7 Best Fertilizer For Hemlock Trees In 2024

Hemlock trees are best grown in the shade, and their best fertilizer treatment is 10 10 10 N.P.K. When planted in full sun, hemlocks can become stressed and die from invasion by the woolly adelgid. Read further below if you want to know more about the best fertilizers for hemlock trees or how to treat them with pesticides.

Best Fertilizer For Hemlock TreesIn this Guide Expect  To Learn;

1. A well-balanced fertilizer for the hemlock tree includes Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is the best way to fertilize.

2. What is the best fertilizer for hemlock trees? A well-balanced fertilizer, of course. But what is the best type of fertilizer to use on hemlock trees? It depends on your soil and climate conditions.

If you have sandy or acidic soils that are low in organic matter, then 10-10-10 fertilizers would be best. On the other hand, if you have loamy or alkaline soils with good organic matter levels, then a 20-20-20 balance might work best.

Keep in mind that most fertilizers will do fine with all soil types as long as they are balanced correctly (i.e., not too high in Nitrogen).

2. Be sure to water your hemlock trees after applying fertilizer so they can get into the soil

3. Apply a layer of mulch around your Hemlock Trees for increased moisture retention

4. Use an organic fertilizer with ingredients like compost or manure to give your Hemlock Trees all the nutrients they need

5. Hemlock Trees Fertilizer should be applied every two weeks in spring and summer, once a month during fall and winter

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Hemlock Trees 2024

1. Jobe’s 01661 Evergreen Hemlock Trees Fertilizer Spikes, 15, Brown Review

Early spring and late fall planting seasons are most ideal for transplanting or pruning your Hemlock tree. Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes are easy to apply around each Hemlocktree’s drip-line with no mess or fuss.

Best Fertilizer For Hemlock Trees View on Amazon

Harmful runoff is discouraged from reducing the plant’s nutrient uptake as the slow-release formula ensures your hemlock trees are nourished well. One application is set for whole season nutrition requirements; hence there is no need for continual reapplication.

With Jobe’s 01661 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, Hemlock grows healthy and vigorously, comes in five-packs, nine-packs, and fifteen-pack brown boxes containing pre-measured fertilizer spikes designed for use around the root zone of Hemlocks and other evergreen trees.

Easy to insert around each tree drip line for precisely the right amount of nourishment below the surface where roots are active all season long.

These time-release fertilizers will bring out even more brilliant colours year-round from richly hued foliage so enticing every homeowner and onlooker who passes by.

Why We Chose It
  • The application can be made once in a single season
  • Spikes are fixed with the essential elements for plant development through the growing season.
  • Spikes are safe to punch in the ground reducing contact with fertilizing chemical concentrates.
  • Spikes are not prone to leaching as they are of slow-release grade.
What We Dislike
  • Not pet friendly as some active dogs often dig them out.
  • They are in high demand and often ran out I the market.

2. Nelson Trees and Shrubs Evergreens Canadian Granular hemlock Hemlock Trees Plant Fertilizer Review

Nelson Trees and Shrubs Evergreens Plant Food In Ground Container Patio Grown Gr was the best essential granular fertilizer for in-ground and in pot trees, shrubs, evergreens, including but not limited to: Hemlocks, Oak, Willow, Ash, Maple, Pine.

best essential granular fertilizer for in-ground and in pot trees, shrubs, evergreens, including but not limited to: Hemlocks View on Amazon

Canadian hemlock  Hemlock trees require a broad selection of nutrients to maintain the green colour. The fertilizer contains a reasonable sum of magnesium ions responsible for chlorophyll formation.

It contains five nitrogen sources to ensure your hemlocks are fed throughout the season, keeping them healthy. For indoor and outdoor use, if you live in a small townhouse, you can still have access to all of your hemlock trees.

It is an excellent boost for hemlock trees, especially after pruning, where the plant needs to recover from the shock.This plant food provides nutrients and minerals like Nitrogen (21%), Phosphate (6%), and Soluble Potash (8%).

It also contains micronutrients Canadian hemlock needs, such as Iron and Boron; this helps the hemlock plant defend against fungal and bacterial attacks and recover from adverse seasons.

Why We Chose It

  • It contains an extensive blend of macronutrients and trace elements that help in the proper development of the hemlock tree.
  • It has a high concentration of minerals which in well-drained soils can be effective all year long. It is fit for use in indoor and outdoor plantings.
  • The fertilizer is quickly dissolving into the media, reducing loss due to vaporization.
  • Trace elements help the plants fight bacterial and fungal attacks.
What We Dislike
  • Granules are toxic and, if poorly applied, are hazardous to children.
  • The fertilizer requires well-drained soils otherwise will scorch the hemlock roots.

3. Mauget Inject-A-Min Manganese 6ml, Tree Injector, Slow Release Hemlock Trees Fertilizer Review

Introducing the tree care company’s new series of inject-a-min manganese! Begin by taking your 24 caps, shake well, then select which side you’ll be using for this excellent injection.

Mauget Inject-A-Min Manganese 6ml, Tree Injector, Slow Release Hemlock Trees Fertilizer Review View on Amazon

To stay strong with healthy deep green leaves year after year with care from your best bud, Mauget’s Inject-A-Min Manganese.

The deep green leaves help the hemlock plant carry out photosynthesis even at low light seasons and when foliage is covered with thick snow.

“Botanical World can’t be without their trusted friend, Mauget. They need the dependable and long-lasting treatment of Inject-A-Min Manganese.”

This specially formulated fertilizer is perfect for Botanical World to keep their trees happy and healthy throughout the year. The Sulfur based fertilizer holds firmly on clay particles reducing the volume of nutrients leached or washed off by runoff water.

Once chosen, take one cap off and place it in the narrow end of the tree injector. Shake again to mix everything. Inject-A-Min Manganese is a slow-release, easy-to-apply fertilizer with high levels of manganese.

Why We Chose It
  • A single application can be sustained for up to five years.
  • High precision of minimal application loss.
  • Quick uptake by the plant.
  • Base elements can withstand a substantial amount of leaching.
What We Dislike
  • Rather a high cost
  • Improper application may cause root scorching

4. Jobe’s Organic Rose & Flower Hemlock Trees Fertilizer Spikes, 10 Spikes

The Jobe’s Organics Rose & Flower Fertilizer Spikes are there to fill the need for healthy, organic gardening. These spikes come in 10 pre-measured spikes that provide nourishment at the roots and are certified organic.

Organic Rose & Flower Hemlock Trees Fertilizer Spikes View on Amazon

As a result, Jobe’s was the best Organic fertilizer for Hemlock Trees currently available on the market.Each spike contains 6:3:2 parts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

In addition, Jobe’s Organics hemlock tree has no synthetic chemicals; only safe ingredients like Jobe Biozome, which improves soil conditions and helps hemlocks’  tree resistance against disease, insects, drought, and other adversities your garden may encounter.

Jobe’s Organics is for organic gardening. Their fertilizer spikes come with pre-measured spikes, and their microorganisms help improve soil conditions to make the garden resistant to pests and drought.

The Nitrogen element improves the hemlock’s ability to develop and differentiate its cells, allowing proper development of the wholesome plant structure.

Phosphorus is fundamental for energy transfer providing cellular energy for the hemlock tree to perform all necessary functions. Potassium is a crucial nutrient, especially in the photosynthesis action of the plant.

Why We Chose It

  • High nitrogen content helps Hemlock development after adverse weather conditions.
  • Spikes are slow-release
  • Leaching rarely occurs.
  • It is organic and stimulates the development of soil microbes.
  • Spikes are easy to install at the plant base.
What We Dislike
  • Spikes are prone to damage by borrowing dogs.
  • They are in high demand and often run out in the market

5.Miracle-Gro 100134 Nature’s Care Evergreen & Shrub Hemlock Trees Plant Food Review

Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Evergreen & Shrub Plant Food comprises time-tested organic materials, mainly corn and soybeans. These granules dissolve readily in water, making them easy to use and absorb the hemlock tree for its growth.


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It has a natural-based formula that ensures hemlock trees have the necessary nutrients to grow, bloom and prosper! The OMRI listed Miracle-Gro 100134 Nature’s Care Evergreen & Shrub Plant Food contains vital micronutrients, such as iron and magnesium that boost plants during cold winters or droughts.

When used as directed, this product will not scorch plants unnecessarily, so you can enjoy your garden for more extended periods without worrying about it being ruined by too much fertilization. The fertilizer is packaged in an easy-open package, ensuring proper handling during use.

The plant-based fertilizer promotes vigorous root growth of young hemlock trees. It encourages biotic population development, which develops a healthy soil ecosystem.

The diverse microbial population significantly improves soil health and physical properties. Healthier soils give healthier plants with rich colour, form, and structure

Why We Chose It
  • it is organic plant-based hence less toxic to the soil and soil microbes.
  • Enhances microbial growth.
  • It contains micronutrients that help plant development in adverse conditions.
  • Easily soluble hence quickly taken up by plants if a solution is well prepared.
What We Dislike
  • If improperly applied can lead to scorching of the plant roots.
  • Highly leachable in poorly drained soils


Hemlock trees are not very tolerant of full sun, so if you live in a climate with hot summers or lots of direct sunlight, they may need extra care to survive. They’re best grown in the shade, and their best treatment is 10-10-10 fertilizer.

If planted in full sun, hemlocks can become stressed and die because of the woolly adelgid. Check out our blog post on how to treat this pesky pest for more information about the best fertilizers for hemlock trees or pesticide treatments—editors’ recommendation.

Nelson Trees and Shrubs Evergreens Plant Food.

It is an excellent source of plant food for both indoor and outdoor environments. Nelson Trees and Shrubs Evergreens Plant Food promotes soil microbiology and, in turn, develops soil health and ensures the hemlock trees’ optimum development throughout.


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