7 Best Fertilizer For Azaleas 2024 Reviewed

In summary: Micro combo from general hydroponics was our overall best fertilizer for azaleas as it promotes both azaleas bloom and flora growth. Additionally, liquid bloom gallon from Dyna-gro took our azaleas to feed runners up position.Best Fertilizer For Azaleas

Fertilizers for azalea should have 15-15-15   or 10-10-10 as the NPK fertilizer ratio for potted azalea varieties. On the other hand, 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 NPK ratio fertilizer is compatible with azalea bushes. The best time to fertilizer azalea is during spring and later in summers which are the main azalea growth phase. Below find our azalea fertilizer reviews and buyers guide.

Reviews: 7 Best Fertilizer For Azaleas 2024 Reviewed

1.General Hydroponics Azaleas Liquid Flora Grow Fertilizer.

On top of our list find this Flora Grow from General Hydroponics which is a liquid-based fertilizer for azalea.it comes with a military-grade container. As a result, both storage and transportation become very easy. What is more amazing is that this liquid feed is capable of supplying azalea with a stable source of nutrients.Best Fertilizer For Azaleas

Additionally, the high Magnesium (Mg2+) ingredients present ensures that the formation of yellow or black spots on azalea is timely corrected. Similarly, the presence of magnesium in this fertilizer prevents azaleas from interveinal chlorosis which leads to yellowing on the leaves edges.

Additionally, slightly among of phosphorus was featured in the overall NPK fertilizer ration of this azalea liquid fertilizer. As a result, proper and rigid azaleas roots system will be timely established. The formation of evergreen and large azalea leaves is also promoted as Iron (Fe) nutrient was featured in the right amount.

  • Promotes rooting
  • Induces flower formation
  • Deters pest
  • No burning effect
  • Liquid-based

2.Jobe’s Organics Fertilizer For Azaleas And Rhododendrons Easy Gardener

Up next find jobes which was our prefered Organic granular fertilizer. What is more amazing about this fertilizer is that it is 100% GMO-free as no synthetic chemicals are included. Additionally, jobes featured a slightly high percentage of Biozome. As a result, growth and multiplication of soil micro-organisms were professionally boosted. Hence Jobe’s Organics is our preferred fertilizer for azaleas and rhododendrons.Fertilizer For Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Working with t this fertilizer is slightly easy, as the manufacture included a pour bag that is easy to open and also close. Similarly, the wrapping bag is 100% waterproof. As a result, storing the remaining fertilizer away from water or moisture was made possible. Comes with a slightly high amount of potassium (50%) (K). It was specially formulated to promote the formation of larger azalea blooms bloom.

Premature leaf and flower fall were made possible by the appropriate percentage of calcium nutrients. Additionally, the calcium present in this fertilizer is 100% compatible with all azaleas varieties during fall. During early spring when azaleas buds are swelling, the calcium present ensures that premature bud fall is moderated. Lastly, the manufacturer featured (18%) of the total ingredients as sulfur.

  • Non-burning
  • Reliable
  • Approved
  • GMO-free
  • Granular

3.Microlife Multi-Purpose  Azaleas Slow-Release Fertilizer

Apart from being a slow-release fertilizer for azaleas, this MicroLife Multi-Purpose is also 100% GMO-free. It employs a smart nutrient to realize the technology that only releases nutrients to azaleas when they are needed the most. Despite being a granular fertilizer, MicroLife azalea feed is also soluble in water.A professional-grade 2% iron (Fe) nutrient was featured.slow release Fertilizer For Azaleas And Rhododendrons

Due to this reason, the grossly green color of azalea leaves and foliage is decently enhanced. Similarly, the 2% iron (Fe) ensures that the burning effect on either azalea foliage, stems, or leaves is moderated. The proper and strong azalea root system is established as 20% of the total nutrient ingredient of   MicroLife was phosphorus.

The manganese nutrient featured is equally important as it plays a key role in allowing azaleas to manufacture their food through photosynthesis. You will love this azalea slow-release fertilizer as it is compatible fungicide and pesticide which control

  • Nonburning
  • Induces flowering
  • Promotes bud formation
  • Enhances azaleas green color
  • Slow-release

4.HydroDynamics Clonex Fertilizer For Azaleas And Camellias Rooting Gel, 100 ml

We decided to feature Hydrodynamics as our forth azaleas fertilizer brand. What is more amazing is that Hydrodynamics has a high amount of phosphorus.  As a result, when propagating azaleas from cuttings, it induces root formation. By being a water-based fertilizer.Fertilizer For Azaleas And Camellias

it can, therefore, be formulated through direct drenching or even as foliar fertilizer for both fertilizer for azaleas and camellias.Another amazing thing about this azalea slow-release fertilizer is that it comes with a moderated amount of Manganese (Mn). Therefore, both pale mottled left and yellowing of azaleas leaves are controlled in advance.  This nutrient ensures that both yellowing and formation of brown spots on azaleas are moderated.

Specifically this a fertilizer has Magnesium (Mg2+) as one of the major ingredients. As a result m, the growth of soil microbes is professionally boosted. Organic azalea fertilizers are highly recommended as apart from being kids and pets friendly as also easy and safe to work with.

  • Non-burning
  • Easy to work with
  • Well wrapped
  • Induces root growth
  • tenacious gel

5.Espoma For Azaleas and  Garden Food,

Up next find this garden Azaleas food from Espoma.by being 100% an American brand this Espoma is both accessible and reliable. What is more amazing than nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which are the key nutrient needed by azaleas are present in this Espoma.it has moderated amount of potassium nutrient. As a result, large and conspectus azalea blooms formation is boosted.Fertilizer For Azaleas

Is Epsom salt good for azaleas? Or just after an awesome Epsom salt brand for azaleas well then Epsom salt Garden Food is what you should be going thinking of choosing.  Apart from being an organic azaleas fertilizer, it is also all and purpose due to this reason, this Espoma is compatible with another house, outdoor and vegetable plants.

It has 10-10-10 as the overall azaleas fertilizer NPK ration. Due to this reason. The 33.3% of the total ingredients present in the espoma salt is phosphorus, which is responsible for promoting rooting and improving overall azalea immunity. Calcium (Ca) was featured to promote overall azaleas immunity. As a result, azaleas disease such as Petal Blight which leads to the formation of relatively small and 100% water-soaked regions on the azaleas plant is timely corrected

  • General-purpose
  • Non-burning
  • Reliable El
  • Readily available
  • Granulated

6.Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom Azalea Bushes  Fertilizer Gallon

Up next find an organic azalea fertilizer brand which compatible with both azalea bushes and potted azalea varieties. By being a rich source of readily available nitrogen, lush green vegetation growth is highly booted. The moderated amount of nitrogen (N) in this organic azalea fertilizer from Dyna ensures that it can be used to fertilize azaleas before and after bloom.

The manufacturer also featured some adequate amount of Manganese (Mn) that helps to moderated azalea soil pH. Due to this reason, Manganese (Mn) maintains soil pH either 5.0 or 5.5 which is 100% idea for a successful azalea plant or azalea bush growth. Uniquely, all the raw material that was used to model this fertilizer is all organic. As a result, this Dyna-Gro was our preferred organic fertilizer for azaleas.

Azalea is also known for its red fall foliage and leaves which take glossy green nature.  To makes sure that both the green and foliage color is maintained sulfur (S) nutrient was featured. Additionally, it comes with a slightly high amount of phosphorus nutrients. As a result, planting azaleas close together becomes easier and achievable.

  • Organic
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Induces rooting
  • Liquid fertilizer

7.Osmocote Azaleas And Rhododendrons Smart Release Fertilizer

Osmocote made it to our last product on this list. It employs a smart nutrient release technology. As a result, Osmocote is capable of sufficiently feeding azalea for over 8 months with just as single fertilizer formulation schedule. by only weighing 27.6 pounds, this fertilizer is therefore easy to handle.Fertilizer For Azaleas And Camellias

Increased vegetative growth vigor in azaleas bushed is moderated by the 33.33% of the nitrogen in the overall Osmocote ingredientsIt comes with 15-9-12 as the overall azaleas and rhododendrons NPK fertilizer ration. As a result, Osmocote is both a reliable and 100% all-purpose plant food which is 100% compatible with other flowers and plant. Comes with a total of 11 major and minor nutrient which are vital for a successful azalea growth.

Additionally, this fertilizer is highly soluble in water. As a result, it can be formulated either through drenching or through irrigation water being thoroughly mixed. Even though azalea grows well in partially wet and shaded sites, this Osmocote is compatible with different soils.

All sthree major plant nutrients were professionally balanced. Therefore leaf chlorosis due to burning effect on both leaves. Additionally, the manufacturer featured a slightly high amount of iron to ensure that the glossily green color of potted and bush azaleas have been modified.

  • Easy to work with
  • Non-burning
  • Professional grade
  • Well wrapped
  • Slow-release fertilizer


In the case, you are in the best fertilizer for azalea shopping hurry General Hydroponics Flora Grow will make you a great starting point. Since you will be growing azalea in your home consider going for a fertilizer brand that is not only 100% appropriated but also free from GMO or in-organic compounds.

We picked this General Hydroponics as our editors pick as both major and minor nutrients required by azalea are well balanced. Additionally, it also comes in a liquid state. As a result, it can either be formulated through drenching it directly to the base of either potted or azalea bushes. Similarly, the liquid nature of this Micro combo makes it to be used as a foliar fertilizer.


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