8 Best Fertilizer For Clematis 2022 Reviewed

Wondering what is the best fertilizer for clematis? Or are you planning to extend or improve clematis blooming ability? Will be growing Clematis from bare roots and now you are after a quality NPK for clematis to boost root formation. We found it to be the fertilizer with a high positive review.Best Fertilizer For Clematis Fertilizer for clematis should have an NPK fertilizer ratio of either 20(N) %- 20(P) %-20(K) % or 10(N) %-10(P) %-10(K) %. The best time to fertilizer clematis is when you are caring for newly planted, repotted or when reviving clematis. Carry out the second clematis fertilizing schedule after the first flower blooming season which is early summer. Below find a clematis fertilizer.

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Clematis 2022 Reviewed

1.Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer- Fertilizer For Clematis Plants

On our top position find Anderson’s fertilizer as the slow resale nature allows the fertilizer to be compatible with either potted or in-ground clematis varieties. This fertilizer was carefully sifted by the manufacturer making it easy to work. With the clematis fertilizer NPK ratio being 7-1-2 consider using this fertilizer brand during planting to enhance clematis vine development.best Fertilizer For Clematis PlantsWith a slightly high amount of potassium as to when compared to phosphorus in this Anderson’s fertilizer unusual yellowing and browning of clematis leaves or spines with be moderated effectively. The absence of biosolids and other inorganic compounds ensures that your clematis is organic hence pet’s and kids friendly.

Low-dust ensures that both the vines and clematis leave re kept clean thus keeping away diseases and possible pest which might end up taking the dust color of this fertilizer.by coming with granules that are 100% homogenous you are only required to broadcast this fertilizer around clematis plant base as is it will be readily absorbed by your clematis growing media either soil or coco.


  • Slow-release
  • Homogeneous granules
  • Organic fertilizer
  • No leave or vine burning effect


  • Granulated fertilizer

2.House & Garden Hgcoa05l Coco Nutrient- Liquid Fertilizer For A Clematis Vine

Clematis apart from their beautiful pink blooms they are also grown for their unconditional and smoothing vines. House & Garden which is clematis liquid-based fertilizer has high nitrogen nutrient content to ensure that the formation of long and healthy vines is encouraged in both indoor and outdoor clematis varieties today.best Liquid Fertilizer For A Clematis VineBy being a liquid fertilizer House & Garden coco can be used as foliar fertilizer or drenched directly to the soil. When used as foliar fertilizer House & Garden clematis vines feeds are less sticky hence it will not compromise the general appearance and quality of your clematis blooms either during winter, spring, or summer.

By being an excellent source of potassium yellowing of your clematis roots will be solved in advance after fertilizer House & Garden feed application. Less burning effect on leaves and stem is also promoted by the well balanced NPK fertilizer formulation utilized when coming up with the general formula of House & Garden clematis feed.


  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Smart release technology
  • Quality storage container
  • The nutrient is readily available


  • Slightly expensive

3.Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder –Miracle-Gro Fertilizer For Clematis

Is miracle gro a good fertilizer for clematis?  The answer is yes since the time of age Miracle-Gro has proved to be a reliable fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor house plants. Application of this Miracle-Gro feeder to your clematis will timely boots boost the clematis overall plant immunity. Both the leaves and vines of your clematis will be given a gross appearance by iron nutrient include in the general formula of this plant food.best Miracle-Gro Fertilizer For ClematisFertilizing clematis in spring will be made easy by this miracle gro plant food as the high phosphorus present will ensure there is strong roots establishment even in marshy or wet areas. Clematis apart from being a heavy feeder also faces huge negative influence from pests such as moths which cause brown-edged holes.

High calcium ensures that premature clematis flower fall will be professionally solved. Early blooming which will later be extended to the most interesting part of your festive season is professionally enhanced. High calcium and magnesium present are the nutrients that are responsible for restoring clematis immunity or diseased clematis.


  • Smart release
  • Gross leaves
  • Improved immunity
  • Easy to work with


  • Liquid clematis feed

4.Arthropods Premium Indoor Plant Food-Natural Fertilizer For Clematis

EarthPods Plant Food was featured on this list as it was seen to be the most reliable natural fertilizer for clematis. With all the raw material used to craft Earth Pods being sourced from natural sources, your clematis will be both pet and kids friendly as it is a 100% organic.best Natural Fertilizer For ClematisLow-dust ensures that even asthmatic clematis enthusiasts can easily enjoy gardening without complicating their overall health condition. Strong roots establishment to your potted or in-ground clematis will also be slightly boosted by the phosphorus percentage offered by arthropods.

Leaves turning yellow which is an indication of potassium and magnesium deficiency will also be corrected. In case you have identified that your clematis has young leaves falling consider adopting EarthPods fertilizer application schedule to provide your plant with the high calcium content.


  • Easy application
  • Decently priced
  • No burning effect
  • Organic fertilizer


  • granular

5.Advanced Nutrients 5450-16 Voodoo Juice Fertilizer- Best Fertilizer For Evergreen Clematis

When growing evergreen clematis a high nitrogen fertilizer is highly recommended and that is how Voodoo Juice Fertilizer managed to dominate our fifth position. The liquid nature makes this Voodoo Juice Fertilizer- to be compatible with d5renching or foliar fertilizer formulation options.Best Fertilizer For Evergreen ClematisWith both weed smoother and pest detents characteristics you cannot go wrong with our pick today. Readily available nitrogen nutrients ensure an increased rate of strong vines formation. Celmati8s with leaves turning brown will also benefit from this Voodoo Juice Fertilizer.

The browning of leaves indicates that clematis variety you are going should be supplied with a high iron and magnesium fertilizer. Voodoo Juice Fertilizer was still found to have the above fertilizer speciation. For a maximum and quick result, the composition of the main ingredient of this Earth Pods was widely diversified.


  • Foliar expansion
  • Well balanced
  • Promotes blooming
  • Induces root formation


  • Soluble in water

6.Jacks Prof 77010 General Purpose Fertilizer-Best Fertilizer For Jackmanii Clematis

High iron present ensures that the leaves of your indoor clematis variety will be professionally enhanced hence keeping your clematis vines healthy. The phosphorus nutrient which was featured in a slightly low amount will be responsible for strong Jackmanii Clematis roots formation. Calcium nutrient apart from improving Jackmanii Clematis plant immunity, but it will also improve soil structure by modifying the PH of your soil.By being an all-purpose which is soluble in the water this jack fertilizer can be used as foliar. In case you have a fertilizer spreader you can apply this fertilizer also through broadcasting. High nitrogen percentage being one of the main ingredient lush vegetation and tip growth will be encouraged.

An extended blooming ability will also be enhanced as calcium, iron, and potassium protect your clematis flowers from premature fall. The phosphorus present ensures all the clematis blooms that will be formed will be large and more presentable. The glossy green color of clematis leaves will be enhanced.


  • Increases vigor
  • Boost clematis immunity
  • Easy to use
  • Well packaged


  • none

7.Grow More 6041 Seaweed Extract 11% -Best Seaweed Fertilizer Good For Clematis

If you had previously purchased Grow More Seaweed Extract 11% to use on your roses or vegetables and now you are wondering whether a seaweed fertilizer is good for clematis.  Yes! Is our response. Because Grow More Seaweed Extract is a100% organic. Hence, making both indoor and outdoor clematis to be pet and kids compatible.Best Seaweed Fertilizer Good For ClematisHigh Nitrogen (N) of this sea extra it ensures lush vegetation longer vines will be easily established. The high calcium nutrients that were featured in this fertilizer ensure that falling or leaves or flowers that are premature will be promoted. No harmful hydrocarbons are released top the atmospheres hence dopes not lead to depletion of the ozone layer.

Coming with a good balance wide array of nutrients. With a smooth blend of both secondary and primary micronutrient proper blooming and lush vegetation growth is promoted effectively. Nonstick characters ensure that the quality of clematis vines and flowers will not be compromised. The container used to pack this fertilizer is ready to use as drenching or spray gun.


  • Ready to use
  • Well balanced
  • Enhances blooming
  • Improves clematis disease resistance


  • Smart release feed

8.General Flora Micro Combo Fertilizer-Rose Fertilizer For Clematis Plants Uk

Living in the UK and still planning to have a well-established clematis plant collection? Consider picking this General Flora Micro Combo Fertilizer as it one of the few remaining clematis plant fertilizers in the UK United Kingdom.Rose Fertilizer For Clematis Plants UkComing from a company that over the past few decades has perfected the art of clematis manufacturing efficiency and less burning effect on vines and leaves are some of the things you will enjoy.  Easy to store as the packaging container comes with a lid. The overall container was crafted from military-grade plastic making transportation storage or even disposal of this  rose fertilizer  for clematis to be much easier.

High potassium content ensures that due to slightly lower temperatures in the UK your clematis will be free from stunted growth and yellowing of leaves premature leaf fall and vines dieback is also professionally taken care of. Being designed to be specifically compatible with all floras you can use this General Flora fertilize clematis flowers.


  • Maximum solubility
  • Ease of use
  • Improves blooming
  • Highly purified concentrates


  • flora fertilizer

Fertilizer For Clematis FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Clematis

Indoor/Potted Clematis Plant Fertilizer: when growing Clematis indoor you are highly required to consider going for a liquid fertilizer as you will enjoy quick results within a reduced period. An NPK based fertilizer such as is highly

recommended as it has all the nutrients required by Clematis throughout their growth, flowering, and vanning life cycle.

Best Fertilizer For Clematis
Clematis with purple flower

Regular feeding of your clematis is highly encouraged to keep your clematis blooming and 100% healthy. Slow-release fertilizer which takes the tablet or granular fertilizer design is also highly recommended as they have an improved ability to provide your Clematis with nutrients for a slightly longer period actually over four months.

Outdoor Clematis Plant Fertilizer: Clematis grown in-ground are slightly easy to maintain but more capital, fertilizer herbicides, and pesticides are used. When the best times to fertilizer your clematis consider giving liquid fertilizers a top priority as they are easy to apply as you can directly drench or use as a foliar fertilizer.Either you will be growing pink clematis or blue clematis pelleted o granular fertilizer that is deemed to be slow yet smart release clematis feeds such as should be given a top priority.

Fertilizer for Clematis Plant Flower: caring for your clematis to ensure that they are free from pests that invade their blooming season is not that easy. Slow resale fertilizer is known for their professionally coated granulesBut going for an NPK clematis fertilizer brands is highly recommend as it is compatible with all clematis varieties either indoor or outdoor.

This is specifically designed to ensure that flower formation is 100% and has been highly recommended to boost the multi-season floral displays. By being semi-herbaceous clematis requires fertilizer with high phosphorus amount to ensure proper roots establishment as newly planted clematis take up to 2-3 years before a compact root system is fully established.

How Often To Fertilizer Clematis

Wondering What Is The Best Time To Fertilizer Clematis? Or how often to fertilize your clematis well then consider using nitrogen-rich fertilize during clematis planting time. After the clematis variety, you re growing have fully established high nitrogen fertilizer application should be reduced to slow down lush vegetation growth and pave way for clematis blooming ability.

The other reason as to why high nitrogen fertilizer that has an NPK fertilizer formulation (N) % being higher than either (P) % or (K) nutrient % should be avoided to present you clematis only forming vines without blooming. Consider going for an NPK based fertilizer with both potassium, phosphorus, and calcium nutrient in a slightly high amount.

How To Revive Clematis

Revving drying, old, diseased, or even re-potted clematis may sound to be an easy task but are required to think outside the box. First things fast to make the process of how to revive a clematis it is recommended that you consider adopting good a recurring clematis watering habits. Clematis will yellowing or browning leaves should be supplied with magnesium, potassium, and 100% iron-rich fertilizer.

Watering ensures that you either spring, indoor or pink clematis will have access to all the nutrient and mineral salt present in the soil more easily. Proper roots establishment after repotting when trying to revive a wilting clematis ensures that the process is 100% boosted. For quick results consider going for smart or liquid-based fertilizer.

Homemade Fertilizer For Clematis

Have you tried all the commercial fertilizers available on the market including PURA D’OR Organic? PURA D’OR is extracted from coconut oil and it is 100% efficient when used on any clematis varieties. Preparing fertilizer for clematis at home can be very easy as you can readily source all the nutrients locally.

Well, then if you are still looking for quality yet homemade Fertilizer for Clematis have the following tools and apparatus. Stirring rod, jar, 100% proceeded poultry manure or an all-purpose general fertilizer and lukewarm water. The procedure is very simple as you are only required to all the chicken/poultry manure your preferred jar. Then add all the lukewarm water to the mark.

Stir to achieve a uniform mixture. For efficiency and also be to prevent the nozzle of your sprayer bottle or ATV booms payers nozzles from blocking consider sieving your mixture. The filtrate is you’re freshly prepared clematis organic fertilizer. Using the substrate as mulch for clematis is highly recommended as it will professionally smoother weeds and also keep pest way from attaching your clematis plant.


After spending a total of 48 hours going through hundreds of clematis fertilizer brands on the market we found Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer to be our preferred editors pick. We featured this as our editor’s pick as it is a slow-release fertilizer and plant-derived making it to be 100% organic and free from the hazardous compound which might end up being poisonous to be kids and pets.

We also found clematis fertilizer runners up on this review to be Neptune’s Harvest Organic Seaweed Fertilizer as it had more organic-based features. Neptune’s fertilizer was able to secure a position on our clematis fertilizer reviews as it is compatible with indoor, potted, and outdoor clematis varieties. Happy shopping


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