5 Best Fertilizer For Laurels In 2022

Fertilizer for laurels should be quality enough to promote deep-green and glossy leaves and also to promote the formation of beautiful blooms during spring. Best Fertilizer for laurels should be an all-purpose fertilizer so as to offer an array of nutrients to your laurels.

Fertilizer for laurels to be effective should have NPK fertilizer ratios of 10-10-10 and should be granular. Consider including Iron sulphate so as to help in reducing yellowing of the leaves of the laurel. Let’s find out what some of the top rated laurels fertilizer brands on the market.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Laurels 2022

1.Pro Trust Tree And Shrub Prof Fertilizer- Best Fertilizer For Portuguese Laurel uk

To keep Portuguese laurel healthy and with an increased blooming ability find this Shrub Prof Fertilizer which is purely a pro trust fertilizer product. Keeping your garden or property with healthy and blooming Portuguese laurels is not easy but with this Shrub Prof Fertilizer, the process will be much easier to achieve as high phosphorus present ensures the formation of strong roots.Portuguese laurels are perfectly compatible with fertilizer brands with a 30-10-10 NPK fertilizer ratio. We picked this as our top Portuguese laurels fertilizer as it is capable of supplying your laurel with the right nutrient for at least 16 full weeks

Since laurel is complex and acid-loving plants supplying them with this Pro Trust Tree ensure that they are supplied with high nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium effectively. The fertilizer was crafted from 100% organic product thus leading to organic blooms which are both safe to both kids   and water.

  • Organic product
  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Soluble in water
  • All-purpose fertilizer
  • Slightly expensive

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2.Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener- best fertilizer for texas mountain laurel

For proper Texas mountain, laurel plant roots establishment consider going for this liquid soil loosener. The main role of this fertilizer  is to ensure that there are enough soil nutrients. The reason as to why we featured this is liquid soil aerator is to ensure that no mechanical root damage will occur.Growing Texas mountain laurel in compact soil or soils with poor drainage can lead to poor root development or to roots root. Application of this liquid fertilizer on your soil ensures soil micro-organism is supplied with enough air .poorly drained soils are also improved by this liquid soil aerator.

Iron is one of the most recommended trace elements that you should consider being supplying. Green and large blooms in Texas mountain laurel also are encouraged by the high percentage of NPK nutrients available.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to apply
  • Soil Aerator
  • Enhances soil structure
  • Light in weight

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3.Tree help Premium Fertilizer For Laurels- Best Fertilizer For Laurel Hedge

Up next find this laurel hedge fertilizer which is 100% designed to be compatible with all shrubs and trees. With the main ingredient of this TreeHelp premium laurel hedge fertilizer being phosphorus, your hedge will have a well-established root and leaves.If you are after quality and healthy Laurel Hedge then consider going for nitrogen-rich fertilizer so as to sup[ply enough feed and nutrient to your hungry laurel hedge. Easy mode of application ensures that either you have a thick, newly planted all a well-established Laurel Hedge you will only have to evenly spread your fertilizer around the base of the plant.

Having a well-established laurel instant hedge plays an important role in increasing the intrinsic value of your property. Adding a well-established laurel hedge also ensures that the resale value of your property will go up. To avoid your other laurel hedge or laurel bushes problems such as yellowing of leaves.

  • Liquid Soil Aerator
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Liquid Soil Loosener
  • Mechanical Aeration
  • Slightly expensive

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4.Dr. Earth 708p Fertilizer In Poly Bag -Best Fertilizer For Skip Laurels

Fertilizing skip laurels is not easy as when compared to Portuguese laurel. For dark green leave and yellow free leaves condition, this fertilizer has slightly his amount. Application is easy as just mixing the content of this packet makes around the base of your plant.The organic nature of this Dr. Earth 708P ensures that your Skip Laurels will be 100% safe for both kids and pets.

It comes with a strong packaging that allows this fertilizer to be used month or days later after breaking the manufacturers’ seal.The polybag that was used by the manufacturer ensures that fertilizer is professionally protected from water moisture. For best results and health Skip Laurels plants, this Dr. Earth 708p Fertilizer should be even.

  • Durable packaging
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Scotch effect free
  • Expensive

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5. Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer-Best Fertilizer For English Laurels in uk

In case you are an English laurel fanatic then consider selecting this Grow More 5010 as your preferred fertilizer. Come from a slow-release fertilizer in uk manufacturer who has been on the market for decades. Proper root establishment in your English Laurels ensures that you will not have an issue e of root rot.Consider adding the content of fertilizing in your watering can and then introduce the fertilizer on the base of the plant. This fertilizer will be easily absorbed by your laurel as they are iron heavy feeders.

To prevent the volatilization of the fertilizer which is the loss of fertilizer nutrient through evaporation? Consider covering the fertilizer with a thin film of soil. Landing a quality of just the best laurel feed is not easy as English Laurels leaves tend to turn yellow and formation of brown spots on the leaves.

  • Low nitrogen
  • Strong root development
  • Color enhancement
  • Expensive

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Fertilizer For Laurels FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What Kind Of Fertilizer For Laurels in uk

When selecting a quality laurels fertilizer you should fist be familiar with your laurel plant variety do have the Laurus nobilis (True laurel) or the Kalmia latifolia (mountain laurel). Consider going for liquid fertilizer is you after quick results. For those laurels enthusiasts after slow-release fertilizer then granular fertilizers  in ukwill work great.For indoor laurel care and fertilizing desires consider going for tablet fertilizers as they are 100% with potted laurels varieties. What is more amazing is that laurel plant enthusiasts can go for any all-purpose fertilizer as it is compatible with acidic soil as both laurels varieties are adapted to such conditions.

For laurel with leaves turning brown or yellow fertilizers with a slightly high amount of iron and potassium will be responsible when the time for reviving your laurels

  1. How To Apply Fertilizer To laurels

In case you will be using dry or granular to feed or fertilizer your laurel you are required to pick your favourite spading fork. Working on a dry fertilizer will be made easier by this fertilizer.

Breaking down granular fertilizer which is 100% slow release ensures that both potassium and phosphorus will be made available to your plants. You can use a cultivator to dig around the base of your laurels and then evenly spread your granular fertilizer.

Ensuring that the fertilizer is evenly spared ensures that there will be no root scorching at all. Consider covering the fertilizer with a thin film of soils followed by appropriate laurels watering schedule.

  1. How Often To Fertilizer Laurels in uk

For best liquid fertilizers should either applied early in the morning or late in the evening. Regular laurel watering schedule results in strong and attractive laurels bloom during any festive season. Despite laurels being hungry and acid-loving plants carrying out a regular fertilization schedule during early spring and late summer will keep your laurel healthy all season round.

In case you are wondering how to Revive Laurels? Well, then it is recommended that you consider potting, adding mulch followed by a thorough water application program. Reviving indoor or outdoor Laurels will also be made easier by selecting a fertilizer brand compatible with all laurels varieties; the fertilizer should be a general-purpose or 100% organic product

  1. When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Laurels

For best results consider application poof fertilizer on the soil before planting or even transplanting your laurels clones. Working on your soil and fertilizer ensure that the nutrient content in the solid will be evenly mixed product

Due to the attractive spring laurels, blooms consider fertilizing your indoor or outdoor laurels with all-purpose fertilizer during early spring as laurels are in their high growth rate phase.

When growing laurels in post-Incorporate fertilize general purpose fertilizer with the potting soil evenly. Since laurel is ornamental plants consider fertilizing them at the start of their growing season later on during their blooming seasons as dormancy will break during this period. Homemade Fertilizer for Laurels should be applied when available as they are less toxic and 100% organic


After going through the above fertilizer we found Miracle GRO Acid-Loving Plant Foot to be the most preferred food for laurels. Their hungry nature allows this plant to be compatible with Miracle GRO Acid-Loving Plant Food as it has a slightly high amount of nitrogen content.

Up next we featured a slow-release TreeHelp Premium Fertilizer for laurels that come with granules that are slightly coated to ensure that nutrients will only be realized slowly to the soil. Before fertilizing your laurel consider making sure that your plant is healthy and also ready for a new fertilizer application schedule.


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