5 Best Fertilizer For Redbud Trees In 2021 Reviewed

In summary: Redbud tree help was our top best fertilizer for redbud trees. While TreeHelp Annual Care Kit for Redbud Tree took our runners up position. Our above top fertilizer brands are both o effective and 100% GMO-free.Fertilizer for redbud trees NPK ration should be 10N:10P:10K. Similarly, redbud trees are also is compatible with 16 16 16 fertilizer for fruit trees. Consider going for a redbug tree feed which is an all-purpose, appr

oved, and also safe to both humans and pets. Below find our reviews and buyers’ guide.

Reviews: 5 Best Fertilizer For Redbud Trees In 2021 Reviewed

1.Tree help Annual Care Kit For Redbud Tree.

Annual redbud fertilizer care kit from tree help was our preferred editors pick.it comes as a complete package .Hence it promotes rooting, blooming and healthy leaves formation.Tt is also a 100% an organic redbud fertilizer. It is  has moderately formulated ingredients to promote maximum redbug tree growth and development.

It can be used as a redbud tree top dressing fertilizer or as a potting soil amendment option. As a result, increased vegetative growth.it also features a smart nutrient release option. Therefore a single redbud feed formulation is sufficient to feed the redbud tree for several weeks.it also an excellent source of phosphorous which is available to redbud trees as phosphate

Also, this fertilizer is a reliable source of unparalleled nutrients such as potassium and calcium which are required in bulk by redbud trees. Due to this reason, premature leaf fall in either potted or in-ground redbud trees will be corrected in advance. Calcium (Ca) was also featured in a slightly high amount as it is one of the major redbud three essential nutrients.

  • Boost rooting
  • Deters pest
  • Enhances flowering
  • Promote vegetative growth
  • Granulated

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2.Southern Ag Liquid Redbud Fertilizer Nutritional Spray – 16oz

Up next find a liquid-based redbud tree fertilizer from Southern Ag. By being a liquid fertilizer this Southern Ag can either be applied foliar fertilizer or drenched directly to redbud tree baseline. A classic and 100% military-grade plastic container which makes it easier for you to store or transport the remaining redbud feed comfortably.By being an all-purpose fertilizer it has a relatively high amount of phosphorus. As for this reason, large and brighter redbud blooms will be formed during the spring. Due to this reason, the best time to fertilize redbud trees is during early spring.in case you are wondering how often you should fertilize your redbud trees consider carrying our fertilization after every other two weeks when using liquid-based fertilizers.

Besides, being a liquid fertilizer is also an excellent source of readily available nitrogen. As a result, an increase in the lush growth of both flowers and vegetative growth will be noted immediately. Also because this Southern Ag is a liquid-based fertilizer brand it is compatible with both young and fully established redbud trees.

  • Easy application
  • Quality storage container
  • Efficient
  • Multiple application options
  • Liquid fertilizer

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3.Grow More 5 Lbs Eastern Redbud Tree 0-50-30  Fertilizer

Best Fertilizer For Redbud Trees


We found a 0-50-30 granular fertilizer with an overall weight of 5 lbs from Grow More to be our preferred eastern redbud tree fertilizer.it is an excellent source of phosphorus. Due to this reason, when growing redbuds tree on either clay or sand soil a strong root system will be formed instantly.

Also, by nitrogen being among the major ingredient your redbud will form a slightly larger canopy. The potassium nutrient that was featured makes sure that your redbud tree will not suffer both premature leaf and flower bud fall. High magnesium ingredients that were adequately added ensure that leaf chlorosis.

Amazingly calcium ingredient which is responsible for improving the general plant wall cell wall structure was added. As a result, the redbud tree overall health and immunity is accordingly modified. Lastly, it has a slightly high amount of plant health correcting nutrients such as both calcium and potassium nutrients. The two nutrients play a huge role in corrected health conditions of redbud tree with curling leaves

  • Improve tree immunity
  • Promotes blaming
  • Ease to use
  • Deter pest
  • Slow-release fertilizer

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4.Osmocote  Smart Release Eastern Redbud Tree Fertilizer

Best slow release Fertilizer For Redbud Trees


Up next find Smart Release Eastern Redbud Tree Fertilizer from Osmocote. Besides that Osmocote is an organic fertilizer for Redbud tree it is also 100% a flower blooming catalyst.it comes with a relatively high amount of nitrogen. As a result, lush vegetation and flower formation are 100% enhanced.

It is an all-purpose fertilizer as an overall NPK ration of 15-9-12 was used to come up with the general formula of this magic redbud tree feed. Due to this reason, both nitrogen and phosphorus are well balanced. Hence, less or no burning effect either on leaves, shoots, leaves, or flower buds is professionally moderated.

By being a slow-release fertilizer that employs a smart nutrient release technology this Osmocote fertilizer is compatible with both in-ground and potted redbud tree varieties. Additionally, Osmocote is highly soluble in water. Therefore, this fertilizer when mixed thoroughly with water can use a foliar fertilizer. Similarly, when mixed with water it can also be drenched directly around the redbud tree base.

  • Soluble in water
  • Quick results
  • Reliable fertilizer
  • Multiuse fertilizer
  • Highly soluble in water

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5.Foxfarm Redbud Tree Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

Up next finds an outstanding liquid fertilizer from FoxFarm. Besides being a liquid redbud feed it comes with quick-acting and readily available nitrogen. As a result, the nitrogen present increases the late rush green redbud tree growth.

Redbuds trees are absolute are heavy feeders. Therefore, when supplied with the right and appropriate nutrients amounts, redbud trees can achieve a height of up to 30 feet. Due to this reason, a slightly high percentage of nitrogen nutrient was featured.in this fox farm blooming fertilizer is relatively higher as to when compared to other ingredients such as phosphorus and potassium present.

Premature leaf and flower fall in all redbud tree varieties including the eastern redbud tree are professionally controlled by nitrogen nutrients. Strong redbud rooting system in all redbud trees and shrubs is promoted. Additionally, fox farm fertilizer is 100% urea free, as a result, it is associated with less both burning and scorching effects on either leaves or shoots.

  • Urea free
  • Does not scotch
  • Pet and kids friendly
  • Readily available


  • Liquid fertilizer

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Wondering what kind of fertilizer for a redbud tree is compatible with potted indoor   and  outdoor trees. Well then, consider picking a 5 Lbs general-purpose from Grow More. The 5 Lbs fertilizer has readily available nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus .the three ingridients are  the major nutrient required by redbud trees.

On the other hand, if you  are in a  best fertilizer for redbud trees shopping hurry, consider going for this redbud tree care kit from tree help.it is a three in one smart release fertilizer. As a result, it promotes blooming, rooting and lush vegetation growth in well established, young and potted redbud tree varieties.

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