7 Best Fertilizer For Cabbage In December In 2022

Are you looking for only the best fertilizer for Cabbage currently on the market? Well then relax as in this review, I have featured a list of seven fertilizers that are compatible with growing Cabbage in containers or from scraps.Best Fertilizer For Cabbage

Osmocote 277960 Smart-Release was our cabbage fertilizer editors pick.10-10-10 is the appropriate NPK fertilizer ratio of cabbages?

While on the other hand, when young cabbage plants have two or four real leaves is the best time to fertilizer cabbages. Below find our cabbage fertilizer reviews and buyers guide.

Reviews:7 Best Fertilizer For Cabbage 2022 Reviewed

1.Osmocote 277960 Slow-Release Cabbage Fertilizer

Osmocote was our best slow-release fertilizer for Cabbage as it comes in granular nature. Apart from being a granular fertilizer, Osmocote fertilizer also employs a slow-release fertilizer technology. On the other hand, it features a non-burning formula. As a result, it is compatible with both cabbage scraps and seedlings.

Additionally, eth granules of this fertilizer are coated with a thin film. This feature ensures that nutrients are only released to either scraps or cabbage seedling gradually. The granular nature of the Osmocote cabbage plant feeds its formulation to be much more comfortable. The high potassium nutrient positively boosts cabbage flavor.

On the other hand, Osmocote smart nutrient release cabbage fed comes with high phosphorus (P) content. As a result, it promotes the formation of an extensive fibers roots system. Additionally, high nitrogen (N) present in this fertilizer increases lush green vegetation growth of all cabbage varieties.

  • Non-burning formula
  • Smart release
  • Long shelf life
  • Granular fertilizer
  • Slow-release

2.Espoma Urea UR4 Fertilizer For Cabbage,4-Pound.

Up next, find a 100% urea rich fertilizer for cabbages from Espoma. What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it has high nitrogen content. As a result, high urea content reduces yellowing or cabbage leaves. Additionally, high nitrogen (N) present in the urea fertilizer corrects the purpling nature of cabbage leaves.best Urea fertilizer for planting cabbage

Also, it has a slightly high amount of phosphorus (P). As a result, old cabbage leaves developing purple tints are timely minimized. Additionally, phosphorus nutrient present in the urea rich cabbage fertilizer promotes the formation of a 100% extensive rooting system.

Moreover, the nitrogen present prevents the formation of red curd on both young and mature cabbage plants. Additionally, the potassium nutrient present in the urea feed promotes the creation of healthy cabbage leaves. It also controls the premature fall of young and mature cabbage leaves. Lastly, the potassium (K) nutrient present enhances. Also, the potassium present increases drought and harsh weather resistant ability either when growing Cabbage from or seedlings.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Readily available
  • Urea rich
  • Easy application
  • Granular

3.Neptune’s  Organic Fertilizer For Cabbage

Apart from Neptune’s being a reliable cabbage feed, it was also our top organic fertilizer for Cabbage. Since it is alight fertilizer, it is easy to formulate. The light nature of this Neptune’s Harvest ensures that it is quick-acting. Interestingly it is free from GMO compounds. Therefore, the resulting compounds are 100% organic and also free from cancer-causing compounds.best liquid fertilizer for cabbage

High Zinc (Zn) nutrient present controls stunted growth conditions in either young or mature cabbage plants. Additionally, Zn present reduces yellowing conditions on cabbage leaves. What is more surprising that the potassium present improves both disease and harsh weather cabbage resistant ability? Also, zinc present improves cabbage sugar content.

Lastly, the zinc present in the Neptune harvest positively modifies internode elongation and also positively changes the vitamin C content. Neptune harvest also features a reasonable amount of calcium nutrient (Ca).what is more amazing about the calcium present is that it promotes the formation of compact cabbage heads.

  • Increase head size
  • Minimizes disease instance
  • Reduces water stress
  • Enhances the formation of green leaves
  • Liquid nature

4.Down To Earth Top Dressing Cabbage Fertilizer Mix

Wondering what kind of top dressing fertilizer mix for cabbages is free from inorganic compounds? Or just after a non-burning fertilizer which is compatible with growing sprouts from seedling or scraps? Well, then find this top dressing cabbage Fertilizer from Down To Earth. The 25 lb pound bag fertilizer has 2.5-0.5-2.5 as the overall cabbage fertilizer NPK ratio.best top dressing fertilizer for cabbage

Moreover, it is a reasonable source of terrace elements needed by cabbage plants through their growth life cycle. Another fantastic thing feature of this down to earth top dressing fertilizer for Cabbage is that it improves the cabbage potting soil mix physical and chemical structure. Additionally, it is a perfect cabbage potting soil conditioner.

It also features appropriate percentages of natural growth stimulants. As a result, this top dressing fertilizer form down to earth enhances the growth of soil microbes. Lastly, the high calcium and potassium present strengthen the availability of other nutrients. The smart release nature of this top dressing fertilizer ensures that your cabbages will have to access both major, minor, and trace nutrients for over four months.

  • Smart release
  • Less burning effect
  • GMO-free
  • Trace nutrient-rich
  • Slow-release

5.Superthrive Cabbage Foliar Fertilizer  Vitamin Solution

Foliar fertilizer for Cabbage, such as SUPERthrive, is compatible with cabbages grown from either seedling or scraps as it is quick-acting.  We also found SUPERthrive, to be the most appropriate giant cabbage fertilizer as it has high nitrogen nutrient content. Moreover, the magnesium nutrient (Mg) controls cabbage leaf curl up.best foliar fertilizer for cabbage

The high manganese (Mn) nutrient in this cabbage foliar fertilizer prevents the formation of an extensive yellow-green mottling on cabbage leaves. Equally, important the manganese present minimizes the formation of extra-large and unnecessary cabbage young cabbage plant leaf blades.

It also features a slightly high percentage of magnesium content in this fertilizer. The leading role of magnesium in a cabbage growth cycle is to enhance the overall green color of Cabbage leaves a head high magnesium nutrient present also minimizes premature splitting of the cabbage head.

  • Control leaf curl up
  • Enhances green color
  • Induces rooting
  • Minimizes rooting
  • Liquid fertilizer

6.Botanicare Container Cabbages Fertilizer Cal-Mag Plus

When it comes to feeding cabbages in container Botanicare which is a Cal-Mag rich fertilizer, was our preferred fertilizer brand. Despite being a liquid fertilizer, it is compatible with handing basket and container cabbage varieties.best fertilizer for green cabbage

2-0-0 is the overall cabbage NPK fertilizer formulation present in the 2-0-0 NPK. The nitrogen (N) present promotes an increase in leaf green growth rate in cabbages. Moreover, it has moderate percentages of iron(Fe). The significant role of the iron nutrient present is to ensure the green color of sprouts leaves is enhanced.

Additionally, Botanicare employs a smart nutrient release technology as well as anon burning formula. As a result, Botanicare container fertilizer is compatible with young and new cabbage plant varieties. High calcium present modifies the availability of another nutrient which are vital for a healthy growth rate of Cabbage.

  • Commercial grade
  • Easy to work with
  • Reduces premature leaf fall
  • Induces rooting
  • Low phosphorus content

7.Miracle-Gro Fertilizer For Cabbage ,2.5 lb

Ending our review of best cabbage fertilizer without featuring a product from Miracle-Gro with automatically discredit our list, according to Miracle-Gro enthusiast. Miracle-Gro performance which is only 2.5 lb. plant food is not only a reliable cabbage fertilizer but also an all-purpose cabbage feed.best fertilizer for growing cabbag

For effective results this 2.5 lb., fertilizer is 100% compatible with 240 sq. ft. all the law material of this all-purpose cabbage feed are 100% organic. As a result, the resulting cabbage head and leaves are free from GMO compounds. Similarly, by being an organic cabbage fertilizer Miracle-Gro promotes growth of soil microbes.

Interestingly, the manufactures used a military grade plastic container. As a result, Miracle-Gro is not only easy to store, transport but also to formulate. The granules of this fertilizers are professionally coated using a thin film. This feature alone, enhances a slow nutrient release technology as, result Miracle-Gro is enough to feed cabbage plants for over four months.

  • Easy to work
  • Military grade
  • Non burning formula
  • Commercial grade
  • Granular fertilizer

How To Select The best fertilizer for Cabbage 2022

Cabbages are heavy feeders; due to this reason, they require a plentiful supply of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus to ensure that more significant and broad sprouts leaves will result.

On the other hand, cabbages, fertilizer should have a high phosphorus content to ensure that a robust root system that is strong enough to support extra cabbage leaves is timely established.

Other than making sure that a 10-10-10 is the best fertilizer ratio for cabbages, there are hundreds of other features to consider before checking out any fertilizer brand from the market.

Liquid Cabbage Fertilizer

Cabbage plant is a leafy green plant which despite being a biennial vegetable, is grown as 100% annual vegetable. Liquid fertilizer that is compatible with cabbages should have 10-10-10 as the overall NPK fertilizer ratio.

Liquid fertilizers are also compatible with cabbages are they are fast-acting and were our top pick of liquid fertilizer for sprouts currently on the market today.

Additionally, consider going for liquid fertilizer when fertilizing cabbages are they are much easier to apply as when compared to other fertilizer brands such as pellets or granular fertilizers.

Slow Release Cabbage Fertilizer

One of the significant benefits of a slow-release fertilizer is that it only ensures that there is a less burning effect on cabbage leaves. Slow resale cabbage fertilizers are also highly preferred as they are also easy to formulate.

Due to this reason, you are only required to broadcast the fertilizer granules around the base of your cabbage plant and then cover the fertilizer with a thin film of soil for quick and effective results consider adapting good cabbages watering schedule.

On the other hand, when growing cabbages from scraps, consider going for a slow-release fertilizer. This reason ensures that nutrients available in the compost will only be accessible only when needed the most by young mature cabbage plants.


After going through hundreds of cabbage fertilizers currently on the market, a smart nutrients release fertilizer from Osmocote managed to dominate our best fertilizer for cabbage top position. What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it features slow-release nature technology.

As a result, it prevents the roots of either young or mature cabbage plants from developing root rot conditions. We also found Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate from FoxFarm as our pick for liquid fertilizers for Cabbage as it has both high phosphorus and potassium nutrient contents. In case you are in cabbage fertilizer shopping hurry, consider going for either the FoxFarm or the Osmocote fertilizer brands.


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