7 Best Nutrients For Autoflowering 2023 Reviewed

In summary: FoxFarm Water Soluble Plant Foods was the best nutrients for autoflowering but with close competition from Liquid Autoflower Flora Micro Combo Fertilizer from General Hydroponics.

But with close competition from Growth Science Organics as it is 100% the best organic nutrients for auto-flower currently on the auto-flowering nutrient market.Best Nutrients For Autoflowering

Fertilizers for auto-flowers should have as 5-10-10 or 10-10-10 as the overall N-P-K mix ration fertilizer for potted varieties.

While a 10N-20P-20K auto-flowering nutrient mix is compatible with clusters or ingrown auto-flowering varieties.

Below find our auto-flowering nutrients reviews and buyers guide.

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Reviews: Best Nutrients For Autoflowering 20232 Reviewed

1. General Hydroponics Fertilizer Nutrients For Auto-flowering Flora Blend Review

When you think of hydroponic nutrients for auto-flowering think of flora blend from General Hydroponics. It comes as a liquid-based fertilizer which makes it very easy to apply either through irrigation water.

Best Nutrients For AutofloweringFurthermore, the high nitrogen content is the other reason why was the BEST bloom booster for auto-flower
Additionally, Micronized Leonardite, which is among the major ingredients .

in General Hydroponic, ensures that a uniform mixture is formed when mixed with water. As a result, this auto-flowering nutrient fertilizer can be formed together with irrigation water through drip irrigation.

Similarly, by being liquid-based auto-flowering nutrients, it can also be formulated through fertigation. Due to this reason, the general hydropic feed was found to be our most appropriate nutrient for coco auto-flowers.

It also comes with beneficial soil microbes. The main role of soil microbes is to allow in improving nutrient availability to plants.

Major Auto-flowering nutrients present were well balanced. As a result, it is compatible with both young and well-established auto-flowering cannabis varieties.

Additionally, General Hydroponics is a rich potash fertilizer for sale . Therefore, when propagating auto-flowering cannabis from cuttings, it induces roots development quickly.

  • Soluble in water
  • Decently priced
  • Readily available
  • Potash rich
  • Liquid fertilizer

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2.Down To Earth Organic Nutrients For Auto-flowering Seeds Review 

Up next find down to earth fertilizer which is purely an American brand. As a result, it is readily available and comes with a100% money-back guarantee.it comes with a total of 35% of the total formula ingredients as calcium.  As a result, premature leaf and flower buds in auto-flowers are easy to control. Additionally, when growing auto-flowering seeds in pots the 35% calcium improves the structure of your potting soil. The oyster shells that were featured in this organic auto-flower fertilizer boost growth of soil microbes.

Similarly, the oyster shells boost the growth of strong enough branches to support large auto-flowers blooms.96% of the total ingredients of this product is calcium carbonate. Due to this reason, calcium carbonate’s main role is to boost overall auto flower immunity.

It is a slow-release nutrient for auto flowers from down to earth. As a result, auto-flowering cannabis will not suffer from either leaf burning or root rot conditions.

  • Organic
  • Non- burning
  • Easy to use
  • Quick result
  • Slow-release

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3.Espoma Feed For Autoflower Company All-Purpose Fertilizer Review

With an overall 5N-3P-3K fertilizer ration find, company purpose nutrient as our Espoma nutrient for autoflowers. It has 45.445% of the overall nutrient as nitrogen.as a result, it boosts both vegetative and bud growth vigor.Best Nutrients For AutofloweringSimilarly, the high nitrogen nutrient present enhances the green color of auto-flower leaves.It is also highly soluble in water. As a result, is it is 100% easy to formulate.

The manufacturer added beneficial microbes. As a result, the growth of soil microorganisms is boosted. The major role of soil micro-organisms when growing auto-flowers is to improve the availability of plant nutrients.

Similarly, microbes which happen to be beneficial bacterial which play a huge role in breaking down soil nutrients. Naturally grown fungi were also featured, as a result, it plays a huge role in professionally moderating the overall soil pH.

Despite being an organic-based fertilizer, it also comes with a slightly high amount of sulfur.As a result, drought and harsh weather tolerant ability of autoflowering cannabis are positively modified

  • Readily available
  • Easy application
  • Well wrapped
  • None burning
  • Granular fertilizer

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4.Arthropods  advanced nutrients for autoflowers Indoor Plant Food Nutrients Review

Up next, find a premium plant food from EarthPods comes with a slightly high amount of phosphorus which is one the major plant nutrients. Due to this reason, a strong and 100% reliable root system is developed thus making it to be our prefered advanced nutrients for autoflowers.Best Nutrients For AutofloweringBy being a slow-release fertilizer, EarthPods is compatible with both in-ground and potted autoflowers varieties.Additionally, by being soluble in water EarthPods are compatible with fertigation and in grip irrigation.

A high amount of calcium and potassium nutrients present ensure that EarthPods is also useful when propagating autoflowers. Proper root development in autoflowers is also boosted by 27.99% of the total phosphorus nutrient.

Uniquely, EarthPod’s autoflower nutrients are kids and environmentally friendly. By EarthPods being environmentally friendly no harmful gasses of aerosols spray will be released to the atmosphere and hence the most appropriate advanced nutrients for auto-flowers.

As a result, EarthPods plays a huge role in ensuring that the ozone layer will not be messed up.

  • Organic-based
  • Slow-release
  • Lightweight
  • Highly soluble
  • Slow-release

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5.HydroDynamics Autoflowering Root Hydroponic Nutrients Riot Plugs, 100 Cubes

At our number five of the best nutrients for autoflowers find Root Riot Plugs from Hydro Dynamics as the  best hydroponic nutrients for auto-flowering.Best Nutrients For AutofloweringWith about 60% of the overall nutrient being phosphorus strong and reliable roots will be established.it comes will a military-grade packaging.

therefore, you can easily store the remaining root riots way from both moisture and dust.It is also ready to use the product. As a result, no prior mixing is needed.

All the major plant nutrients featured were well balanced. As a result burning effects, both roots and leaves will not be experienced. Coming from a company that has perfected the art of roots fertilizer making.

It has a slightly high amount of magnesium (Mg) nutrients.  As a result overall.This hydrodynamics Root has 30 days back money guarantee.

As a result, we found it to be an advanced nutrient for autoflowers that had more positive reviews from previous customers.

Since it is as low release fertilizer, incorporating in your autoflowering potting soil mix just before spring will give your big and conspicuous autoflower blooms.

  • easy to use
  • durable effect
  • instant result
  • eco-friendly
  • slow release

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6. FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Autoflowering Trio Soil Formula Nutrients  Review

Find advanced nutrients for autoflowers from fox farm as our top product. Coming with a slightly high amount of nitrogen. As a result, increased vegetative growth it promotes.The formation of bigger a reliable blooming is also promoted by potassium (K) nutrient present. Strong roots establishment is 100% encourage by the slightly high amount of phosphorus that was featured.

Additionally iron (Fe) nutrient controls a browning condition on both autoflower leaves and stems. Fox Farm is also a 100% unique three in one source of all of the autoflower nutrients as a result, it has an improved ability to boost blooming and vegetative growth.

Comes with a high percentage of 4%phosphorus (P). As a result, when growing autoflower from cuttings roots development is timely induced. Modeled from organic material fox farm results to GMO and inorganic compound free autoflowers.

By being liquid fertilizer. The formulation is very easy as it can be added to irrigation water channels.

  • Effective
  • Boost blooming
  • Liquid-based
  • Induces rooting
  • Scotches in excess

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7.Organic 3-in-1 Autoflowers Plant Guard Nutreint Review

Nothing is more interesting than having autoflowers which are 100% fresh and free from sunburns. This is the main reason as to why we featured a 3-in-1 organic autoflowering cannabis plant guard.Best Nutrients For AutofloweringUniquely the manufacturer used an airtight container as the wrapping material. As a result, winter sunscald for autoflowering cannabis is easy to store and also to transport.It has magnesium and calcium as one of the major plant nutrients. Due to this reason.

Additionally, Potassium (K+) present in ensures that lodging in autoflowers just before maturity is timely controlled. What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it has a slightly high amount of nutrients such a Sulphur(S) and manganese (Mn).

The main role of Sulphur in this fertilizer is to ensure the formation of brown stripes on autoflowering leaves. Additionally, Sulphur nutrient also plays a major role in ensuring that the premature fall of autoflowers is effective.

The high amount of manganese present ensures that the green color of autoflower leaves have been maintained. Additionally, it offers additional weed control technology. As a result, it is a dual-duty autoflower feed as it plays fertilizer and autoflower weed control fungicides roles.

  • Slow-release formula
  • Dual purpose
  • Nonburning formula
  • Boost budding
  • Slow-release

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How To Select The Best Nutrients Types For Autoflowering

Picking the right auto-flowering nutrients is a challenging task for new and professional auto-flower grower enthusiasts. Today being a dynamic world there are hundreds of both organic and inorganic auto-flower fertilizers on the market.

Additionally, proper feeding of auto flowers boost their growth vigour. Similarly, feeding auto-flower with appropriate nutrients lowers their maturity stages.

Therefore, before picking any nutrient brand which is both easy to apply, and 100% organic tends to be a challenging task.

Below find the top three tips and features to consider before picking or checking out any auto flower fertilizer from the market!

Granular Auto-flowering Nutrients 

Consider going fr granular fertilizers when fertilizing auto flowers in pots or hanging baskets. Granular fertilizers are highly recommended as they employ smart nutrient release technology.

Due to this reason, individual granules are fully coated. Hence, available nutrients are only released when they are needed the most by auto flowers.

Apart from granular nutrients for auto-flowers employing a smart release technology, they are also 100% easy to work with. Another amazing thing is that they have a professional-grade coating.

Liquid Auto-flower Fertilizers

On the other hand, liquid fertilizer is a fast release source of all the nutrients for all auto-flowering plants. Additionally, liquid auto-flowering plants are not only easy to apply to but they are asl0 highly concentrated.

When compared with granular fertilizer, liquid fertilizers are slightly expensive.

Organic vs. Synthetic Nutrients/ Fertilizers For Auto-flowering

Organic Auto flower Nutrient

We highly recommend you to go for organic auto-flowering nutrient .suing or auto-flowers fertilizers that are 100% organic ensure that the resulting blooms are 100% GMO-free.

Organic auto-flower nutrients are obtained from naturally occurring materials. Therefore, organic Auto-flower is 100% from inorganic compounds and ingredients’ you are trying to keep your resulting auto-flowers blooms organically.

The only downside about organic-based auto-flower nutrients is that they are slow to resale nutrients.

Inorganic/ Synthetic Auto flower Nutrients

On the other hand, if you are after quick results when growing auto-flower inorganic nutrients is the only way to go. Besides being quick acting nutrients are also highly concentrated as they are man-made.

When compared with organic brands, synthetic fertilizers are not only effective but also slightly expensive.

Ease Of Use      

Consider going for an auto-flower fertilizer or nutrient brand which is easy to work with consider going for an auto-flower nutrient whose mode of the formulation can be easily mechanized. Lightweight fertilizers are highly recommended. Less corrosive auto-flowers nutrient is easy to work with.

Three Basic Plant Nutrients (NPK) Rich

For this reason, consider picking a product that has all the three basic plant nutrients which are professionally mixed. Similarly, a fertilizer brand is easy to with if it is 100% non-corrosive.

Similarly, easy to work fertilizer requires less working gear and clothing flush buying. FoxFarm was our editor’s pick of easy to work nutrients for auto-flowering.


In case you are in the best nutrients for autoflowering shopping hurry, FoxFarm an awesome source of autoflower nutrients. Water Soluble Plant Foods from FoxFarm was our top product on this list. It is a 100% high-octane fertilizer which has increased ability to boost blooming.

Additionally, phosphorus (P) was featured in a slightly high percentage as a result it encourages the growth of strong roots. When mixed with water it forms a uniform solution.

A getting your preferred autoflowering fertilizer or nutrient it is highly recommended that you consider following the manufactures instructions. Despite all the autoflowering nutrients and fertilizer having a common goal, they also come with different modes of the formulation. Before selecting any nutrient to consider if you have potted or in-ground autoflowers


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