded teeth
  • Aluminium head


  • Weighs 5.1 pound

4.TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II Rake For Sticks –best metal stick rake

We decided   to include a product that is compatible with children and adults.  The steel tines of this rake make it easier for you to even rake both sort and long sticks. With the handle of this rake being molded from quality aluminium material, you can easily rake huge piles of sticks without the handle being broken.Best Rake For Sticks

The 28 steel tines are molded in perfect design that allows the stems of your landscaping plants to pass through this rake without causing a huge or negative impact on the plants. The handles also come with a thin film of rubber to ensure that the rake will remain on your hand for a slightly longer period of time without having to slip.

The teeth of this rake take up round nature which ensures   that you will work for longer hours without having to re-sharpen the rake. The round nature of the tines ensures that you can easily work on your garden without having to damage your plants negatively. After the manufacturer integrated the 55-inch And quality yellow fiberglass handle the durability of this top rated rake for sticks skyrocketed.


  • Made in the USA
  • Fiberglass handle
  • 55-inch total handle length
  • Round and stiff tines


  • Weigh more than expected

5.DOCAZOO Roof Rake-Best Elderly Rake For Sticks

At the top of our list, we decided to feature this Docapole rake as it comes from well-known manufacturers, who have perfected the art of for decades. It comes with a quality telescopic handle, it allows kids and adults to use these rakes. Even the elderly can use this DOCAZOO Docapole rake.Best Rake For Sticks

The adjustable head makes it easy for you to work even under your yard hedges or even flower beds. DOCAZOO Docapole Comes with a total of 19 quality tines, which are all crafted from 100% stainless steel.

The steel is responsible for promoting the quality and durability of the rakes so as to keep the rakes free from either rust or corrosion. Remember that getting rust free materials also plays a major role in improving the durability of the rake.

The light weight nature of these rakes was made possible by the manufacturer using aluminium to model the handle. A part from being light in weighing the handle is also more durable when compared to wooden sticks rakes. A thin film of rubber was introduced on top of the handle to ensure that you will always have an affirmed grip even when raking sticks during misty mornings.


  • Telescopic handle
  • Adjustable head
  • Steel tines
  • Rust free handle


  • Weighs slightly more than expected

How To Choose The Best Rake For Sticks

Expandable Handle                                                                                                          

When choosing a rake for taking acre of all the sticks on your property consider going or picking rake brands that have heads that have adjustable widths. Rake brands that can easily be adjusted by just twisting the handle are more preferred they are easier to work with.

Rakes with adjustable head or handle make it make easy for you to kick out all the sticks under your flower or shrub bushes in your property. Another reason why rakes with. We found ORIENTOOLS Steel Leaf Rake to be the most preferred rake for sticks that comes with adjustable head and handle.


A quality rake for kicking out leaves on your property should also be easy to multitask. Sticks in your lawn or drives way come hand in hand with twigs hence you should go for a rake brand that can easily take care of your sticks and twigs raking desires.

The other reason why you should consider going for a rake that can multitask is to ensure that you are in a position of saving a few dollars instead of having two products that can perform the same task. In case you’re looking for a rank brand that can either be used as stick rake or twig rake consider going for

Rust free

Rust free rakes are safer to work with, as in the case of an accident when working with the rake you will be free from getting diseases from the rake. Rust free rakes are also more preferred as they are more durable and more efficient. The sad truth is that not all rakes are rust free you will have to be more selective when picking your preferred stick rake

Steel or aluminium rakes are more preferred as they are more durable while at the same time 100% free from rust. Going when comparing steel rakes to aluminium rakes consider going for steel models is you’re after a compact, heavy and more perfuming stick rakes. Our top steel stick rake on this list is the. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a light weight rake for raking all the sticks on your driveway aluminium rakes re more preferred. This is definitely a perfect match for the rake specifications you are after.


In case you have a long drive way or long trails in your property there is a high probability that you are also facing some problems when taking acre of sticks that drop from the trees. We found you might also have tried mostly of the homemade rakes for sticks and non-have shown performance consistency. Our runners on our list of best rakes for sticks was

Mostly as fall progress the amazing leaves and sticks that cover all tree either in lawn, trails or even driveways start dropping and they might end up creating carpet which ends up covering the driveways or your lawn.

Un-raked leaves consume all the oxygen and even all the sunlight thus depriving your lawns some nutrient which leads to dead spots or brown spots on your lawn or yards the following spring

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