7 Best Fertilizer For Bamboo 2022 Reviewed

Lewis biochar bamboo feed and green plant feed to be our editors pick the best fertilizer for bamboo. Either you will be fertilizing bamboos in pots, bamboo in water, or even bamboo trees consider going for organic food.Best Fertilizer For Bamboo

21-5-6 is the appropriate NPK bamboo fertilizer ratio in spring. While on the other hand, a 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer ratio is compatible with bamboos during summer.

Therefore, the best time for fertilizer bamboo is during early spring. The second bamboo fertilization schedule should take place in early summer.

Below, find our bamboo feed review and buyer’s guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Bamboo 2022 Reviewed

1.Bamboo Trees Biochar Fertilizer Review

On top of our list, find this Biochar Lewis Bamboo tree fertilizer. It comes with a slightly high percentage of phosphorus nutrients. As a result, it promotes the development of a strong and deep root system.

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Additionally, it comes with a slightly high percentage of calcium (Ca) nutrients. Nitrogen present also promotes lush green vegetation growth in both mature and young bamboo.

About 30% of the total ingredient in this fertilizer was Biochar. Due to this reason, Biochar Lewis acts as bamboo feed as well as an agent for smoother weeds and pests.

The leading role of this fertilizer is to act as a quality soil conditioner. For effective results when using this fertilizer, two formulations in a single year will work great.

Lastly, the soil conditioner that was featured ensures that bamboo roots will quickly establish. What is more surprising is that it comes with a100% non-burning formula.

Due to this reason, root and leaves rot is not evident in either young or mature bamboo plants. Additionally, when propagating bamboo from cuttings, the high phosphorus nutrient present induces root formation.

  • Easy to use
  • Organic
  • Granular
  • Smart release
  • Slow-release

2.Green Plant Food Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer Review 

The two 36ml plant food from green2 has nitrogen as the primary ingredient. Besides being a liquid fertilizer, the two 36ml lucky bamboo fertilizer is ready to use.

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Also, it has a slightly high percentage of iron. As a result, it enhances the green color of both bamboo leaves and stems. Additionally, the liquid nature of this Lucky Bamboo feed makes to be easier to formulate.

Interestingly the manufacturer used a see-through military-grade plastic bottle. Due to this reason, storing and also transporting this lucky bamboo feed turns out to be very easy.

Apart from being a reliable fertilizer, it is also a perfect product for smothering weeds growing around the bamboo plant. For a quick and ideal result, the formulation of this lucky bamboo feed should take place in early spring.

Amazingly, it employs a smart nutrient release technology. Due to this reason; it is a perfect source significant and minor plant nutrients required by bamboo plants for more than six months.

Also, by being an organic compound, no inorganic or aerosol sprays are released into the atmosphere. Moreover, by being dust-free fertilizer, it is compatible with bamboo in windy areas.

  • Soluble in water
  • Incredible formula
  • Dies not to burn
  • Quick results
  • Liquid fertilizer

3.Growth Science Organics Bamboo  Fertilizer In Australia Review

Up next, find a commercial-grade liquid fertilizer that is compatible with both water and potted bamboo varieties in Australia.

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Also, it is a pure blend of professionally fermented liquid. Due to this reason, it makes it easier for born in-ground, potted bamboo plants to establish an amazing intermodal spacing. Apart from being a liquid fertilizer, it is also highly soluble in water.

Moreover, the liquid nature allows you to formulate it either through irrigation water or through drenching it directly in different bamboo-compatible soils in Australia.

The non-burning formula allows it to stay around Australia’s bamboo roots. Due to this reason, it leads to leas water pollution as it is not easily leached.

One hundred of the total ingredient of this fertilizer are organic, and as a result, it promotes the growth of soil micro-organism growth. Interestingly irons nutrient present enhances the green color of bamboo leaves and stems.

Additionally, by being an organic product, it is compatible with vegetables and fruit trees. High magnesium nutrient prevents yellowing or formation of brown spots and stripes on bamboo leaves.

  • Organic
  • Iron-rich
  • Dual duty
  • Improves growth rate
  • Liquid fertilizer

4.Miracle Go For Black Bamboo Fertilizer Review

Up next, find Miracle-Gro, which, due to the quick release, nature took our Miracle-Gro fertilizer for bamboo positions. What is more amazing is that apart from being an organic-based fertilizer feature a smart nutrient release technology.

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Additionally, it works dual duty as a fertilizer and fungicide black bamboo can achieve an overall length of 25 m tall. On the other hand, bamboo can achieve approximately 30 cm broad.

Due to this reason, black bamboos are heavy feeder. As a result, high nitrogen fertilizer re highly compatible with black bamboos. The non-leaching nature of Miracle-Gro fertilizer for bamboo is a rich source of nutrients for over two months. By being highly soluble in water, it can be used together with irrigation water.

High iron (Fe) present maintains the evergreen colour of both bamboo leaves and steps. The non-burning nature of this fertilizer does not burn when used as directed.

  • Organic
  • Slow-release
  • Two in one
  • Improves rooting
  • Slow-release

5.Clumping Bamboo Super Green Green Fertilizer Plant Food Review

When fertilizing, clumping bamboo considers going for a high phosphorus fertilizer. The main role of high phosphorus nutrients is to promote bamboo root formation.

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Uniquely, it is a dual-purpose bamboo feed as it controls white buildup on the bamboo plant while at the same time controlling. Additionally, the high nitrogen content ensures that the leafy vegetation nature of bamboo plants is highly promoted.

Additionally, the high iron (Fe) maintains the green colour of bamboo leaves. Similarly, the high iron content improves the overall clumping bamboo disease-resistant ability. Another fantastic thing is that this feed for clumping bamboo is 100%.

Amazingly, seaweed extract takes up 12% of the total ingredients present in this fertilizer. Seaweed extracts apart from being organic plays a significant role in promoting a reliable rooting system wither when growing bamboos in containers or posts.

The only gown side of this fertilizer is that only 0.2% of Organic Nitrogen (N) is present. As a result, it promotes low lush green vegetation growth.

  • Easy to work with
  • Organic-based
  • Professional grade
  • Non-burning formula
  • Liquid fertilizer

6.Bottles of Lucky Bamboo Liquid Fertilizer Review

Sixth, on our list find this liquid lucky bamboo fertilizer which comes are a combo it comes as liquid fertilizer. Due to this reason, it can be applied either through irrigation water or by drenching it directly to the soil.

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Similarly, fluid nature allows this fertilizer to be compatible through fertigation.High Calcium (Ca) nutrient is a primary ingredient of this lucky bamboo fertilizer.

Calcium plays a significant role in ensuring that there is a formation of strong, lucky bamboo stems. The manufacturer also included a slightly high amount of nitrogen to ensure that both lush green and bigger leaves formation is highly encouraged.

Lastly, the non-burning formula ensures that both the lucky bamboo leaves and roots are free from the possible burning situation.

As a result, the non-burning condition ensures that lucky bamboo is 100% free from both leaves and root rot. Additionally, the slightly high amount of manganese nutrient plays significant roles in maintaining the green colour of bamboo trees.

  • Organic
  • Non-burning
  • Easy to work with
  • Professional grade
  • Liquid

7.Osmocote Bamboo Slow Release Fertilizer Review

Our last product on this list comes from Osmocote. Besides being a slow-release fertilizer, it is also 100% soluble in water. Best Fertilizer For Bamboo View on Amazon

By being a slow-release fertilizer. it acts as a rich source of nutrients for all bamboo varieties for more than three months. A thin-film material coats the granules of this fertilizer.

What is more surprising is that the manufactures added as a lightly high amount of nitrogen. Therefore, the nitrogen present encourages both root development and lush green vegetation growth.

Amazingly, the slow releases nature of this fertilizer ensures that Osmocote comes with a non-burning formula.It comes with quality bag wrapping.

Due to this reason storing the remaining fertilizer for an extended period have been made easier by being a dual-duty fertilizer, this Osmocote 277960 Smart-Release smoother weed and also deters pest.

Lastly, it comes with a slightly high amount of Boron which is 100% soluble in water.  The leading roles of Boron in bamboo trees life cycle are to encourage a healthy growth cycle.

  • Organic
  • Instant result
  • Commercial grade
  • Less burning effect
  • Granular nature


Before checking out any bamboo fertilizer from the market, consider going an organic and GMO-free feed. Nitrogen (N) high fertilizer is more compatible with bamboo as it promotes vegetative growth.

Similarly, the best fertilizer for bamboos should have a high percentage of phosphorus to support healthy root development. Besides proper bamboo fertilization, consider having a strict watering schedule.

Other than watering, the introduction of mulch promotes a healthy bamboo plant growth schedule. Additionally, bamboo tree mulch reduces the rate of water loss from the potting soil. Another advantage of both fertilization and mulching bamboo trees is to smoother weeds and possible pests.


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