7 Best Fertilizer For Poinsettia in 2020

The best fertilizer for a poinsettia is a major requirement for you to achieve bright colors through your winter holiday. In case you are also looking on the way of ensuring that the beauty of poinsettia is maintained for more than tow or three months you will need to supply them with the right nutrients.Best Fertilizer For PoinsettiaThe best time to Fertilize poinsettia is six weeks after every blooming season ends. Poinsettia fertilizer should either fall 15-0-15 which has low phosphorus content in which nitrogen and potassium rations are equal. Other great fertilizers compatible with poinsettia include 15-5-15, 15-16-17 or 20-10-20 the numbers respect the NPK nutrient rations. Below is our complete fertilizer for poinsettia review.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Poinsettia In 2020

1.TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer-best slow release fertilizer for Poinsettia

Do you live in NC and now you are looking for ways on how you can plant poinsettias outside in NC. Well then get yourself this TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer poinsettia fertilizer as it allows quick root to be established. Have the high quality of nutrients that boost long term strong root development of your poinsettia.Best Fertilizer For PoinsettiaQuality mix of macro- and micronutrients were professionally blended when manufacturing this tree help fertilizer. Your poinsettias will also be protected from the disease that might end affecting the performance of your poinsettias by enhancing their disease resistance ability. We featured this fertilizer as it is Slow-release Nitrogen fertilizer.

Hence will supply your poinsettias with nutrients gradually, throughout poinsettias growing or even blooming season. The manufacture of this TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer also included a complete user’s guide. Apply the fertilizer during planting and later after blooming. Poinsettias after bloom will have developed a more vegetative part and this requires minor pruning. Immediately after pruning your poinsettias apply this TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer so as to keep your poinsettias until next blooming holiday.


  • Easy to use
  • Improves disease resistance
  • User’s manual
  • Promotes strong root development


  • Slightly expensive

2.Dr. Earth INC 756P

Dr. Earth INC 756P is another classic fertilizer for poinsettia as it has the high quality of nitrogen fertilizer and plays a huge role in sin ensuring that your poinsettia by ensuring the formation of a strong stem. Poinsettia needs to have a strong step that will help in holding other branches and leaves strong.as an addition the Dr. Earth INC 756P nitrogen promotes vegetative growth in poinsettia.Best Fertilizer For PoinsettiaDr. Earth INC 756P also ensure that your poinsettia will not suffer from leaf chlorosis either during blooming or even throughout the poinsettia growth phase the fertilizer is also safe to both humans and pets as there are no synthetic chemicals. By having a fertilizer with no synthetic chemicals then it means that your poinsettia will be 100% organic making them be GMO free.

Enriched with quality multi-minerals and other substances such as carbohydrates and protein this fertilizer is able to provide your poinsettia the entire nutrient they require to provide colourful blooms through t your holiday. by being manufactured from 100% organic materials Dr. Earth INC 756P can, therefore, be handled using bare hands.


  • Organic fertilizer
  • GMO free
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable price


  • Excess not recommended

3.Grow More 5556 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Poinsettia fertilizer requirements are very demanding that is why Grow More 5556 which is a water soluble fertilizer was featured. Grow More 5556 has 10-52-10 poinsettia fertilizer ratios with phosphorus being supplied in high amounts. High phosphorus amount in this Grow More ensures that your poinsettia will have a large size.Grow More has slight low nitrogen content so as to prevent leaf yellowing in your poinsettia plants thus making them be attractive. The nitrogen present also increases the vegetative growth of your poinsettia plants. Nitrogen present in this Grow More ensures that the poinsettia plant will remain strong and green weeks after the blooming season.

Strong roots development will also be promoted by the Grow More fertilizer as it has a slightly high amount of potassium.  Reliable roots ensure that your poinsettia will remain strong and safe even in areas with strong wind. Strong roots also ensure that your plant wil be safe from pets such as cats.


  • Increases plant size
  • Promotes roots development
  • Ensures formation of strong flowers
  • Control diseases


  • Excess may lead to excess growt

4.Miracle-GRO 146002 Flower Food- Homemade Fertilizer For Poinsettias

Up next find Miracle-GRO fertilizer which is one of the quality homemade fertilizers for poinsettia this growing season currently on the market. The reason as to why we are referring to Miracle-GRO as homemade fertilizer synthetic particles is absent thus making Miracle-GRO be 100% GMO free poinsettia fertilizer.Best Fertilizer For PoinsettiaBeing water soluble fertilizer this Miracle-GRO can be applied through irrigation systems. Miracle-GRO is easily utilized by poinsettias giving beautiful results within a reduced period of time. Miracle-GRO has enough amount of potassium so as to promote the formation of a strong root system so as your poinsettia can remaining strong during the growth period.

Miracle-GRO was hand crafted from a naturally occurring ingredient such as fish and plant remains thus making it be a GMO free fertilizer for your poinsettia. By being manufactured from naturally occurring material Miracle-GRO is, therefore, safe to use around kids and pets. Strong shoot and roots development are boosted by this Miracle-GRO fertilizer.


  • Boost vegetative growth
  • strengthens plants
  • foliage grow
  • promoted lea development


  • Excess leads to leaf edge burn

5.Azomite Micronized Bag

Azomite Micronized Bag was featured on this list as it keeps your poinsettia from Bract necrosis. Since Azomite Micronized Bag has a high amount of boron ensures that the pollen grains in your poinsettia are fertile .another added advantage of using Azomite Micronized on your poinsettia plant is that it assists in the poinsettia pollination process.For optimum poinsettia growth Azomite Micronized fertilizer has an improved ability of professionally Re-mineralizes soil on which your poinsettia is grown. inacse you are pet lover you can still use this Azomite Micronized fertilizer as it was made from 100% organic materials that are safe for pets.

Feed additive for soils ensures that your soils are able to provide poinsettia plants with all the nutrients they require so that they can bloom effectively. You are required to feed your poinsettia with this fertilizer every two weeks. When applying this Azomited ensure that you maintain a rate of 1 lb. per every 10 sq of your flower beds area for amazing and quick results.


  • Easy to apply
  • Decently priced
  • Pets friendly
  • Promoted strong root development


  • Causes burning effect when used in excess

How to Choose the Best fertilizers for poinsettia

Poinsettia is also known as Euphorbia pulcherrima and getting quality fertilizer ensures that your next holiday will be embraced by colourful bracts. Due to their heave feeder nature poinsettia requires that you select their fertilizers carefully.

Despite the fact that poinsettia does not require much fertilizer during their bloom seas you will definitely need some fertilizer that will supply them will the entire nutrient they will need if you are planning on extending the poinsettia blooming ability.


Poinsettia requires quality fertilizer so that they can remain active through the blooming season. Poinsettia efficient fertilizers should be able to provide the entire nutrient your poinsettia is looking for to enhance the production of bigger and quality blooms. Highly efficient fertilizer is needed in a small amount while less effective fertilizer will be required in a large amount to keep your poinsettia healthy and more productive.

Ability to adapt

Poinsettia requires fertilizer that will gradually release nutrients during every stage of growth. When you are out there consider going for granular fertilizers if you are planning to slow feed your Poinsettia. In case you are planning on getting quick acting fertilizer to consider foliar fertilization as the nutrients are taken-up directly by your plants. Comparing the Foliar fertilization and granular fertilizer application Foliar will adapt more quickly to your Poinsettia than the granular Poinsettia fertilizers.


Since Poinsettia will be grown either in your house or outside your house consider going for less harmful fertilizer as your kid’s pets or even your personality you will be at not risk any time you are in contact with your Poinsettias. Some fertilizer is dangerous and may lead to death when ingested therefore the fertilizer that was seen to be safe for both human beings and pets was this.

When choosing quality Poinsettia fertilizers to ensure that you have the right attire such as gloves, eye protection and gumboots so as to keep yourself safe. Consider going for fertilizer brands that have been accredited.

Easy to use

When choosing Poinsettia fertilizers consider the brands that you can easily use. Some fertilizer requires complex application measures when some fertilizer is ease to use and have the same result. Consider the effectiveness of fertilizer more that the ease of use every time you are out there on the Poinsettia fertilizer market. Farm tiling recommends that you choose Poinsettia fertilizer is easy to use and at the same time 100% efficient.


We have great hope that our guide held you to sole your puzzle about the best fertilizer for Poinsettia. But in case you have still stranded the top rated Poinsettia fertilizer on our list was while our runners up as this. Other   Poinsettia fertilizers that we can recommend are the or the were still featured on our review above.

Finally, we hope that you have learnt new ways of poinsettia care that will ensure that your poinsettia will bloom effectively. Consider going for poinsettia care fertilizer which is both effective and safe for use.

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