7 Best Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus In 2024

Planning to have an endless Christmas cactus bloom this winter, well then consider picking only the best fertilizer for Christmas cactus such as Osmocote fertilizer 19-6-12 as it will promote blooming and also vegetative growth. Christmas cactus is one of the most effective cactus that produce conspicuous blooms during the winter holidays.Fertilizer for Christmas cactus to be 100% effective should; have an NPK fertilizer ratio of or 20-20-20,10-10-10  or even 20-10-20 formulations. Consider going for all-purpose fertilizers as they have a higher ability to provide your Christmas cactus with nutrients and also keep weeds and pest away. Below find our complete Christmas cactus fertilizer reviews and buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus In 2010

1.Osmocote Fertilizer 19-6-12 -Best Fertilizer For A Christmas Cactus

We picked this Osmocote fertilizer as our fertilizers for a Christmas cactus editors pick as it has high nitrogen content when looking at its fertilizer grade 19-6-12. the number represents the percentages of the individual 19% nitrogen, 6 percent phosphate and 12% potash respectively.Best Fertilizer For A Christmas CactusThe slow-release nature of the 19-6-12 NPK formulation of this Osmocote fertilizer ensures that your Christmas cactus will have a 3-4 month gradual nutrient release. Coming with water-soluble nutrients ensure that you can accurately provide the specific nutrient needed by your Christmas cactus. Less burning effect prevents browning or even yellowing of your Christmas cactus.

By being water-soluble this Osmocote fertilizer can easily be dissolved in water or even 100% leached out of your Christmas growing media which can either be soil or coco peat. The high amount of nitrogen in this Osmocote fertilizer ensures that either both indoor and in-ground Christmas cactus will have sufficient nutrient supply.


  • less burning effect
  • water-soluble
  • decently priced
  • easy to use


  • slow-release fertilizer

2.Peters Peat Lite Blossom Booster Fertilizer -Best Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus Plant

Up next find peters peat lite blossom booster fertilizer which comes from a fertilizer manufacturing company that has perfected the art of blooming fertilizers? High nitrogen promotes vegetative growth. While strong roots establishment is made possible by the increasing percentage of phosphorus.Best Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus PlantIn case you are wondering whether you can fertilize your Christmas cactus when blooming well then the slow reals nature of peters peat lite blossom booster ensure the prolonged blooming ability of this cactus during your holiday season. High iron content that was blended with other nutrients such as potash ensure that the green color of your Christmas cactus is enhanced.

in case you are one of the new cactus enthusiasts and now you’re wondering do you fertilize a Christmas cactus when it is blooming or should you wait until the end of the blooming season.it is recommend that you go for slow-release fertilizer such as peters peat as it will be a rich source of nutrient for over four months. The magnesium present ensures that your Christmas cactus can carry out photosynthesis in the right and also aid blooming.


  • high magnesium
  • quick results
  • no burning effect
  • easy application


  • pricey

3.Fertilizer Osmocote 18-6-12-Good Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

After weighing different fertilizer brands we found fertilizer Osmocote 18-6-12 to be our top pick when it comes to good fertilizers for Christmas cactus. High nitrogen content which was featured in the formulation of this fertilizer Osmocote 18-6-12 ensures that vegetative growth.Good Fertilizer For Christmas Cactuswhat is more amazing is that the nutrient combination in this soil is compatible even with various bonsai verities and all other cactus various with Christmas cactus not being an exemption high nitrogen in this fertilizer ensure that protein synthesis will be much easier hence promoting plant disease-resistant ability. Increased plant vigor or growth rate in your cactus will be noticeable within weeks after application.

The 6% amount of phosphorus present ensure stimulates the blooming ability of Christmas cactus even during extreme winter or summer seasons. With all the major ingredients of this fertilizer being 100% organic this fertilizer has been certified to be one of the few GMO-free Christmas fertilizers on the market.


  • encourage lush flowers
  • easy to use
  • improves soil texture
  • less burning effect
  • promotes strong roots


  • scotches when used in excess

4.Professional Soil Mix -Best Soil And Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

We featured this professional soil mix as it is the perfect blend of natural soil with all the possible nutrients that will be required by a Christmas ass cactus form rooting to blooming. The high nitrogen nutrient present ensures that lush green vegetation will develop will during your festive season lush flower blooming will be encouraged.Best Soil And Fertilizer For Christmas CactusWith the main ingredient of this fertilizer being 100% organic matter your cactus roots will less be exposed to root scorching or burning effect which might lead to wilting? With the high iron content, your Christmas cactus will have dark green succulent or leaves with strong roots establishment.

remember that cactus tend to store more water in their stems hence the phosphorus present was well blended with sufficient recommended potassium formulations allow the formation of strong and stable stems. By being 100% organic this soil also is well conditioned giving more space for soil microbes and soils micro-organism to thrive.


  • organic
  • decently priced
  • well balanced
  • well aerated


  • bulk

5.Liquid Kelp Organic Seaweed Extract 1 Gallon- Best Liquid Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

We decided to include this kelp which is 100% exactly from quality seaweed. The organic nature of this fertilizer makes it safe for both kids and pets. This fertilizer was professionally blended to be compatible with succulent and to be more specific with the Christmas cactus. We picked liquid kelp organic as we found it to be one of the few remaining high potassium fertilizers for Christmas cactus.Best Liquid Fertilizer For Christmas Cactuwith potassium being on the major ingredient of this fertilizer regulation of co2 uptake by your Christmas cactus will be professionally enhanced the liquid nature of this fertilizer allows you to have a wide range of application options either through irrigation water, drenching water or even as a foliar fertilizer.

Lush vegetation and flower formation are also made possible by the high nitrogen and potassium present. application of this liquid kelp organic should be during the spring to encourage vegetative growth late in fall a schedule liquid kelp organic application schedule is 100% necessary to promoted roots growth and harsh winter weather-resistant ability.


  • Promotes blooming
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Induces rooting
  • Enhanced green color


  • Scotches when in excess

6.Dr. Earth Organic 5 Poly Bag (.2 Pack (4 Lbs.)-Best Slow-Release Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

Up next find dr. earth organic 5 fertilizer which composes with a quality poly bag that ensures that you can easily and safely store the remaining fertilizer away from moisture. all the nutrients present in this dr. earth organic 5  are 100% highly purified concentrates to ensure that they are easily available to your indoor or outdoor Christmas cactus.Best Slow-Release Fertilizer For Christmas CactusEstablishment of strong roots is another most likely benefit you will enjoy after giving this kelp organic a try which is 100% a slow-release fertilizer for Christmas cactus. The organic nature ensures that your Christmas cactus is free from inorganic compounds.

We future this as it is one of the best fertilizers to make Christmas cactus bloom currently on the market. The high potassium content ensures that lush blooming and large flower formation is promoted all around your festive seasons. The nutrients composition of this fertilizer promotes an extended Christmas cactus blooming ability.


  • relieves stress
  • 100% organic
  • approved fertilizer
  • less burning effect


  • pricy

7.Everris 90026 Agriform Planting Tablets -Best Tablet Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

Are you wondering what tablet fertilizer should I use for a Christmas cactus? Or are you just after an all-purpose fertilizer that will offer a wide array of nutrients to your Christmas cactus for a long duration of time? Well then, Everris 90026 Agriform will be your long-lasting Christmas tree fertilizer.Best Tablet Fertilizer For Christmas CactusDo you water Christmas cactus while blooming? Might be another possible question you are likely to consider before picking this fertilizer. Consider adopting good Christmas cactus watering behaviors as it will make the nutrient content of this ever is 90026 auriform to be easily available to your cactus root.

The slow release nature of these ever is 90026 auriform tablet fertilizer ensure that for a period of not less than 3 but not more than  4 months your Christmas cactus will have a gradually supply of all the nutrient that will favor extended blooming, lush flower and vegetative growth and strong roots establishment.


  • slow release
  • tablet
  • promotes blooming
  • improves disease resistant


  • slow release

8.Southern Ag All Purpose 10-10-10 -Best Granular Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

At our last position, we thought that featuring Southern Ag which is 100% granular fertilizer might sound caring. Southern Ag has equal percentages of all the NPK nutrient percentages. Regardless of whether you will be growing Christmas cactus on pots or in-ground the phosphorus present is enough to promote strong roots establishment.Best Granular Fertilizer For Christmas CactusFor the few Christmas cactus enthusiast wondering how often do you fertilize Christmas cactus with this southern ag all-purpose, consider adopting to fertilization schedule one being during spring to promote lush vegetation and roots establishment. Potassium present in this southern ag play a huge role in ensuring that your Christmas cactus blooming season has been extended.

While the second one being during late spring to encourage strong flower formation that is capable of resisting harsh festive season winter weather conditions. Gross green attractive Christmas cactus formation is also encouraged by the slightly high amount of iron present in this all-purpose southern ag fertilizer.


  • light in weight
  • organic
  • granulated
  • slow release


  • no instant results

Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Kind Of Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

Remember that Christmas cactus are widely preferred are winter flowers due to their amazing blooming nature during winter and quality trailing stems that are jointed. If you after quick or instant result liquid fertilizers such as should be given a top priority.Liquid fertilizer apart from being easy to formulate they also tend to penetrate the soil or the Christmas cactus planting media. If you are after a slow-release fertilizer it is recommended that going for granular fertilizers.

When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Christmas Cactus

Wondering what is the best time to fertilizer you Christmas cactus? To ensure that you will enjoy endless blooming during your Christmas period consider formulating an all-purpose fertilizer during April and the second fertilizer formulation schedule for Christmas cactus. It should be carried out during October.

Homemade Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

In the case, you are not looking for an over the counter fertilizer you can also decide to make one from home. Homemade fertilizer for Christmas cactus can be easily manufactured from locally available material, material that you can easily trace then in your house or your local grocery outlets.

What’s The Best Fertilizer For Christmas Cactus

The application of nitrogen-rich fertilizer can be done every week to ensure that the green color of your Christmas cactus is maintained.

To ensure that the green Christmas cactus green color is enhanced and also made grossly the n a fertilizer rich in iron such as should be formulated every week.Wondering what is the most convenient Christmas cactus fertilizer which is compatible with potted Christmas cactus varieties well then granular fertilizer such as or pelted Christmas cactus fertilizer such as will work great.

How To Revive Christmas Cactus

Growth takes place through the Christmas cactus growing season. Hence you are recommended to consider supplying your Christmas cactus with sufficient nutrient sources to achieve better health and unconditional Christmas cactus blooming ability.For better roots, a re-establishment fertilizer brand that has high phosphorus is more recommended.

Phosphorus promoting and also induces strong roots establishment either in potted or in-ground Christmas cactus. There are other reasons as to why you’re Christmas cactus such root being attacked by a bacterial disease.In such scenarios consider going for an all-purpose fertilizer which is 100% slow release to ensure that the stems and root of your Christmas cactus are free from the root. Adopting a reasonable Christmas cactus watering schedule will also make the reviving process to be easier to achieve.


Osmocote fertilizer 19-6-12 managed to take our best fertilizer for Christmas cactus top position as has high nitrogen content is effective enough to increase the vegetative growth of Christmas cactus. With the NPK fertilizer ratios being nitrogen 19- phosphorus –potassium 12 the low phosphorus characteristic ensures that Christmas cactus growth is professionally neutralized.

Another Christmas cactus fertilizer worth giving a try is the peters peat lite blossom booster fertilizer as it encourages prolonged blooming ability of these cactus during your festive season. Looking at the 10-30-20 NPK fertilizer ration of this 10-30-20 you will realize that a high amount of phosphorus was a feature to ensure that there your Christmas cactus will have a strong root system and improved leaves yellowing, browning and disease-resistant ability.


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