7 Best Nailer To Install Trim In 2022

Last summer, I did not know what kind of nail gun I needed for my ongoing outside, exterior, PVC  and  MDF trim installation projects.Best Nailer To Install Trim

However, later I learned that BOSTITCH Nail Gun or the NEU MASTER Cordless Brad Nailer is the best nailer to install trim you can actually buy or are currently available on the market.

Consider going for nailers that can handle 15-gauge nails as they are effective when installing thick trim. In this guide, you will find a review and a complete buyer guide of nailer to install.

Let’s get started!

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Reviews: 7 Best Nailer To Install Trim in In 2022

1.Best Framing Nailer: Senco F-35xp Cordless Pneumatic Trim Framing Nailer

At the top of our review, find a Pneumatic Framing nail gun from SENCO as the best nailer to buy for installing trim. Being a cordless nailer, SENCO makes it easier for a homeowner to install trim in power-saving homes perfectly. floor trim.

Best Framing Nailer To Install Trim View on Amazon

Another reason why we found this framing nailer to be 100% compatible with all the project that requires trim installation because it only weighs ‎19.71 pounds.

When working with thin or thick trims, this framing nailer is compatible with 2″ – 3-1/2″ inches nails, thus giving details only as of the result. Wide and comfortable handles offer a non-slip grip even when working with sweaty hands.

In addition, the modern Fusion cordless air-power technology in this nailer is outstanding as no ramp-up time hit enhances actual pneumatic performance.

All we can say is that this nailer is the true definition of the extension of your brain when coming up with new home structures or DIY projects. It also gives a detailing finishing as it works with just 30-34 degrees.

  • air-power technology
  • provides true pneumatic performance
  • rugged rafter hook
  • Pressure relief valve
  • easy maintenance
  • no ramp-up time
  • ‎weight 19.71 pounds

2.Best Roofing Nailer: Metabo Hpt Cordless Framing Nailer Kit,

Second, on our list, find which was the overall best roofing nailer for installing trim today. First, Metabo HPT, a cordless trim nailing kit, also features a modern Jam Reduction intelligence that ensures fewer nail jams when working with thick or thin trim.

best roofing nailer for installing trim View on Amazon

Furthermore, the Metabo HPT trim installation roofing nailer comes with a Heavy-duty brad nail gun which offers great nails and staples driving power.

Thanks to the manufacture for integrating an 18 volts Pneumatic power which allows nailer operators cordless freedom.

Work safety is a massive topic of discussion today all around the world. Due to this reason, Metabo nailer comes in the same package.

The physics behind the working of this nailer allows it to be compatible with even the challenging trim DIY project substrates.

Therefore, ending this review without mentioning that Metabo HPT has a professional grade 3. 0Ah and Compact Lithium-Ion Battery. Due to this reason alone, this nailer can work for long hours without recharging.

  • Cordless
  • Compatible with a wide range of framing applications
  • Light in weight
  • 0 Ah Li-ion battery
  • It comes with the first charger
  • None

3.Best Brad Nailer exterior trim: BOSTITCH Brad Nailer 18GA

BOSTITCH, an   18GA   gun nail, made it the best brad nailer for exterior trim installation of all the products on our review. First, this nailer features an ergonomic handle design that uses rubber material.best brad nailer for exterior trim installation View on Amazon

In addition, the manufacturer made use of Tool-free accessible technology, which makes it b100% jam-free by making loading and unloading nails easy. In addition, this nailer is also compatible with trim and baseboard as it is lightweight and flexible.

Regardless of the type of trim, you will be nailing, contact and sequential operation are 100% necessary, due to this reason, BOSTITCH. An added advantage of using a nailer when installing exterior trim is that it features a Stall release lever that professionally resets the nail gun driver blade in an unplanned jam.


Due to this, reason this beast guarantees you a firm grip regardless of whether you will be using this nailer during winter, summer, or spring season. In addition, the hardened claw tip design ensures that the nailer’s nose is not exposed to wear and tear.


  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Cordless
  • Brushless motor
  • Versatile in nature
  • 100% flexible
  • The charger comes separately.
  • The battery comes separately.

4.Best Pin Nailers- Magnum Industrial 23 Gauges Pin Nailer

Magnum was the best nailer for installing MDF trim on, according to farmtilling.com tests lab. One of the most remarkable features of this nailer is working with 23-gauge headless pins smoothly.

best nailer for installing MDF trim View on Amazon

Furthermore, it is also compatible with industrial garden BRADS with a length that ranges between 5/8″ – 2″.

Installing MDF trim can be pretty frustrating as use MDF properties make works safety a necessity. Because of this reason, Magnum went out of its way to feature a quality air duster/blower, which is   Built-in.

Installing Medium Density Fiberboard, commonly known as (MDF), requires a rigid yet flexible nailer. On the other hand, installing trim working MDF can be complicated as MDF   is stiff, strong, and heavy.

Due to this reason, 23 Gauges Magnum Pin Nailer comes with a functional air duster that is 100% Built-in. Additionally, working with this blowgun is effective as it comes with a quality swivel coupler that improves the accuracy and stability of the nailer.

  • Improved control
  • Durable magnesium body
  • Safety Guarantee
  • Interchangeable trigger
  • Ergonomic, secure handle
  • Humanized Design
  • None

5.Best Electric: Milwaukee Oak Trim Nailer

Like the old tie or the common saying that history repeats itself, oak trims are also back and better as technology has catalyzed the whole process. best nail gun for outside trim View on Amazon

Due to the above reason, a Milwaukee, an 18 Gauge Brad Nailer, made it our editor’s pick of best nail gun for oak trim.

In retrospect, the cordless nature and pneumatic performance make the Milwaukee nailer flexible and customizable. for wood trim.

In addition, it is a dual nailer as it is compatibles with a wide range of oak trim installation works either by remodelers or professional carpenters.

Keep in mind that Oakwood trims are not only exceedingly robust, durable but also heavy. As a result, when selecting a nailer, consider going for a high-performing nailer such as the 18 Gauge Brad Nailer from Milwaukee.

POWERSTATE Brushless Motor of this nailer is an added advantage. It makes it compatible with other types of hardwoods, such as cherry wood trim and walnut trim. Lastly, the manufacturer has used a “Tool-less” depth adjustment technology to enhance precise Countersink and flush oak trim finish when using this electric nailer.

  • Works with thin and thick trim
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible asity is cordless
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Adjustable depth technology
  • Weights ‎1 pound

6.Best Finish Nailer: Metabo HPT Outside Trim Cordless Combo Framing Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT, apart from taking the editor, stop pick position of best nail gun for outside trim, also comes with a super responsive TRIGGER. Due to this reason, when installing external trim nailers, operators enjoy a broad spectrum of variable speed during operation.

best nail gun for outside trim View on Amazon

What is even more impressive is that the 2-year, 1-year charger, battery, and   Lifetime Li-ion tool warranty from the manufacturers guarantees you to have your money back if this nailer underperforms.

Using Metabo HPT finish nailer to install outside trim gives details results as with it can achieve up 1700 max RPM and approximately 485 in-lbs of torque.

Another incredible feature of this finish nailer is the single battery charge. As a result, it can drive in over 400 nail ranges regardless of the type of construction framing, or Outside Trim applications, you will be undertaking.

  • Light in weight
  • 1-year charger and battery warranty
  • Anti-slip handle grip
  • cordless freedom
  • come with a fast charger
  • drives in over 400 nails
  • Weighs, which is more than expected.

7.Best Palm Nailer: Metabo HPT Palm Nailer With Framing Nailer

A lightweight palm nailer with a framing nailer and comfortable handle took our best nail gun for PVC trim position on our review. In addition, this nail gun worsens with large and small trim by being a palm nailer only.

best nail gun for PVC trim View on Amazon

Of all the trim materials available on the market, PVC materials happen to be one the weakest. Due to this reason, the installation of PVC trim requires enormous care.

The lightweight nature of this Cordless Combo Framing Nailer Kit for Outside Trim from Metabo allow sitting it to be compatible with a wide range of project.

On the other hand, the Li-ion battery technology is why Metabo HPTis 100% fade-free power. However, to get detailed work when working with thin trim work, then 18-gauge nailers guns will be the most appropriate. ​

It is also good to note that this nailer smoothly Accepts different round head 21-degree materials such as plastic strip and collated nails within a length range of 2 Inch-3-1/2 inch, which is perfect for thin and thick trim installation.

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Magnetic nose
  • well-balanced
  • Comes from Hitachi
  • 360 Degree swivel option
  • Accurate fastener placement
  • Weighs 1.3 lbs

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

Whether you are a new homeowner or just new to woodworking or even a DIYer working on installing trim in low light areas requires you to go for a nailer with High-luminescence LED light to minimize accidents.

Due to this reason, we found Metabo HPT 18V and the NEU MASTER as the Best Nailer to Install trim as the most recommended products by previous customers on different market platforms.


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