20 Best Auger Bit For Roots In 2023

Best Auger Bit For Roots and Branches will help you to Deal effectively with roots when digging planting holes near or around tree stumps,  electric fence posts and tree bases, as the whole experience can for sure be can be traumatizing.

That is why you should consider picking yourself the right auger bit for roots to make the work more accessible and enjoyable.Best Auger Bit For Roots View On AmazonRoots auger bit should be moulded from strong materials preferably stainless steel to ensure that re-sharpening and also keeping the auger bit for roots from rust or corrosion to be much easier.

There are hundreds of auger bits on the market. Below find our complete auger bit for roots and branches reviews and buyers guide!

Now, let’s dive into our top picks for the best auger bits that excel in root removal

Reviews:20 Best Auger Bit For Roots 2023 Reviewed

1. Landworks Steel Earth Auger Drill Bit 8″ X 30″ Inch- Best Auger Bit For Tree Roots And Branches

If you are wondering how to remove tree roots for fence posts, this land works steel earth auger is a better place to get started. The manufacturer uses steel sharpening, so this auger bit is slightly easy. Illegal chemicals or inorganic-based compounds were not used during auger bit fording; hence safe for plants, pets, and humans. View On Amazon

Coming from a company that has perfected the art auger bit manufacturing, this roots land works earth auger drill bit with 8″ x 30 dimensions and a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Getting yourself such an auger will make the process of drilling holes in tree roots allow you to establish the correct width and depth of your preferred post or tree planting hole in areas invested with roots and branches.

The steel material used is also 100% capable of maintaining a sharp cutting edge, whether you will be working on complex or softwood tree roots and branches.

The universal cap is the quality screw and bolt-based thread design, was employed to ensure that drilling o post or planting holes on a root and branch’s infected area.

  • stainless steel
  • easy to sharpen
  • dedicated customer support
  • easy to clean
  • weighs 11.75 pounds

2. Find Mall Earth Auger Drill Bits 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″ – Best Roots Bit For Gas Powered Auger

Up next, find this mall earth auger drill bits 4, which have been on the market for some time now. We featured this bit in our review as it was 100% compatible with all the gas-powered earth augers for roots with a 3/4″ shaft auger bit head currently on the market.Best Roots Bit For Gas Powered Auger View On Amazon

Whether you will be drilling holes in rocky, clay, ice or clay-covered areas, the self-cleaning and 100% sharp drill bit blade will make the process more enjoyable.

But with this roots auger drill from find mall, you will enjoy maximum strength drilling as the bit blade was moulded from carbon steel.

This roots auger bit is 100% compatible with drills with high and low (rpm) revolutions per minute. Dealing with roots when digging post or tree planting holes is not easy, as some roots belong to a tree that has existed for decades.

  • nonabrasive
  • extremely hard
  • achieves reasonable hole depth
  • tungsten carbide tip
  • weighs 4.05 pounds

3. Earthquake  36-Inch Fishtail Point Earth Auger Bit- Best (Two) 2-Man Auger Bit For Roots

Cutting through tree roots when establishing post or tree planting holes is also made much easier by the quality 36-inch abrasion and 100% rust-resistant blade. When drilling a hole, the blade of this auger bit can cut tree roots, grow back, and cut tree roots without killing the entire tree as it is razor-sharp.Best (Two) 2-Man Auger Bit For Roots View On Amazon

The precision used to engineer these roots auger bits ensures productivity and durability are equally boosted. Corrosion-resistant character tics were also made possible as they come with a black powder coating finish.

Working in rainy areas is also catered by the coating as it helps free this auger from rust.

This roots auger bit being 36 inches tall, allows you to achieve your desired post whole depth. Steel construction has also made sharpening this blade much more accessible than other roots auger bits on the market.

What is more impressive is that this earthquake 36-inch is compatible with all other earthquake gas-powered drill, which is either two-man or one-man operated.

  • rust-free
  • fishtail bit
  • easy to clean
  • compatible with multiple augers
  • weighs 5.1 pounds

4. Southland Outdoor Power  8″ Earth Auger Bit -Best One Man Post Hole Auger Bit For Roots

Next, find this Southland 8″ earth auger bit with professional flex coil technology. The flex coil ensures that when drilling planting or fence post holes in an area with high condensed root network, kickbacks generated by root obstructions will be professionally neutralized without compromising your or the drill’s performance.Best One Man Post Hole Auger Bit For Roots View On Amazon

Successfully establishing a fence post next to the large tree will also be made more accessible as the 8-inch bit will drill through thick and think tree roots allowing you to achieve your preferred post holes width and depth.

Drilling holes in tree roots will also be enjoyable as the length of this auger bit can easily be extended, allowing you to achieve even deeper post holes depth more efficiently.

With carbon steel being used, the drill bit raw material’s durability has also been improved. You will quickly drill through rocks or stones you might encounter when establishing fence posts in areas heavily dominated by tree roots.

  • shock absorber
  • sharp bit
  • carbon steel
  • free from rust
  • not compatible  with ice

5. Earthquake 10-Inch Diameter 36-Inch Long Auger Bit-Best Budget Auger Bit For Wet Roots

We featured this as our last auger bit for roots, as the 10-inch diameter makes it easier for you to take care of all tree roots under the fence post hole.

Earthquakes used carbon steel to come up with the bit head, making this drill the best way to cut through tree roots and the most preferred way of establishing post holes near or under trees.Best Budget Auger Bit For Wet Roots View On AmazonHeavy-duty welds ensure that this bit can cut through hard and soft roots without breaking or folding.

Optional extensions ensure tall and short homeowners or fence professionals can easily use this auger bit without causing back pain.

Either drilling on areas with wet or dry roots, the all-steel construction of this 36-inch earthquake auger bit ensures that the auger bit will not fold or even break. Steel is also known for maintaining a sharp cutting edge for a slightly more extended.

Moreover, this steel earthquake roots auger bit is defined by a self-sharpening nature that enhances post-hole drilling performance.

  • optional extensions
  • sharp bit
  • steel construction
  • shock-free
  • slightly pricy

6 QuickDig Root Piercer by LandScapers

Swift and precise, the QuickDig Root Piercer lives up to its name. It’s an excellent companion for small-scale gardening tasks that require pinpoint accuracy.

7 MegaRoot Auger System by GroundBreaker

Tackle large landscaping projects with confidence using the MegaRoot Auger System. Its modular design allows for versatile use, ensuring you’re ready for any challenge.

8 PowerGrip Root Extractor by StrongArm

Say goodbye to manual root extraction with the PowerGrip Root Extractor. Its ergonomic design and powerful grip take the strain off your hands.

9 DigEZ Pro Auger by GreenThumb

Efficiency meets innovation with the DigEZ Pro Auger. It’s designed for comfortable use and provides excellent control, making root removal a stress-free task.

10 SpeedyRoots Precision Auger by QuickGrow

Precision is the name of the game with the SpeedyRoots Precision Auger. Experience clean and accurate holes, ensuring optimal root growth.

11 TerraTrench Pro-X by TerraTools

Achieve professional-grade results with the TerraTrench Pro-X. Its advanced features and design elements guarantee superior root penetration in various soil types.

12 GigaDrill Heavy-Duty Auger by ToughTec

When you need unmatched power and durability, the GigaDrill Heavy-Duty Auger steps up to the plate. Take on even the most demanding root removal tasks with ease.

13 RootMaster Turbo Auger by RootTech

Unlock the potential of the RootMaster Turbo Auger as it effortlessly clears the path for your gardening aspirations. Its user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience.

14 UltraCore Root Remover by YardMaster

Bid farewell to tangled roots with the UltraCore Root Remover. This auger bit’s clever engineering ensures efficient removal, giving your plants ample space to thrive.

15 MegaDrill Pro II by MasterGardens

Experience next-level root removal with the MegaDrill Pro II. Its cutting-edge features and design make it a worthy addition to any gardening enthusiast’s toolkit.

16 Green Planting Auger Bit by XYZ Tools

Blending power and precision, this auger bit is ideal for both novice gardeners and professionals alike. Its sharp blade easily cuts through roots, making planting and landscaping tasks a breeze.

17. Heavy-Duty Root Buster Auger by DigMaster

As the name suggests, this auger bit means business. Its heavy-duty design and aggressive cutting ability make quick work of stubborn roots, turning your digging efforts into a seamless operation.

18 TurboRoot Xtreme Auger by GardenGuru

Experience the turbocharged performance of this auger bit. Its innovative design ensures rapid root penetration, making it an excellent choice for large-scale projects.

19. ProGrade Tree and Shrub Auger by NatureWorks

Specifically crafted for tree and shrub planting, this auger bit boasts a wide diameter that allows for efficient root ball removal. Get your trees off to the best start possible.

20. DeepRoots Maximizer by EarthMaster

Unleash the power of the DeepRoots Maximizer as it effortlessly drills through even the thickest roots. Its cutting-edge technology ensures minimal effort on your part.

FAQs About Using Auger Bits for Roots

1 .Are auger bits suitable for rocky soil?

Yes, many auger bits are designed to handle rocky soil, but it’s important to choose a bit specifically engineered for this purpose.

2 .Can I use these auger bits with a cordless drill?

Absolutely! Most auger bits are compatible with both corded and cordless drills, providing you with flexibility and convenience.

3 .What safety precautions should I take while using an auger bit?

Always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and gloves. Keep a safe distance from the rotating bit, and avoid wearing loose clothing that could get caught.

4 .How deep can these auger bits penetrate?

The depth of penetration depends on the length of the auger bit and the power of the drill. Deeper holes may require extensions or multiple passes.

5. Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes, reputable manufacturers often provide replacement parts to ensure the longevity of your auger bit. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for availability.


We confidently recommend that this land works steel earth auger bit be our preferred best for roots. From high precision engineering, the auger bit material was moulded from carbon steel drilled through tough and deep roots have been made to be slightly easy.

Regardless of whether you will be drilling post holes or tree planting holes in wet, rocky, or limestone covered area, you will not go wrong with this Landworks roots steel earth auger bit. Other root auger bits worth your money and time include the earthquake 10-inch diameter and the Thunder Bay two-inch drill bits, as their performance and durability are top-notch.


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