7 Best Fertilizer For Dwarf Orange Tree In 2022

Then best fertilizer for a dwarf orange tree should have the overall NP.K fertilizer ratio as hungry fruit trees. Dwarf orange grows to tend to grow effectively in nutrient-rich and well-drained soils. Due to this reason, if you are a dwarf orange tree growing enthusiast or in fertilizer for miniature and dwarf orange tree shopping hurry, then consider going for  Andersons Professional PGF or the as they were our preferred editors pick.

Moreover, consider that the best time to fertilizer dwarf orange trees is during their active growth phase. Also, consider going for pet and kids dwarf orange fertilizer to avoid poisoning.

In this article, I have done a complete review of highly effective and safe fertilizers brands to help boost healthy yields of newly planted and established dwarf orange trees. Let’s jump to our review Of The Top Contenders below![table id=14 /]

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Dwarf Orange Tree In 2022

1.The Andersons Professional PGF 16-4-8 Complete Dwarf Orange Tree Fertilizer review

Andersons Professional PGF made it our best complete fertilizer for young and mature dwarf orange trees for this reason.

It comes with a relatively high amount of Nitrogen (N) as the primary nutrient ingredient. Due to this reason,  Andersons   FERTILIZER plays a significant role in enhancing proper dwarf tree fruits sets development, which leads to production of quantity and 100%  quality.

Moreover, the  Nitrogen (N) present is equally important as it minimizes natural early fall, which might cause a dwarf orange tree to produce small fruit. The ingredients are highly effective and start showing results days after formulation.

Good things first, The Andersons also have a reasonable amount of Phosphorus (P).  because of this, Anderson fertilizer develops solid and deep dwarf orange trees on pots or in the ground.

Other than The Andersons is a complete fertilizer. It is also 100%  soluble in water. As a result, The Andersons is equally easy to use. It is compatible with a wide range of dwarf orange tree fertilizer application methods such as fertigation, drip irrigation, or broadcasting the fertilizer granules.


  • Granulated dwarf tree fertilizer
  • Soluble in water
  • Lasting, Residual Effect
  • Organic formula
  • Shows instant results


  • None

2. Urban Farm Fertilizers Apples & Dwarf Oranges Tree Fruits and Citrus Fertilizer, 1-quart review

In the second place, find Urban Farm as the best slow-release fertilizer for a dwarf orange tree on the market.  In the first place, Urban Farm is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. As a result, it promotes the formation of large and quality fruit from dwarf orange trees.

Even more impressive is that the high nitrogen present is the other reason Urban Farm is an ultimate dwarf orange tree in pot fertilizer.

Despite being a granular fertilizer, Urban Farm is also 100% soluble in water; hence can even be formulated as liquid fertilizer through drip irrigation or a foliar system. In addition, by being a water-soluble fertilizer  Urban Farm is compatible with other dwarf fruit trees varieties.

The organic formula is that another primary reason why Urban Farm is both pet and kids-friendly. Ideality, by Urban Farm, featuring an organic formula, plays a significant role in improving soil drainage and structure on the soil you are or will be growing dwarf oranges trees.


  • Organic fertilizer
  • Promotes root development
  • Easy application
  • It does not require prior mixing
  • Very inexpensive


  • None

3.Lesco 16-4-8 Profesional 50 Lbs Dwarf Orange Trees Fertilizer In Florida Review

Third, on our list, find the best brilliant release 16-4-8  fertilizer for dwarf orange trees in Florida. The high nitrogen content percentage in the overall nutrition formula makes sit compatible with sandy and clay soils present in Florida.

Moreover, 16-4-8   has  16-4-8 as the overall N.P.K. fertilizer formulation ratio. As a result, the nitrogen present allows dwarf oranges trees to undergo a healthy fruit set formation. In addition, the nitrogen ingredient, being the most dominant in the organic formula, prevents dwarf orange trees from experiencing leaves curling.

It has a considerable percentage of  Phosphorus (P), which improves flowering in dwarf orange tree varieties. In addition, the Phosphorus (P)  fertilizer nutrient ingredient is equally important as it plays a massive role in allowing fruit formation in your dwarf oranges trees.

Unlike other  16-4-8 fertilizers, Lesco is compatible with different orange tree varieties throughout Florida and other states. Lesco also has a high amount of potassium nutrients. Due to this reason, Lesco promotes the formation of large and healthy fruits from dwarf orange tree varsities.

However, despite coming with high nitrogen content, avoid overfertilizing your young or established dwarf oranges trees to avoid low quality and shortening orange fruit storage life.


  • Organic fertilizer
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Works effectively on a wide range of plants and trees
  • Long residual effective
  • Promotes orange fruit formation
  • Promotes dwarf orange tree flowering ability


4.EZ-Gro Liquid Fertilizer – For Pots DWARF Orange Tropical Trees To Grow More Fruits Review.

Fourth on our review finds EZ-Gro as the best  10 10 10  Liquid Fertilizer for DWARF Orange  Tropical Trees in the pot.  Of all the dwarf orange trees that feed on our study, the only  Sulfur (S)  plant ingredient-rich product was reviewed.

In the first place, EZ-Gro comes with an organic fertilizer formula hence compatible with other fruits, trees, and vegetables. Moreover, it comes with a relatively high amount of Sulfur (S) as one of the active ingredients.

Due to this reason, the Sulfur (S) present plays a considerable role in ensuring that ether newly planted, established dwarf orange trees have green leaves. Another essential point is that the  high potassium ingredient present is equally important as

In addition, the sulfur present is equally important as it minimizes the yellowing of upper dwarf orange tree leaves. What is even more interesting is that Sulfur (S)  minimizes instances of delayed maturity and promotes early flowering ability in different dwarf orange tree varieties.


  • Easy to work with
  • Military-grade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Promote fruits formation.`
  • Enhances dwarf orange tree flowering


  • Granular fertilizer

5.J R Peters All-Purpose Fertilizer For Dwarf Orange Tree Not Producing Fruit Review

Next up on our list, find kids and pet-friendly other than being an organic fertilizer. Good things first, the high nitrogen presence play a considerable role in promoting fruit formation in newly planted and established dwarf orange fruit trees.

In the second place, nitrogen, one of the significant ingredients, plays a massive role in ensuring that dwarf orange tree leaves remain green throughout the fruiting and flowering growth phases. Moreover, thanks to the manufacture as this fertilizer also favor blooming and fruit setting in dwarf orange tree varieties.

In addition, it has a reasonable amount of nitrogen which allows it to be compatible with mature and  Dwarf Orange Tree as it feeds both through the roots and can also be formulated through foliar irrigation.

Another thing you will definitely like about this kind of fertilizer because coming with an organic formula that allows your product to be qualified to be sold in the organic food market, either locally or internationally. With a relatively amount of phosphorus in the overall N.P.K. fertilizer ratio, your dwarf orange tree will not show symptoms of nutrition deficiency such as yellowing and  pre4mature leaf fall.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Military-grade
  • Indoor and outdoor fertilizer
  • Promotes flowering
  • Enhances formation of strong roots
  • Highly soluble in water


  • None

6.Wilt Pruf 07007 Indoors Dwarf Orange Tree Fertilizer And Plant Protector Review

If you are looking for a complete and organic fertilizer compatible with dwarf orange trees, the n is the most appropriate candidate. Protect your dwarf orange trees from fruit fries and possible disease infections such as Armillaria root rot and Dothiorella blight, as seen in the pictures of these orange tree pests and diseases.

In the first place, by being 100% Water-Soluble Fertilizer. Due to this reason, it can easily be formulated through irrigation channels or as foliar dwarf orange tree fertilizer. In case you are wondering whether Dwarf Orange Tree Fertilizer Are Safe Around My Pets And Children? Well. Then is your ultimate solution, as it comes with a 100% organic fertilizer.

With this in mind,  therefore promotes the formation of deep green leaves in different types of orange fruit tree varieties.  In addition, high phosphorus sand potassium present plays a considerable role in minimizing or completely eradicating dwarf orange tree pests and diseases.

Moreover, being of the best nitrogen fertilizer on our review minimizes instances of Dwarf orange trees turning yellow, one of the major nutrient deficiencies. Another important function of the Nitrogen(N) ingredient is that it allows the dwarf orange tree to absorb all the available nutrients in the soil.


  • Easy to use
  • None
  • Organic product
  • Promotes flowering
  • Known for long-term residual effect.


  • 100% water-soluble fertilizer
  • Causes leave burning when in excess

7.Super Greensand Micronized Chemical Fertilizer For The Dwarf Orange Tree In Containers Review

Super Greensand was the best fertilizer for dwarf orange trees in the container as it is rich in macro and micronutrients.

In the first place, Super Greensand high phosphorous (P) and considerable percentages as nitrogen(N) parents promote dark green leaves, whether fertilizing dwarf oranges with dropping leaves, dying, flowering, or even full-grown varieties.

Also, the high potassium (K) plays a considerable role in enhancing the overall orange fruit aroma either after or before dwarf orange pruning season.

Furthermore, the organic formula is another reason why  Super Greensand is 100% OMRI and CDFA Listed. Moreover, the composition of the organic ingredients is 100%  compatible with  Organic Agriculture, Improving Soil Quality and improving dwarf orange tree’s overall health.

Another feature worth mentioning is that the organic formula ensures that resulting fruits from dwarf orange trees are free from the inorganic compound. In addition, the organic formula is equally vital as it minimizes instances of ozone layer destruction.


  • Organic formula
  • All-purpose dwarf oranges tree feed
  • 100% OMRI and CDFA Listed
  • Pet and kids friendly
  • Improves orange fruit quality
  • Promotes orange tree flowering
  • Enhances fruits setting
  • Induces the formation of strong leaves and stems


  • Relatively pricy
  • Causes root rot when in excess


A good fertilizer for dwarf orange trees is vital for bumper orange fruits yield. It can only be achieved by selecting an effective and reliable product from the market today. Consider going for an organic dwarf orange tree fertilizer rather than chemical brands, although equally effective.

So, what is your go-to best fertilizer for the dwarf orange tree on our review? If you are yet to find a reliable fertilizer brand compatible with dwarf orange tree varieties, consider picking as it was our editors’ pick.

On the other hand, it is also a viable fertilizer option for feeding young and established dwarf orange trees all year round, as it took our runner-up position on our review above.




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