7 Best Post Hole Digger For Rocky Soil Reviewed In 2022

Best Post Hole Digger For Rocky soil is not that easy to find due to the fact that there are hundreds of hole diggers with both high-quality and low-quality products. Due to the complex nature of rocky soil, you will need a handy post hole digger which is capable of penetrating through various types of rocks that are present on your yard.

The   reason as to why  you will need  a quality hole  digger  for  rocky soil   is that some  regions  have heavy duty rocks which can only be defined as  immovable bedrock slab which  you will encounter when  trying  to drill or dig post holes in  your  yard .due to this  reasons  our  editors  saw the  importance of  including  electric and  gas  powered  hole  diggers  as they will be able  to overcome the  challenging conditions which arise from  rocky soils

Reviews: Best Post Hole Digger For Rocky Soil Reviewed 2022

1.52cc solid rock Post  Gas Hole Digger

Digging post holes with a backhoe is not only airing task but a 100%health risks you are likely to suffer from back pain. Due to this  reason, we took the  matter to our won hand to conduct   deep  research on which  tools apart from being high performers  are also heavy duty post hole diggers that are available on the  market  and that is  how  we came  across this 52ccTwo-Man Post Hole Digger which is powered gas

A quality 52cc engine was employed by the manufacturer so that it can ensure that the quality cast iron bit which a cutting edge with a spiral design ensures that  the bit can easily achieve an overall speed  of  9500RPM while  the lathe of this engine also is  in position of  achieving 3700 RPM immediately after  powering on this hole  digger.

Stability is the other reasons why this hole digger attracted a5-star rating from previous customers3.32 happens to be the overall output torque include the manufactures as to work effectively n reducing the high sound which might be termed as noise pollution by your neighbors. With 290mm which is commonly referred to as three quarter as the shrank fitting this pole digger is compatible with various digger bits on the market in case you will find the need of replacing the original one.

  • 34:1 Gear Ratio hence performs light and heavy duty task professionally
  • Easy to power on as  the manufacturer includes a RecoilStart option of the Ignition system
  • Overheating is professionally control by a 2 stroke air cooling engine technology
  • Has a quality noise control option hence eco-friendly as sound  pollution controlled
  • Define by a  3 full years manufacturer warranty
  • Overall weight is 60 pounds but be slightly minimized
  • To some extent, it is relatively pricy

2.Earthquake 43cc Power Head 2-Cycle Hole Diggers

Up next is Earthquake Power head 43cc 2-Cycleholedigger which is mainly designed to cater for yard or small-scale post digging role. By this digger coming from Earthquake only is enough for you to pick this product as Earthquake is well-known tiller tractor now post hole digger beast all over the world.

In case you are running out of time and just want a high performing rocky soil post diggers this 9TRADING Two Man 71cc Post Ear Hole Digger was our editor’s choice. in case you are looking for commercial or large scale hole digger on the other side is you after a hole digger that will cater for very homeowner rocky soil posthole digging desires.

then Landworks LAB01001 Electric Digger and  52ccTwo-ManPosthole diggers are the tools you should give try this time around.Earthquake employs well trained and 100% qualified staff to conduct their research so as to come up user-friendly tool this Earthquake 43cc Power head hole is not an exemption. Either you are a contractor or a new homeowner the 43ccengineensures that you will only less time on your yard digging holes.

  • Light in weight nature have a made this digger to be 100% portables associated with large slip-resistant handles
  • Powered by equality 43 cc engine
  • 34:1 Gear Ratio has turned Earthquake to be a heavy-duty hole digger
  • This hole digger  does not overheat as it comes professional 2 cycle engine air cooling system
  • A more powerful engine could be used instead of the43cc
  • Price is slightly high

3.V-Type 2 Stroke Gas 63CC Electric Post Hole Digger Review

Want a compact and lightweight post hole diggers for the money and at the same time a high performer well then this V-Type 2 Stroke Gas Hole Digger which powered hence can cater or post hole digging even most hard rocks on your yard. Maybe you are weighing between going for a rental post hole digger or you are planning on getting you.

after consulting our  horticultural experts  we  realized that owning a  post hole  digger  is what you should  as despite the initial costs  of  acquiring a post digger being high  you will live to enjoy post hole  diggers service but if  you consider  going for post hole digger rental   you will end  up spending more money  and might like  the performance of the hole digger  you will hire.

Either you will be digging posts on small huge yard quality 2cycle engine air-cooling systems was integrated and its main role is to prevent this digger from overheating. As an addition the 63cc engine is more stable as quality steel handles which gases a quality rubber coating ensures or guarantees you a slip-resistant grip.

  • comes with a  quality three  quarter shaft size
  • a finger throttle was included for  easy start
  • post hole digging bit is 8 inches
  • can work on hard and soft rocky soils  as bit  speeds are 7500RPM
  • associated with a replaceable cutting blades
  • Weight can be checked
  • Relatively expensive
  • A large gas tank should be considered

4.PROYAMA 54CC Post  2 Stroke Gas gas powered post hole digger

At our number four, we have this two-stroke PROYAMA Post hole digger. The high power engine which is 54ccs ensure that this PROYAMA  hole digger can be used to cater for large scale and small scale pole digging task. Regardless of whether you are an armature or a professional when it comes to posting hole digging by the PROYAMA being 100% approved by EPA you can drill through rock beds without any negative impact on the overalls performance of this PROYAMA hole digger.

PROYAMA hole digger is also associated with a 2.5 HP horsepower and this allows the bit to be in a position of achieving 7500RPM. Since it is a small gas engine it requires less fuel to effectively have huge workload done within a reduced period of time. In case you are wondering what the oil/gas manufacturers recommend ration is only 1:25 and you can easily achieve.

Finally the handles of is pot digger for clays soils is professionally coated using quality rubber material, therefore regardless the prevailing weather condition being wet, rainy or misty this hole digger will not slip away from your hands. By high-density material being used by the manufacture to effectively coat the handle all the shock and vibration generated when drilling through rock ensures that Vibration and shock are reduced effectively by the handle.

  • Light in weight nature has made this 63cc hole digger to be 100% portable
  • A quality 2 cycles air cooling system was intergraded hence is digger doe not overheat
  • manual recoil start  ensures that starting this engine is very easy
  • you can easily track the gas level as  it has a translucent tank
  • backed up by1-year warranty
  • quality customer support is available for  24 hours within all the  seven days  i a week
  • Relatively pricey
  • 43pound is the overall weight

5 ECO LLC 52cc Gas Powered  Budget Rocky Soil Post Hole Digger For 

Our last product on this list of best hole diggers for rocky soil was found to be ECO gas Powered Post Hole Diggers comes with 52 cc engine with large horsepower of 2.4 HP. The increased horsepower allows this post digger bit to achieve a 7500RPM as the total speed and thus it can drill through natural bedrock within minutes

Yards or lawn which have rocky soils demand s frequent sharpening of post digger blades, but after securing this ECO Post Hole Digger which is as powered you will enjoy the spiral bit which was molded from self-sharpening steel. By gas tank  is 100%  translucent and this ensures that you will not run out of gas while digging post hole as  you can easily track the oil or gas  level while operating this tool.

The handles of this ECO post digger take up butterfly design and thus this tool can be effectively operated by two or even one person without its overall performance capabilities being influenced negatively. For convenient transport, balance and storage the butterfly handles area 100% detachable. Powering this post hole digging machine is relatively easy as you are only required to achieve a 1:25 oil and gas ration respectively.

Today rocky soils apart from being 100%  quality garden compliant that it is only productive after long term management, attention and amendments still remain to be a problem when it comes to setting up new structures in your yard or even plating flowers or new trees In terms of nutrient rocky soils area normally deprived.

but when it comes to setting up new structure rocky soils  are the   most appropriate  soils  as their  poor  water holding  capacity prevent the post either  wood or metal  from  beings affected  negatively by huge  water presence

  • Detachable butterfly handles
  • Runs one 52cc quality gasoline engine
  • Easy to either store and transport
  • Can be used when installing a new fence or during trees planting seasons
  • Price is tentatively high
  • Overall weight is 56 pounds

Final thought

As you have leaned from our article above that dealing with clay soils is not easy. But we did our very best to provide you with the above 10 posthole diggers as we thought they will help you to love for your post hole digging desire. Landworks LAB01001 Electric Digger which is electric Powered was found to be our overall best post hole digger as it powered by electric hence no smog is produced when drilling or even digging hole on any rocky topography.

The runners up were found to be Southland Earth Digger for post hole digging we include it is a perfect post digger. In case   you are looking for a quality post hole digger which can be used by two people that if you are contractor then 9TRADING Two Man 71cc Post Ear Hole Digger or the 52cc Two Man Post Gas Hole Diggers as they were found to equally high performer even when working in rocky soils.

If by any chance we left out your preferred hole digger for post consider leaving a comment on your comment section and will immediately update our product list. By purchasing your preferred posthole digger for rocky soils though our links we arable to generate an extra income from what our readers are tipping our editors. Finally, consider sharing our post with other post hole digger’s enthusiast you might be familiar with. Happy shopping


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