7 Best Fertilizer For Begonias 2024 Reviewed

Looking for the best fertilizer for begonias? You are in the right place. in this post, we have compiled a list of begonias fertilizer brands that have more positive reviews from previous buyers. Additionally, in this guide, you will also learn how to keep begonias blooming and various outdoor and begonia care. We found Maxsea plant food, to be our editor’s begonias fertilizer pick.Best Fertilizer For Begonias

Fertilizer for begonias should have an overall NPK begonias fertilizer ratio of either 10%n-10%p-10k% or the 20%n-20%p-20k%. The best time to fertilize begonias is during late autumn and growing season but not during winter. Let’s find out what are those fertilizer brands below!

Reviews: Best Fertilizer For Begonias 2024 Reviewed

1.Maxsea 722275 Plant Food, 20 Lb- Best Fertilizer For Potted Begonias

When fertilizing potted begonias and all-purpose fertilizer such as Maxsea 722275 plant food is highly recommended. With nitrogen nutrient being one of the main ingredients of Maxsea 722275, potted begonias will have an increase in the overall vegetative growth pattern.Best Fertilizer For Begonias

High potassium nutrient content ensures that bigger and conspicuous begonia blooms will be formed. Additionally, the moderate amount of calcium that was featured ensures that premature bud, flower, and begonias leaf fall is corrected effectively. Bud count and begonias flowering ability is also encouraged by the high iron and potassium present.

When potting your begonias strong root will be quickly established as high phosphorus nutrient percentage was added. The organic nature of Maxsea 722275 ensures that the resulting begonias flowers are both pet and kids friendly. Additionally, Maxsea begonia food is also soluble in water, hence it can easily be blended with herbicides or begonias pesticides.

  • soluble in water
  • organic
  • well packed
  • easy to use
  • pricy

2.Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose -Miracle Grow For Wax Begonias

Wondering what miracle grow fertilizer should I use on wax begonias? Or just after an organic-based miracle grow compatible with either in-ground or wax begonias? Well then, miracle-gro which is a 100% water-soluble all-purpose begonias compatible plant food is worth trying.Miracle Grow For Wax Begonias

Well, balanced ingredients ensure that no burning effect on leaves or wax begonias roots. The smart release of this plant feed ensures that you can supply you will have a wide array of nutrients for over three weeks. Additionally, 60% of all the nitrogen present occurs as nitrate which is readily available for uptake by established and seedling begonias plant.

By being a complete fertilizer it also features an appropriate amount of chelated iron which is responsible for enhancing begonia leaf and blooms color. The 12% magnesium present ensure that leaf curling in begonias is professionally protected. 12% magnesium present also ensures that yellowing in begonias is corrected before lowering the overall appearance and plant health.

  • pets safe
  • easy to use
  • organic feed
  • prevents weeds
  • scotches in excess

3.House & Garden 749631 Fertilizer, 5 L -The Best Fertilizer For Dragon Wing Begonias

Looking for a way to keep dragon wing begonias blooming? or just after a quality fertilizer brand that will make dragon wing begonias care and maintenance practices to be more enjoyable? Well then, house & garden fertilizer was our preferred fertilizer for dragon wing begonias as it has a wide array of readily available nutrients.Best Fertilizer For Dragon Wing Begonias

Flowering in begonias normally takes place during the shorter sunlight days. The potassium nutrient present is responsible for ensuring strong flower buds will be formed. Begonias are mainly grown for their variegated leaves. Hence the iron present also is responsible for enhancing the color or either indoor or outdoor begonias.

For begonia with leaves turning yellow, the high amount of phosphorus present in this house plant fertilizer is readily available to make sure that all chlorosis traces are perfectly taken care of. Strong roots development will also be promoted by the phosphorus and potassium nutrient featured in slightly higher percentages as when compared to other ingredients.

  • controlled feeding
  • promotes budding
  • enhances leaf color
  • organic-based
  • liquid fertilizer

4.J R Peters Inc20-20-20 All-Purpose Fertilizer- Best Fertilizer For Begonia Maculata

Phosphorus present in this j r peters fertilizer ensures that begonia maculata large flowers will be formed. It comes with an added percentage of calcium which ensures that either indoor or outdoor begonia maculata. It comes with a high-quality packaging container that ensures that the fertilizer is 100% kept dry and free from moisture conditions. Best Fertilizer For Begonia Maculata

The granules are highly soluble in water and this ensures j r peters fertilizer will also be compatible with other begonia care products such as foliar feed or begonia misting spray. The 15% readily available nutrient content in   J R Peters has made it to be organic and non-acidifying fertilizer.

By being termed an organic fertilizer J R Peters moderates begonia maculata soil characteristics by allowing the growth of soil microbes and soil micro-organisms. To prevent the leaves of begonias from stretching phosphorus nutrient was featured in a slightly lower percentage.

  • Soluble
  • Readily available
  • Organic
  • Well packed
  • Scotches in excess

5.Emerald Goddess (1 Gallon) -Fertilizer For Tuberous Begonias

Fertilizer for tuberous begonias should have a slightly high amount of both nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients in the overall tuberous begonias NPK fertilizer ratio numbers. Since tuberous begonias are hungry and fast-growing plants the high nitrogen present will enhance an increased lush vegetation growth vigor.

Additionally, if you are wondering what kind of fertilizer for potted or in-ground tuberous begonias then is still an awesome pick? All the 60% nitrogen present in this fertilizer occurs a nitrate form which makes it to be readily available all tuberous begonias varieties.

It has a humic acid as one of the major ingredients. The work of humic acid present is to ensure that soil nutrients are ready for uptake by tuberous begonias hence allowing better and strong roots formation. Urea was not added to ensure that no leaf or root burning will take place.

  • Easy to use
  • Organic
  • Quick results
  • Rich in nitrogen
  • 1 Gallon

6.Root Wizard (1 Gallon) -Best Fertilizer For Rex Begonias

Looking for a quality product that will speed up the rate of Rex Begonia’s propagation? Or are you just after a long-lasting solution on how to induce root formation in Rex Begonias organically? Well, then Root Wizard is an all-purpose fertilizer worth giving a try this rex begonias growing season.Best Fertilizer For Rex Begonias

Root Wizard rich nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients which are cap pale in Jump-starting root establishment in Rex Begonias.by being an organic Rex Begonias fertilizer Root Wizard introduces beneficial soil bacteria and micro-organisms to the soil.

Strong and wide root development which is capable of supporting bigger and brighter Rex Begonias blooms is promoted. Readily phosphorus present in Root Wizard also reduces the unplanned or unnatural yellowing conditions in leaves.it is soluble in went hence easy to blend with either herbicides or weed killers.

  • balanced quantities
  • Visible results
  • Organic
  • Liquid
  • None

7.PRO Organic Fertilizer 100% Organic-Fertilizer For Angel Wing Begonias

When it comes to feeding angel wing begonias a fertilizer feed with high calcium and potassium is highly recommend, to boost blooming. Glossy green color or begonia leaves and stems are also professionally boosted by the slightly high amount of iron nutrient present.Fertilizer For Angel Wing Begonias

RO Organic secured a position as our editors picks angel wing begonias fertilizer .it has 35% of all the nitrogen present in of nitrate form will promote lush vegetation growth. by being a granulated fertilizer PRO Organic is, therefore a slow-release or smart release angel wing begonias feed.

With vitamin b1 as a major ingredient, increased growth vigor will be evident on Tuberous Begonias only hours after the Emerald Goddess formulation. Additionally, the high potassium nutrient which was added promotes stress and harsh weather tolerant ability.

  • Several nutrients
  • Readily available
  • Non-toxic
  • Decently priced
  • Granulated


Maxsea 722275 plant food, 20 lb managed to dominate the best fertilizer for begonias top position. all the nutrient present are well balanced to ensure that begonias blooming and overall immunity against diseases, pest, and harsh weather is 100% promoted.no inorganic compound will be released to the atmosphere hence ozone layer will not be negatively impacted.

Lastly, wiggle worm castings organic fertilizer took the runners up position, but with close competition from the espoma gm25 organic 3-2-3. both products are organic-based begonias fertilizer brands. Both products are pet friendly while at the same time they are slow-release fertilizers that are compatible with both indoor and outdoor begonias varieties.


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