7 Best Fertilizer For Elephant Ears In 2024


Fertilizer for elephant ears will help you to remodel an elephant plant leaves which are turning yellow or brown and also increase the growth vigour.

Getting just the best fertilizer for elephant ears also ensures that when growing the plant in pots or even if you are an elephant ear plant indoors growing enthusiast you will have a sufficient supply of nutrients.

best fertilizer for elephant ears

Elephant Ears are 100% heavy feeders hence a 20-20-20 NPK ration fertilizer is highly preferred.

Since they are indoor plants requiring a rich supply of nutrients consider supplying Elephant Ears with a slow-release or a water-soluble fertilizer at least once in a month.

Below find our reviews of top-rated Fertilizer brands for elephant ears.

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Elephant Ears 2024

1.Jack’s Fertilizer, 20-20-20, 25 Lb. Bag- Best Fertilizer For Elephant Ear Plant Review

Specifically deigned to be compatible with indoor and outdoor elephant year plants, Jack’s Fertilizer gives you an opportunity to successfully revive your elephant year plant. With an NPK fertilizer ration of 20-20-20, Jack’s Fertilizer is able to supply your plant with an equal amount of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium.

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Lush green growth is promoted by the nitrogen present. Potassium is also one of the ingredients of this Jack’s Fertilizer which is available in bulk helps in the regulation of elephant ear growth regulation hence our top fertilizer for elephant ear plant.

Potassium present in this Jack’s Fertilizer ensures that your elephant ear plant is a better position of absorbing the entire nutrient from your growing media effectively.

The potassium present ensures that the elephant ear plant disease and drought resistance ability will be improved.Application of this Jack’s Fertilizer is very easy as you can use the root drench option.

You can also apply this fertilizer as a foliar spray in case you after quick results as it will be quickly absorbed by the elephant ears leaves. After suing this Jack’s Fertilizer for a longer period of time due to its high nitrogen content consider alternating it with a low phosphorus fertilizer brand

  • 100% organic
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Boosts plant enlargement
  • Improves drought resistant ability
  • Slight expensive

2.Miracle-Gro Liquid Plant Food Concentrate 32 Oz -Best Liquid Fertilizer For Elephant Ears Reviews

Miracle-Gro Liquid fertilizer is one of the few remaining elephant ears integrated plant nutrients. The availability of an inherent mix of natural compounds ensures that the growth rates of your elephant ears have been boosted.

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The proliferation of soil or planting media microbes is made possible by the organic carbon which is present in this fertilizer.

The other ingredient present in this Miracle-Gro Liquid fertilizer is a high amount of phosphorus, which ensures that your elephant ears are professionally protected from leaf blight or brown spots on the leaf.

Bigger tuber formation will also be formed as nitrogen is present in bulk. Application of is very easy as you  are just required to spay the  Miracle-Gro Liquid fertilizer on your elephant ears plant and you are good to go.

This liquid fertilizer for an elephant ear is compatible with both container and ground plant varieties. Nitrogen present favours establishment of healthy leaves and bigger tubers. The phosphorus present ensures that the elephant ear variety you have planted will develop a stronger roots network.

  • Promotes strong root develop
  • Improves disease resistant
  • Rush green vegetation
  • Ready to spay
  • Scotching effect

3.Mojo K20 Plus-Best Granular  Fertiliser For Elephant Ears

Up next is this Mojo K20 Plus which is a fertilizer brand that is specifically designed to provide your elephant ears with the entire major and micro-nutrient. It comes with tones of positive reviews from previous customers thus making it be a perfect elephant ears fertilizer.

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By being a liquid alkalizer helps to improve the alkalinity of your soils so as to aid improved. Apart from being compatible with elephant ears, this fertilizer is also compatible with Mojo K20 Plus. The high potassium content ensures leaf Chlorosis is absent in your elephant ears.

This fertilizer encourages the growth of new leaves during winter therefore if you are willing to extend the life of the elephant years leaves consider applying this fertilizer during winter. The potassium present ensures that your elephant years will not have to suffer from stunted growth.

The low nitrogen content of this Mojo K20 Plus control flush vegetation growth, therefore, allowing large tuber formation. All the nutrients present in this Mojo K20 Plus ensures that the immune system of your elephant ears has been boosted.

  • Boosts immune system,
  • Stimulates tuber formation
  • Improves chlorosis resistant
  • Encourage flush vegetation
  • Raises pH.

4.Elephant Ear 2 Pound Granular  Fertilizer Fuel Review 

Another major fertilizer that will help you to revive your elephant ears plant is this 2 Pound Elephant Ear Fertilizer Fuel which is 100% packed with all major and minor micronutrients.

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The fertilizer ration of this fertilizer is 20-10-20 meaning the nutrient content of nitrogen and potassium is slightly high as to when compared to phosphorus. Nitrogen present in this fertilizer ensures that flush vegetation will be encouraged.

By being 100% water soluble you are guaranteed that your elephant years will be supplied with all the necessary macro nutrients.

On the other hand, the potassium present is responsible for allowing photosynthesis to take place effectively even in indoor elephant years varieties.What is more amazing is that this fertilizer comes with a durable bag that is 100% resealable.

Strong root development on your elephant years will also be made possible as the phosphorus present is responsible for strong and deep root establishment. In case you are after the tuber of the elephant ear plant the nitrogen present will make easier for you to be 100% larger.

  • Light in weigh
  • Encourages strong roots
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a resealable bag
  • Granulated

5.Growers Spider Mite Killer – Best Organic Elephant Ears fertilizer spider mite killer

One of the major pests that will actually damage your elephant ear is spider mite but getting yourself this Growers Trust fertilizer you will be able to secure your elephant year plant from spider mite attack.

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If you are an elephant ear plant enthusiasms’ who preferred growing the plant indoors you might be looking for quality or  technology based ways. How do you get rid of spider mites naturally from your elephant  ears.

The ready to spray option of this fertilizer ensures that the plant food is evenly distributed on the leaves of your elephant ear plant. Comes when it is ready to use after purchasing the product hence no mixing or measuring is required

Strong root development is also made possible on your elephant year plants as spider mite which might end up leading to root rot will be completely eliminated.The nontoxic nature of this grower’s trust has turned this fertilizer to be both pet and kids friendly.

  • Ready to use
  • Promotes root development
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Consider using gloves

6.Jobes Organics Bone Meal Fertilizer–Best Organic Bone Meal fertilizer For Elephant Ears Review 

In case you have noted that the elephant ear leaves turning yellow and brown consider going for a fertilizer brand that has slightly high the major plants nutrient such as 20-20-20 NPK ration fertilizer.

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We featured Jobes Organics Bone Meal on this list as it is 100% organic and is capable of offering your elephant ears with 15% calcium.

The calcium offered by this fertilizer ensures that your elephant ears are professionally protected from fungal infections such as the phyllosticta leaf spot.

The nitrogen present ensures that new leaves will form even during winters. Applying this bone meal also ensures that elephant ear leaves curling problems will also be catered.

For elephant ear stems bending the nitrogen present ensures that there is the formation of stronger stems that are capable of supporting the huge green leaves.

  • Supports strong stems
  • Cures leaf curling
  • Corrects drooping leaves
  • Easy to apply
  • Slightly expensive
  • Granulated

7.Liquid Aerating Soil Loosener -Good Fertilizer For Elephant Ears In Pots Review

Remember that elephant ears are tubers and having your growing media well aerated will help to allow the nutrient in your elephant year planting media to be readily available.

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We featured this liquid soil aerator on this list so as to replace the mechanical soil loosening option as you might end up cutting or even injuring the elephant ears tubers.Due to this  reason, was the best liquid fertilizer for growing elephant ears  in pots

Elephant ear plants that are indoor will also require this as it allows water to move down the pots you have used thus allowing the roots of your plants to have access to clean air and water respectively.

It also acts as a soil conditioner and this ensures that the soil structure either in the post or on the ground will be professionally enhanced.

This soil conditioner is also for making sure that all the toxic soil content is professionally taken care of  as it professionally detoxifies soil.

Well detoxified soil ensures that root elephant ears have strong roots development   and  roots compaction by the soil  is minimised Growing elephant ear in pots is very demanding an as you will have to keep track of your activities and also to maintain a regular watering schedule.

  • Strong root development
  • Promotes Drainage
  • Minimises soil compaction
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Liquid Soil Aerator

How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Elephant Ears

Your main goals are to land   a fertilizer brand that is capable of promoting a 100% elephant ears growth cycle. Elephant ears plant enthusiasts should also consider going for a fertilizer brand which is kids and pet friendly as it is a wonderful indoor plant.

We featured our buyers guide below to offer insights on what really should be present in the fertilizer brand which is termed to be the best for elephant ears

Soil Type

Despite elephant ears being one of the few plants that are low maintenance the soil on which are growing the  plant dictates the type  of fertilizer you are going to purchase or use.

If you will be growing these elephant ears on soils that have low nitrogen supply consider going for a nitrogen rich fertilizer as elephant ears are high foliage plants.

In areas that high nitrogen content considers going for fertilizer brands with a slightly lower nitrogen ration so prevent over formations of vegetative growth.  The soil for growing elephant ears should be 100% organic it should also contain the entire major and minor plant nutrients.

Elephant Ears Variety

Elephant Ears come in four main varieties which include the Colocasia, Alocasia, Caladium and finally the Xanthosoma. All four virilities have different soil, water, and nutrients requirements.

Since elephant ears grow well in warm and humid weather consider going for an original fertilizer brand that is free from caking, Crystallization or loss of fertilizer strength.

Consider being familiar which the Elephant Ears plant you are dealing with so that you can be more specific when picking a fertilizer brand which will the nutrient requirement of the variety

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Elephant Ears

The kind of fertilizer to use o on your elephant ears can range from granular to liquid Fertilizer. If you are looking for a slow release fertilizer then granular fertilizer brands will work well. Slow release fertilizer ensures that nutrient is only released only when elephant ears need.

Consider going for fertilizer can be multifunctional; such fertilizer can play a huge role in taking care of elephant ears nutrient requirements and at the same time protect   elephant ears from pests and diseases.

In case you are looking for quick acting fertilizer considers going for liquid Fertilizer as their application is easy and their results are outstanding. In case you want the elephant ears to produce large tubers then consider going for nitrogen Fertilizer

How To Apply Fertilizer To Elephant Ears?

Depending on the variety of your elephant ears consider using a slow release fertilizer during the planting season. If you have elephant ears in pots it is recommended that you consider going for granular Fertilizer use approximately one table spoonsful per every six inch sized pot.

For elephant ears in large containers, it is recommended that the slow release fertilizer should be used incrementally. Either when growing elephant ears indoor or outdoor yellowing leaves indicate that your elephant ears are lacking some major micronutrient.

Consider introducing a micro nutrient rich fertilizer. You can also control yellowing leaves on elephant ears by professionally sprinkling sprinkle Epsom salts around the plant base. in case you are after quick acting fertilizer consider going for liquid Fertilizer for better results liquid Fertilizer should be applied early in the  morning or late in the evening

When Is the Best Time To Fertilize Elephant Ears

For best results, the most appropriate time for fertilizing your elephant ears is during planting season with a slow release fertilizer. Consider suing a rich nitrogen fertilizer during your planting season so as to facilitate tuber formation.

Two months after planting elephant ears it is recommended that you pause the fertilizing cycle to allow the plant to establish on its own. When working with elephant ears either when trying to propagate a young plant from the main plant it is recommended that you consider going for landscaping or protect groves as elephant ears tubers have an irritating characteristic when exposed to your skin.

How To Revive Elephant Ears

Consider introducing a micronutrient rich fertilizer to elephant ear plants that have leaves that are turning yellow. Sprinkling Epsom salts around the base of an elephant ear plant also play a huge role   if you are having plans of reviving your yellowing plant.

When repotting your elephant ear plant consider going for a phosphorus rich fertilizer as it will help the plant roots to establish more quickly. Nitrogen right fertilizer will definitely also help you to easily revive and elephant ear plant after repotting


The most appropriate way to promote a healthy elephant ear growth is to provide it will the entire nutrient possible. Apart from applying fertilizer consider marinating a constant elephant ear watering schedule as they require more water.

The fertilizer that was found to be the overall best fertilizer for elephant ears was the while the runners up were. A good elephant ears fertilizer should promote good foliage and root formation. It should also be able to keep disease and pest away from and elephant ear plant.


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