7 Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees 2022 Reviewed

In summary: Jobe’s fertilizer which comes as 9 Spikes were our best fertilizer for maple trees. While Smart-Release Plant Food from Osmocote took our runners up maple tree fertilizer position. The two fertilizer brands employ a smart nutrient release technology and are 100% GMO-free.Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees

Fertilizer for maple trees should have an N-P-K ration formulation of 4:1:2 or 3(N):1(P2O5):2K2O. Maple trees require high nitrogen fertilizer as they are heavy feeders. The best time to fertilizer maple trees either during late fall and early spring. Below find our detailed maple fertilizer reviews and buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees 2022 Reviewed.

1.Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes For Japanese Maple Trees 16-4-4

On our top position find jobes spikes. It comes with slightly high nitrogen nutrient content which makes it to be a perfect Japanese maple tree fertilizer.Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees

When fertilizing a Japanese maple tree a high nitrogen fertilizer is a must-have. As for these reasons, an increase in vegetative growth vigor will be visible weeks after fertilizer formulation.

60% of the total ingredient in the jobes spikes is 100% readily available nitrogen. Due to this reason, stunted growth condition in weak and disease maple trees is instantly catered.

Additionally, the high nitrogen content ensures. Similarly, it also protests Japanese maple trees from other burning effects such as a formation of brown spots on leaves.

Also, it has high phosphorus nutrient content. Therefore it promotes the formation of strong roots in both young and mature Japanese maple trees. Therefore is you are specifically after a quality fertilizer for Japanese maple trees Jobe’s Spikes is the right product.

  • Effective
  • Smart release
  • Gives instant results
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Come as spikes

2.Osmocote  Potted Japanese Maples Smart-Release Feed

Up next find a smart release feed for fertilizing Japanese maples in pots from Osmocote. It has a relatively high amount of nitrogen content. As a result, the green color will be enhanced as compared to unfed maple trees.

Furthermore, it comes with a slow-release formula. Due to this reason, it ensures that Japanese maples in pots will have access to all nutrients for over 4 months

Additionally, it has high percentages of root formation inducing nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. As a result, when planting Japanese maple near the house a complete roots system will be established instantly.

Moreover, these jobes pikes are compatible with either potted or in-ground Japanese maple trees. Additionally, this fertilizer is also compatible with other trees and house plans such a magnolia, roses, and snake plant.

  • Smart release
  • High quality
  • Induces roots
  • Enhances both growth and color
  • Slow-release fertilizer

3.Foxfarm Happy Frog Japanese Maple/ Silver Maple Trees Feed

Up next find Happy Frog feed as the third maple tree fertilizer on our list. It is specifically modified to be compatible with Japanese and silver maple trees from FoxFarm. Other than that, it comes with a90 day money guarantee.best fertilizer for silver maple trees [

Uniquely, Happy Frog from FoxFarm is a dual purpose maple tree fertilizer. As a result, it helps in cleaning weeds such as clover and dandelions growing around Silver and Japanese maple trees. For maximum and instant results, consider following the manufacturer’s instruction outline in the user’s manual.

Orthophosphate ions are also present as phosphorus (P) nutrients featured in a slightly high amount. As a result,   strong roots formation is a guarantee either when growing silver maple trees in pots or on the ground. Furthermore, no salts included in this fertilizer. As a result, it is compatible with silver maple trees growing in slightly wet areas.

  • Organic
  • Quick-acting
  • Smart release
  • Controls weed
  • Granulated

4.General Hydroponics Autumn Blaze Maple Trees Flora  Blend

This flora fertilizer blend which comes from general hydroponics is 100% compatible with autumn blaze maple trees made it to our fourth position. What is more amazing is that it has a non-burning formula which ensures that burning condition on leaves and stems is absent.best liquid fertilizer for maple trees

Come with slightly high magnesium (Mg). As a result, both, interveinal chlorosis and formation of brown spots on leaves are effectively controlled .All the nutrients in this Autumn Blaze Maple Trees fertilizer are well balanced. As a result, it can be used in conjunction with other agrochemicals such as herbicide and pesticide.

Additionally, by being a potash rich fertilizer it promotes the formation of strong roots systems. Amazingly, this   General Hydroponics fertilize only stays around the base maple trees after formulation.

Due to this reason, it prevents contamination of groundwater sources which include boreholes and wells. Premature leaf fall in sliver maple trees is also extended the 26 % of the total potassium present in this fertilizer.

  • Smart release technology
  • None burning
  • Boost roost formation
  • Enhances leave  color
  • Liquid fertilizer

5.Espoma Company Red Maple Trees 6-3-2 Fertilizer

Up next we decide to feature a  6-3-2 smart release red maple trees fertilizer for Espoma. For effective results consider spreading Espoma an inch thick around the base of red maple trees.best fertilizer for red maple trees

Another advantage is that it has an incredible NPK formula which makes it to be a compatible vegetable and all trees varieties. Additionally, by having all the major plant nutrient it offers anon burning red maple trees fertilizer formula.

This fertilizer comes with a moderate amount of iron. As a result, the color of both Japanese leaves and stems is professionally enhanced. With biozome as one of the major ingredients, as a result, it promotes the growth of soil micro-organism and other beneficial soil fungi.

on the other hand, the biozome present also helps to improve the over red maple trees potting soil structure Another, an advantage of these jobes spikes is that they have a non-burning nitrogen formula. As a result, the non-burning formula protects the Japanese maple from yellowing.

  • Slow-release
  • Water-soluble
  • Dual purpose
  • Incredible formula
  • Granular fertilizer

6.Root Stimulator Young Maple Trees Starter  Solution

Next is the Root Stimulator which plays a major role in inducing root formation in both young and mature maple trees. Despite not being among the well-known fertilizer brands, Root Stimulator features a wide range e of readily available plant nutrients.best fertilizer for young maple trees

Besides being a liquid-based fertilizer a single formulation is enough to feed young maple trees for a slightly longer period. Additionally, it has a slightly high amount of potassium which ensure that maple trees color is effectively enhanced.

Moreover, magnesium (Mg) presents play a huge role in controlling leaf chlorosis. Additionally, it comes with a slightly high amount of nitrogen. As a result young maple trees have an increased ability to quickly establishing strong and bigger leaves. Lastly, by being an ecofriendly root stimulator it does not hurt Mother Nature.

  • Ecofriendly
  • Kids compatible
  • Induces rooting
  • Enhances green color
  • none

7.Tree help Premium Feed For Sugar Maple Trees

Sugar maple trees fertilizer which is our last product on this list comes from treehelp.it is 100% formulated to be compatible with sugar maple trees. Additionally, it is a slow-release fertilizer as it comes in granules form.best fertilizer for red maple trees

Uniquely the manufacturer added a slightly high amount of nitrogen to promote lush vegetation growth in all sugar maple trees. By being a commercial grade sugar maple tree fertilizer it is compatible with both new homeowners and landscape contractors.

Another amazing feature of this product from tree help is that it has high potassium content. On the other hand, it has low salt content. As a result, it is compatible with sugar maple trees that grow in desert conditions or areas with low moisture supply.

Moreover, by being slow resale fertilizer, it is compatible with all other maple trees varieties which include sugar, Japanese, and red maple trees.

  • Slow-release
  • Comes as combo
  • Eco-friendly
  • Essential nutrient-rich
  • Non-burning fertilizer
  • Granular fertilizer

                                   How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees

Today being, industrialization is slowly taking over the world. As a result, there are both quality and counterfeit products in the market making fertilizer for maple not to be an exemption. Choosing a high performing maple tree fertilizer is a challenging task especially if it is your first time.

Below find features and factors that you should consider before picking any maple tree fertilizer brand. Fertilizer applications should be carried out frequently when fertilizing young trees.

Below, let’s find out some of the tips and features that you should look for when shopping for a high perming maple tree fertilizer.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Maple Trees?

The best time to fertilizer maple tree is during the fall. During fall, all the maple trees tend to have e fallen. Therefore, creating a conducive environment for fertilizer application to take place. However, applying fertilizer to mature maple trees should is not highly recommend.

Only consider formulating fertilizer to maple trees that have nutrient deficiency symptoms. Such symptoms include but not limited to wilting, yellowing of leaves, and premature leaf fall.

Another time which most appropriate to carry out maple tree fertilization schedule is when the temperature around the maple tree roots is at a Fahrenheit of approximately 40 degrees

How to Fertilize Maple Trees?

How to fertilize the maple tree depending on the fertilizer brand that you are going to pick. When using liquid maple tree fertilizer you can use foliar application method. Similarity, when liquid maple tree fertilizers direct drenching fertilizer around   maple tree is another way of fertilizing maple tree using

On the other hand, when using granular fertilizer broadcastings are another way of fertilizing maple trees. Broadcastings is using your hands to evenly spread fertilizer around the base of your maple tree.

Granular and rock-based fertilizers are the two maple tree fertilizer which is compatible broadcasting. However, one of the main challenges facing broadcasting is more fertilizers.

Due to these reasons, the correct maple tree fertilizer rate is not accurately maintained. Therefore, when using broadcasting as a mode of fertilizing maple trees kore fertilizer is wasted.

To makes sure that all the formulated fertilizer is used after broadcasting. Consider covering the maple tree fertilizer around the base of the tree lightly using a thin film of soil or maple trees mulch.

How Often Should You Fertilize Maple Trees?

A single fertilizer formulation is enough to take mature maple trees for a whole year consider fertilizing young maple trees often. Two to three times young maple tree fertilizer formulations are highly recommended in a single year.

Fertilizing both young and mature maple trees should take place during warm weather. Therefore, mature and your maple tree roots will not be damaged by freezing weather and fertilizer. Maple tree fertilization should take place during March, immediately after the winter season.

The interval between young maple trees should be constant to ensure that the fertilization schedule forms a complete cycle. The main reason why often fertilization of mature maple tree is no recommended is that fertilizers might end up causing maple tree root rot.


After filtering through hundreds of Acer’s trees fertilizer products 9 Spikes from jobes was our best fertilizer for maple trees editors pick. Apart from being a smart release Acer tree feed, it is a high phosphorus fertilizer. Due to this reason, a strong maple roots system is will be established.

Feeding a maple.On the other hand, our runner up acre tree fertilizer part from coming from Osmocote is also a smart release maple tree fertilizer. However, when fertilizing mature maple trees frequently fertilization schedule is not highly recommended. For effective results consider reading and also understating maple tree fertilizer manufacturer user’s guide and manual.


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