7 Best Fertilizer For Daylilies 2023 Reviewed

Wondering what is the best fertilizer for daylilies? Or could it be that you are planning to induce strong roots development in your daylilies? Or perhaps, just after elegant and bright daylilies blossoms booster?

Well then, give Espoma BTSP8 organic fertilizer brand as it was our editor’s pick.Best Fertilizer For DayliliesFertilizer for daylilies to be effective should have an overall NPK formulation of 10-10-10, 16-4-10, or 20-20-20.

Slow-release daylilies fertilizers are highly recommended. The best time to fertilizer daylilies is immediately first sprouts emerge in spring.

Fertilize daylilies also during planting and summer season when daylilies are blooming.

Below find our review!

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Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Daylilies 2023 Reviewed

1.Espoma BTSP8 Organic  Daylily Plants Fertilizer Review

First on our daylilies fertilizer review is this Espoma BTSP8 which comes from daylilies and other general flower fertilizer manufacturing companies.Broad daylilies leave is formation is promoted by the high boron (B) nutrient present.

Best Fertilizer For Daylilies

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It has equality high amount of nitrogen which is responsible for increased lush vegetation growth vigor.Has an improved ability to dissolve in water more easily.

Hence, it can be used as soil or foliar fertilizer.Despite being termed as a slow-release fertilizer, espoma salt has the ability to reduce daylilies premature leaf and buds fall.

Due to the 10% potassium present together with calcium and magnesium, nutrients were added in slightly high amounts. For efficiency, espoma recommends an application of 25 lbs.per every daylilies 1,000 sq. ft.

  • Highly effective
  • Quality soil amendments
  • commendably low price
  • Easy to use
  • Granulated

2.Tillandsia Air Plant Food-Liquid Fertilizer For Stella D’oro Daylilies

Up next find Tillandsia Air Plant Food which was professionally designed to increase the blooming ability of Stella d’oro daylilies variety. It comes with a quality storage container that has a professionally designed misting spray nozzle.

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12 inches is the maximum height achieved by a mature  Stella d’oro daylilies, therefore the high nitrogen content in this 13.6 ounces Air Plant Food from   Tillandsia ensures that Stella d’oro daylilies have access to a high nitrogen nutrient.

A misting rate of two times in a single week will speed up the blooming, disease resistance, and also keeps possible pest away from your daylilies. Lastly, Tillandsia Air is a dual-purpose product as despite being a rich nutrient source is also effective in smothering weeds in daylilies growing spot.

  • Instant results.
  • Easy application
  • Soluble in water
  • Organic-based
  • Scotches in excess

3.Gentle Daily Use Formula Plant Food-Foliar Fertilizer For  Daylilies Review

To ensure that during daylilies care and management will have rapid and noticeable results maintain an application of approximately 1tsp. per bulb of this Gentle Daylilies plant feed. Low nitrogen content reduces leaf and roots scorching affect probabilities.

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High iron and potassium will enhance lush green, steam, and leaves growth. It has a total weight of 13.6 ounces making it easy to handle. By being a foliar fertilizer gentle feed also can deter pests from damaging your daylilies. Foliar fertilizer option can be also used as soil fertilizer when applied through direct soil drenching.

Dark green leaves and deep purple/blue bloom color enhancement is the other role of high iron and calcium nutrients present in this fertilizer. Additionally, the misting nozzle ensures that Tillandsia daylilies feed will be evenly distributed during application.

  • Easy application
  • Effective
  • Quality storage bottles
  • Daylilies Foliar feed
  • Highly-priced

4.Plant Trust 21-5-12- Fertilizer For  Daylilies In Spring Review

Planting daylilies in spring today have turned out to be a huge challenge as climate change and depletion of the ozone layer have greatly affected Mother Nature’s daily method of operation. Introduction of this Plant Trust 21-5-12 during daylilies planting time induces roots development.

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With nitrogen nutrient present in Plant Trust 21-5-12 being 20% of the total daylilies NPK nutrients formulation lush vegetation in daylilies will automatically be boosted. In the case, you are looking orf a solution on how to fertilize daylilies for re-bloom to take place, Plant Trust granular is an awesome pick.

Fertilizing daylilies in spring will be made easier as this thrust plant feed can also be used to smother weeds which are associated with daylilies.

Plant Trust granular fertilizer is still a product worth giving a try as it has high potassium and phosphorus for enhancing daylilies re-blooming ability.

Another amazing fact is that your daylilies plant will have access to   nutrient such as 21 %(N)nitrogen-5%(P)phosphorus -12%(K) potassium for over 12 weeks consecutively

  • Easy to use
  • Healthy roots growth
  • Polymer-coated
  • Straightforward application
  • None

5.Andersons PGF -Fertilizer For Daylilies In Fall Review 

Wondering often to fertilizer daylilies in fall? Well then, a single application of Andersons PGF   which is a 100% complete fertilizer is enough to feed daylilies for over 6 months.

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The slightly high amount of calcium present in this Anderson’s PGF ensures that premature flowers, buds, or daylilies fall will be professionally taken care of.

It comes with quality wrapping which ensures that the fertilizer is kept away from moisture. Additionally, the nontoxic nature of Anderson PGF makes sure that the leaves and blooms of daylilies are safe to both pest and kids.

The slow-release nature of Anderson’s PGF was made possible as the individual granules were professionally organic polymer-coated.

The smart release nutrients option ensures that daylilies will have continuous nutrients access for more than 8 weeks with just single daylilies fall fertilization schedule.

  • Odorless
  • Enhances flower production
  • Non-toxic
  • Humic acid-enriched
  • Slight expensive

6.Grow More 6041 Seaweed Extract-Natural Fertilizer For Daylilies

Planning to produce organic flowers that are free from, inorganic, or cancer-causing compounds? Grow More 6041 Seaweed Extract to boost blooming in all daylilies verities.

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Well, balanced potassium and nitrogen ensure that day lies with leaves turning yellows will instantly recover days after fertilizer formulation.

If you will be planting daylilies in a pot or even fertilizing daylilies in pot Grow More 6041 has an appropriate percentage of potassium, which induces strong roots development.

The granular nature allows you to easily mechanize or employ technology-based fertilizer spreaders or sprayers.Stella de Oro daylily care practices such as fertilizing will also be made easier by the Grow More 6041  as it 100% granular fertilizer.

The next feature that will boost both daily lilies blooming ability and disease immunity is the slightly high amount of potassium present.

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Quick results
  • Decently priced
  • Granulated

7.Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed Extract-Organic Liquid Fertilizer For Daylilies

Liquid Kelp Organic which is 100% Seaweed Extract has fertilizer and weeds smoother characteristics. It also comes with a well-balanced nutrient that promotes soil microbe and micro-organism growth.it can be used soil or foliar fertilizer as it is a liquid fertilizer.

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With a slightly high percentage of nitrogen daylilies suffering from drought stress will instantly recover. Lush vegetation growth in daylilies will also be moderated positively by the nitrogen nutrient present.

Despite being a liquid fertilizer 35% of all the nitrogen present in Liquid Kelp is mart released.Both beneficial fungi and bacteria are also the main ingredients of Liquid Kelp making it to be one of the most preferred daylilies liquid fertilizers available.

The absence of ammonia smell ensures that when working with this fertilizer your respiratory system will not be negatively impacted. Root development and controlled premature leaf fall will also be boosted immediately after formulation.

  • Well packed
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Promotes root growth
  • Scotches when in excess


Espoma BTSP8 organic fertilizer managed to dominate our top position of quality daylilies fertilizer review. The nutrient content of espoma BTSP8 includes nitrogen, potassium magnesium, and phosphorus.

All the nutrients present in espoma BTSP8 are well-balanced, hence no leaves or roots scorching will experience even when in excess. High nitrogen amount can boost both roots formation and bloom in all daylilies varieties.

The 10% potassium and phosphorus gave present Maxibloom plant our fertilizer for the daylilies runners-up position. The 10% available phosphorus (P) nutrient promotes the blooming ability of your daylilies even during the late summer seasons.

Consider picking either other two fertilizer products if you are in a daylilies fertilizer shopping hurry, as they both had tones of positive reviews and ratings from previous buyers.



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