7 Best Fertilizer For Banana Trees 2022 Reviewed

General Hydroponics Nectar Banana Bliss, which is a 2.5 gallon, was our Best fertilizer for banana trees editors. Additionally, Iguana Juice from Advanced Nutrients took our banana feed runners up position. Besides the two banana feeds being liquid, there is also 100% GMO-free as they OMRI approved banana plants fertilizer brands.Best Fertilizer For Banana Trees

8N-10P-10K is the appropriate banana plant fertilizer NPK ratio. On the other hand, the best time to fertilizer banana plants during warm weather. For effective results, consider maintaining a fertilizer application rate of either ¼ or approximately ½ pound every other month as banana are hungry plants. Below find our banana fertilizer recommendation, reviews and buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Banana Trees 2022

1.General Hydroponics Nectar Banana Liquid Fertilizer

At our position, one finds a banana liquid fertilizer that comes from General Hydroponics. It comes with an appropriate amount of nitrogen. Due to this reason, the nitrogen present promotes lush green banana trees vegetation growth. Nitrogen (N) takes a higher percentage when compared to other ingredients.Best Fertilizer For Banana Trees

Amazingly, it comes with slightly high percentages of potassium ingredients—the main role of potassium nutrient in banana trees to improve disease-resistant ability. High potassium percentages present in the 2.5-gallon banana feed increases both the quality and quantity of fruits in a single banana tree.

Since bananas are carnivorous plants, General Hydroponics also has a high amount of phosphorus. Similarly, the high phosphorus ingredients ensure that both banana trees and plants will develop an extensive root system. Lastly, the potassium (K) present is responsible for boosting the overall banana aroma and the overall sweetness.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to work with
  • Commercial grade
  • Stores easily
  • Short shelf life

2.Advanced Organic Dwarf Banana Plants Fertilizer Iguana Juice

When growing banana trees in your garden, consider going organic fertilizer as they are free from GMO compound. We found Iguana Juice from advanced nutrients to be our banana trees’ biological fertilizer editors’ pick. best organic fertilizer for banana trees

It is a pure blend of all three primary nutrients, which include nitrogen potassium and phosphorus. As a result, it promotes optimum growth.

Additionally, it comes with a slightly high amount of phosphorus nutrients. As a result, it promotes the growth of healthy rhizomes.Either you will be growing banana trees from seedling or rhizomes consider going for a fertilizer that comes with a high phosphorus ingredient (P) percentages.

Similarly, phosphorus promotes the formation of young bananas trees rhizomes as well as a compact root system. Similarly, potassium present plays a significant role in boosting other banana plant growth parameters.

However, avoid going for fertilizer brands with excess phosphorus as it hurts banana fingers and fruit weight. For effective results, phosphate fertilizer should be applied within the first five months after planting banana trees. Additionally, it promotes the formation of dark green bananas leaves as it has a high calcium content.

  • Easy application
  • Organic
  • Liquid feed
  • GMO-free
  • Weighs 43 pounds

3.GREEN24 Red Banana Plant Fertilizer Ensete

GREEN24 Ensete is the most appropriate fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor red banana fertilizer.it it is a rich source of 100% water-soluble nutrient. Due to this reason, it is compatible with fertigation and foliar modes of banana fertilizer application.best fertilizer for a banana tree

Use of foliar fertilizer high (N) nutrient control dropping of banana leaves before maturityHigh nitrogen present in this fertilizer does not only promote lush green vegetation growth, but it also improves the overall length of banana tree length.

Banana plants require a relatively high supply of both minor and significant plant nutrients as they are exhaustive crops.Another advantage of this GREEN24 being a foliar fertilizer is that it improves banana plant finger size.

Similarly, high foliar fertilizer improves the overall banana bunch weight. After formulating this GREEN24, it should be followed by a thorough irrigation schedule to makes this process to be effective.

  • Foliar fertilizer
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Commercial grade
  • Increases bunch weight
  • Weighs 6 pounds

4.Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Fertilizer For Banana Plants

Fox Farm controls the formation of narrow and weak leaves as they are the significant zinc deficiency signs in banana trees. Additionally, by being a rich source of zinc (Zn), Fox Farm promotes the formation of dark green leave in young or mature banana plants

Also, zinc present in Fox Farm prevents the establishment of a twisted finger in banana plants.For effective results, consider maintaining an overall fertilizer application rate of 15 – 30grams per every individual banana tree.

High boron corrects interveinal chlorosis, which is one the primary boron deficiency in banana plant .High boron content present also takes care of leaf curling in young and mature banana plants.Therefore,foxfarm is our  pick for best fertilizers for banana plants

Lastly, for abundant green growth, FoxFarm comes with a high percentage of nitrogen (N). Similarly, the high amount of nitrogen present promotes an increased rate of banana rhizomes production; moreover, it employs a non-burning formula. Therefore by being a well-balanced fertilizer, FoxFam is compatible with mature and newly banana trees varieties.

  • Pet’s friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • GMO-free
  • Quick results
  • Weight 7.75 pounds

5.Osmocote (E903226) Plus 15-9-12 Minors

At our position, five find a slow-release banana fertilizer form Osmocote. It has an overall banana fertilizer NPK ratio of 15-9-12. As a result, it is responsible for improving banana fruit formation, which is a significant potassium deficiency in banana.

Phosphorus present promotes the formation of   60cm root depth either in soft or in hard soils.Additionally, potassium present also improves the overall banana tree immunity against possible fungal infections. Potassium is also responsible for controlling premature banana leaf die off.

Additionally, Copper (Cu) allows the formation of larger and tastier banana fruits. Similarly, the copper ingredient present reduces weak vegetative growth by promoting lush green vegetation.Ultimately, nitrogen present prevents the formation of free and thin roots, either indoor or outdoor banana trees varieties.

The 41.6 % of the total ingredient of this fertilizer is nitrogen. As a result, it promotes the formation of high-quality banana bunch grade. Phosphorus present also precisely prevents marginal chlorosis in banana plants leaves from occurring.

  • Organic
  • Water-soluble
  • Foliar applications
  • Non-burning formula
  • Increase bunch grade
  • Granular

6.Jobe’s Organics Top Dressing Fertilizer For Bananas

One of the significant nutrient ingredients of this fertilizer is magnesium (Mg) nutrient. The primary role of magnesium in this fertilizer promotes the overall health of the banana plant.

top dressing fertilizer for bananas

Additionally, (Mg) present is responsible for improving the availability of other soil nutrients such as potassium and calcium to banana plants.hence overall top dressing fertilizer for bananas

Moreover, it employs smart nutrient release technology. As a result, young and newly planted banana trees do not face roots or leaves burning effect. Similarly, Jobe’s Organics has a slightly high percentage of iron (Fe). As a result, iron maintains an overall dark green color on young and old banana leaves.

Potassium ingredient presents helps in improving the quality and overall banana fruit flavor. On the other hand, Jobe’s Organics is salt-free. As a result, it is compatible with banana trees growing in soil with scarce water supply. Also, it works as dual duty banana feed s weed killer and as a fertilizer. Another advantage if that it last for over six weeks either when fertilizing indoor or outdoor banana varieties.

  • Non-burning formula
  • Promotes even greening
  • Improves bunch grade
  • Improves banana flavour
  • Slow-release banana fertilizer

7.Flora Nectar Bliss Banana Fertilizer

Flora Nectar Banana Bliss took our last position of best fertilizer for the banana plant. Besides being a liquid fertilizer, it is also 100% organic and GMO-free.  Banana Bliss is highly soluble in water. As a result, Flora fertilizer it’s compatible with all irrigation water channels.it has a high amount of potassium.best npk fertilizer for banana

Therefore, Nectar Banana Bliss encourages positive water balance and overall soil and banana plant turgidity.The manufacturer had Mother Nature in mind when molding this fertilizer as it is 100% free from the inorganic compound.

It promotes cross-pollination to take place; it has a quality banana essence which attracts bees. Additionally, it comes with high potassium ingredient .as a result, it plays a vital role in modifying the overall banana fruit flavor and taste.

The only downside of this banana essence from Flora Nectar is that it is meant to last for only four weeks. As a result, frequent purchasing of Flora Nectar is slightly high. Phosphorus nutrient prevents Laminae edges from being necrotic. In other words, phosphorus ingredients prevent browning of banana leaves.

  • Improves flavour
  • Modifies banana plant immunity
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Modifies banana size
  • Foliar fertilizer

Final Though On Banana Trees Fertilizer

Besides being our top pick of best fertilizer for banana trees, General Hydroponics Banana Bliss juice is also organic. Additionally, Banana Bliss, by being a rich source of readily available nitrogen (N), promotes lush green banana leaves growth.

Another advantage is that the manufacturer used a quality wrapping bottle to ensure that you can easily store it for a longer period. Are you in a shopping hurry of an all-round liquid banana tree fertilizer? Well, then General Hydroponics banana trees is an awesome place to get started.


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